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    • @Ocean @Shane and @Gordo, All is okay for me, started a new job just before this mess really broke out, and now all set up working from home now. It's been a bit stressing getting trained remotely, but the extra sleep in time certainly helps out. It's been a total.......well I'll keep it clean here, mess. Sherbrooke seems to be the hotspot now in the Townships, and no plans on heading out. Heck I don't even have gas for the BBQ! Got caught on that one, should have filled up when it ran out last fall! Stay safe everyone!
    • So Montreal is a hotspot now, literally the entire area around my neighbourhood, Outremont, Park Ex, Plateau (includes Mile End). Also @Paul Estrie is a hot spot and people are advised now to go neither to Montreal or Estrie. Stay home and stay in your neighbourhood! ❤️ Maybe we'll get lucky and still have some snow in May for some hikes...
    • As was to be expected, yesterday the ASSQ announced that the ski season in Quebec has officially come to an end for this year. They do mention that barring some exceptional circumstance, all mountains will remain closed until the next season. It is added that summer preparations can start ahead of time to get ready.  Hopefully the health situation will improve and not ruin the summer months as well. I just saw in the news that Doug Ford, Ontario premier has ordered all non-essential businesses to close as of 11:59pm Tuesday night. And yesterday, Francois Legault, the Quebec premier, ordered all schools closures extended until May 1st and now all shopping malls to close as of last night. While the end of the ski season is disappointing, and again I never made it out.... it doesn't bother me too much. More concerned about what is going on in the world. Hoping for the best for everyone.
    • Stoked for this! I had a fantastic time at Val Saint-Côme this year and was delighted to learn there is weekend night skiing available when it is freezing rain everywhere further south and everything is closed!  
    • In a shocking move, some former members of the Hermitage Club banded together and bought their ski resort for $8 million! Good for them! https://www.reformer.com/stories/member-group-wins-hermitage-with-8m-bid,600385?
    • @Shane yes but read the Alterra closure notice vs the Camp Fortune closure notice (the same one posted to MSM's page) - you can clearly see who gets it and who hasn't come around yet.  so I propose we "help" any of the remaining hills make the right choice. 
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