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  3. Today in acquisitions, Alterra steps up its expansion in the East with its acquisition of Sugarbush! Sugarbush is already an Ikon partner, so it's not likely that too much will change although like at Tremblant, there will probably be some ticket restructuring. The goal is to keep Sugarbush President Win Smith and the Sugarbush team in place, here is an open letter he penned, posted to VT Ski & Ride. https://vtskiandride.com/sugarbush-owner-win-smiths-open-letter/
  4. Nice early start to kick off a big anniversary season. Are you heading up there for the opening?
  5. Camp Fortune is set to open this Saturday Nov. 16th 9-4pm.
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  7. Some pictures of the Edelwiess chalet renos. They are almost done but time is running out.
  8. Skison 2019, day 2! After our late night at Brasserie Harricana, we got a late start to the day, made some breakfast sandwiches (thanks mom for the homemade bread!), and took our time heading up to the mountain, running some errands along the way. We got there around 6, I picked up the skis and board I'd dropped at the atelier mise au point the previous day, and dropped off my older James XX90s for Ptex and a tune. First stop was the T-Bar for a motivational warm boozy drink. Apparently, Friday night at the T-Bar had been quite busy but Saturday was calm and it was easy to get a seat at the bar. Scott sipped on Griffintown all evening and I started my warmup with an Irish coffee. I headed over to the lift and was hoping that with the fresh wax and sharpen the conditions would be a little more forgiving, since most of the coverage is from snowmaking. Although technically Nordique is not open yet (there is still a rope dropped at the top of the run) , the park features had been set up and a steady stream of skiers and riders were hitting them. The 70 Ouest was much less icy than Friday, although even with a fresh tune, the snow was still a little sticky in that freshly produced snow kind of way. I skied a number of runs until my edges started catching and then headed back to the bar while contemplating whether to do another run. Meanwhile my snowboarding companion had just arrived from a lake swim and was getting ready to ride. Yes, you can still swim in some lakes, even in the north, they are not all frozen yet. We caught up briefly but didn't end up riding together as we had to get back to the city relatively early. The après-ski at Harricana from the night before still fresh in our minds, we ended up going back for an encore of the previous night - this time we discovered that CID Original cider is much like a chardonnay cider blend - appley with smooth vanilla oak finish, alongside carrot cake, a great end to the evening. Here's a few snaps from the day! T-Bar Irish Coffee to warm up for the night! The Nordique park is up and unofficially running! The transition from the Nordique to 70 Ouest from the 70 Ouest side. First pano of the season, pretty thin cover with ice underneath. Brasserie Harricana carrot cake, moist and so much flavour!
  9. @Shane tbh I didn't look around too much so if they did more improvements in the chalet I haven't noticed them yet. The guest services/lockers/bathroom area seems the same, as does the bar. Nordique still has a rope dropped in front of it but is full of park features so all the park kids are just ducking the line. I think most are coming out through the bottom of 70 Ouest though. Nordique top yesterday was a bit challenging because of my not-so-recently waxed skis and the fresh "snow", from the lift today it looked a little better. The heated six pack is supposed to open Nov 30, although I wonder if they'll do a soft opening before that or just testing. That being, not sure if the next section to open will be Jay/Red Robin or if they will just hold off on anything other than 70 Est / 70 Ouest / Nordique until then. This week, the mountain is only open til 4pm weekdays so I expect they will focus on building up the base for these runs for at least the next few weeks.
  10. Sweet report Ocean. Another year, another first to open for Saint-Sauveur. Great to see you made it out on opening day. I've done alot of Day 2s in the past and I think once or twice I did make it up for opening day. Your proximity to the mountain makes me envious, haha. Looks like Nordique may open soon as well. What is your take on that trail opening? Any big visible changes this year on the mountain, aside from the new six-pack lift of course. I heard they did improvements in the chalet...
  11. Wow nice way to begin the season! Great to see Patrick as well, Mr. I'll ski anywhere! Lol. I follow him quite a bit. I'll hold off a bit on heading out and let the glacier get tilled up a bit more. Glad to see you out and about again, and maybe this is the year we may run into each other! Thanks for the opening season's report!
  12. The long awaited day has finally arrived, exactly five months to the day that we rode L'Etoile for the last runs of the season. Saint-Sauveur had been teasing an opening for days now, and with Killington's Rime and Reason already in full force as of last Sunday, it was a pretty safe bet that Friday would be the day: TGIF, amirite? The opening was announced for 2PM, however work was a bit too busy for me to get to the mountain until late afternoon. I was finally able to load up the car with my two sets of Kastle James XX90s and my Ride Crush board around 5pm, run a few quick errands and then hit the (very slow) road to get to Saint-Sauveur, arriving around 7pm. Every year at the end of the season I find a home for my GoPasse where I'll be sure to remember it at the start of the next season, so I can reload it online instead of having to go get a new one at customer service. Every year I somehow fail to recall where I stashed it. All of my other passes were in my ski wallet, but not the elusive GoPasse. So on arriving to the mountain, off I went to guest services to procure a new one. I didn't get too far before running into Patrick Corcoran (insta @madpatski), who I had also skied with on closing day, June 8th. He had just finished his turns for the day and we spent some time catching up before another friend turned up who I'd last seen at AKAMP back in July. He too, had just finished for the day but like me, will be back Saturday! After these impromptu catch-ups, I made it to guest services, replaced my GoPasse, and took a moment to browse the Boutique for on-theme gear. Poppin' orange Descente jacket and fuschia Smith Optics goggles, I see you! Next up was to drive over to the Atelier mise au point and drop my board and the end of season James XX90s for a tune and some much-needed Ptex. The team at the mise au point always does excellent work. Finally, I was ready to get ready to ski! I parked near the l'Etoile lift, spent some time getting ready and selecting tunes for my evening ride, and then headed over to the lift. By now, it was about 8:30, and I was ready to fly. And oh did I fly! Unlike 2018 where we had wet fluffy flakes falling from the sky opening weekend, nearly everything on the ground this year is from snowmaking. I figured the conditions would be pretty slick with thin coverage, and I was dead on. Having edges in these conditions is essential and some hot wax doesn't hurt either. I flew pretty quickly down my first run of the 70 Ouest, experiencing the benefits of all the skiing in icy conditions I'd done in the spring. I toned it down a bit during my next few runs, and then decided to check out Nordique, where they were actively blowing snow. This may not have been the best move, as this snow has a rather unique stick to it, like skiing over duct tape if you haven't recently waxed. The last tune for these skis was late February, however they'd only been skied on a few times after that and were still reasonably slick. The edges were good, but not perfect - I still managed to catch an edge and bail. Oops! I crossed back over to 70 Ouest and moments later, somehow managed to catch the same edge and had to bail again. After that, I figured I shouldn't push my luck and called it a day. Skiing tomorrow on freshly tuned skis will definitely improve the situation considerably. I headed back into the city, picked up my partner and we headed to Brasserie Harricana for Day 1 Après-ski. While I usually end up at Helm for après-ski , Harricana and its late night menu make it easy to roll in at 11pm for a delicious dinner: I got the last of the Triple-aux-cerises alongside their delicious caesar salad, choux de bruxelles and spag sauce maman. Did I mention it was delicious? It's certain we'll be spending a lot of time there this winter! As I write this it's a snowy Saturday afternoon and I'm just about to start getting ready for Day 2! May this be the next of many good days this season! Here are some pics from the last days of last season and the first day of this season! Riding l'Etoile exactly five months ago on June 8, 2019: skiing AND waterpark in effect! The mirage that is AKAMP: so magical it even has a rainbow! Stoked to run into coach Patrick Corcoran on arrival! The moon rises over the gun show on Nordique. Nordique gun show from the base. On my way to après-ski! RIP my favourite ski socks ever. I've been looking for a new pair of these for a while now and haven't turned them up anywhere
  13. Thanks for reminding me about this. I’ll try and pick one up this weekend.
  14. from MaNeige site: En ligne au sportsexperts.ca3000 - épuisé Dans les boutiques Sports Experts36 500 so wow, they only sell 3000 online?! And there are 36,500 available? That's a lot of skiers...right??
  15. ack! work was mental and I forgot to pick one up. Hope they are not sold out yet!!
  16. Hello Grisatre, Welcome to the Forum. I just registered my card, and I didn't have any issues. Normally you can see your card's registration from your dashboard within your profile on the maneige site. On the left of the screen, click the My Cards, and it should then show you the card number, and registered to your name. You might have to create a profile for each card holder and card number. Not 100% sure on that though. I have never had to register multiple cards on one account. If you are having issues registering your card(s) click on the Technical Support link at the bottom of the screen, you may have to scroll to the bottom to see it, and it provides their contact info to the call centre, and also an email address to reach out to them so that you can confirm your registration of your cards, and assistance on registering them correctly so that you won't have any issues using them. I hope this helps out in confirming the registration of all cards. All the best, Paul
  17. I bought 3 Ski Passe Partout on the 24th. We tried registering 2 of them today and it says "C'ETTE CARTE EST DÉJÀ ASSIGNÉE À UNE AUTRE PERSONNE". The cards this year do not require a photo on them. Can I still use the card? How can I learn to whom it is registered? Were you guys able to register your cards?
  18. Looks to be for a 2020-21 reopening. If it does, I will somehow make the trip there during that season.
  19. Sommet Saint-Sauveur took full advantage of the sudden arrival of below zero temperatures the past couple days and is now able to launch their ski season this afternoon at 2pm. Surely the 70 Ouest will once again be the first to welcome skiers and riders. They also stated that upon opening they would be open 7 days a week. Great news. Other mountains hopefully are close to follow as the cold seems to be here to stay for the time being and more snow fall in the upcoming forecasts. -------------- November 8th, 2019 2pm to 10pm November 9th, 2019 9am to 10pm November 10th, 2019 9am to 5pm November 11th to 15th 9am to 4pm November 16th to December 20th 9am to 10pm
  20. Not to long now. Maybe next weekend or sooner? https://campfortune.com/en/webcams/
  21. There have been some developments in the latest Saddleback deal. Just posted on their Facebook page was a notice of an agreement reached between the Berry family, current owners of Saddleback, and the Arctaris Group out of Boston, Mass. to buy the mountain to reopen it. The deal needs to close to be official. No information on if the mountain will reopen for this season or next. Here is the link for the news release for further detail.
  22. Didn't get Ikon so wasn't eligible for the Sunday opening and work is killing me this week....so it's either, hope for St-Sau opening on the weekend, or we go to Killington Friday evening and come back Saturday as Scott works Sunday. Fingers x'd for one or the other!
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  24. Cataloochee in North Caroline was also open on Sunday! Next week is looking good around Ottawa/Gatineau for snowmaking and snow fall.
  25. The new season of ski the east has started. I saw Saint-Sauveur putting out some facebook teasers today of a possible opening this week... we shall see. Won't be long now.
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