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  2. Thanks Gordo. Not set in stone, alternatively I may stay local, either Edelweiss or Vorlage. Probably should ease into it since it's been a while since I've been on snow
  3. Before COVID times there used to be cheap Costco and Air Miles tickets. Now your best bet is when Tremblant has online sales. For skiing just one day though your not going to save much. I doubt it will be very busy mid week. The place has so many lifts and terrain.
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  5. Hi Everyone, Possibly planning to go to Tremblant this coming week, either Wednesday or Thursday. Has anyone been lately during the mid-week and can comment on lift lines or chair capacity? I know they are loading full capacity, but during the mid-week are you going to find yourself sitting with 4 people or mostly solo or just one other? For lift tickets, the Tremblant site is listing them anywhere from $90-110 depending on the day of the week. Is there any way to get them cheaper or this is really it? Tremblant lists 25% savings ads all over Facebook but it only really applies if you do multi-day lift ticket purchases (which need to be used on consecutive days).
  6. We didn't get anywhere near that! Last check with my buddy at Orford yesterday was 15cms with high winds where only Giroux N and the new Alfred Desrochers Quads were running. The Hybride was closed due to high wind. We actually had some sunny breaks during the day so this storm pretty much went around us.......as usual.
  7. We got almost 50cms. Fortune was epic. They even opened Swan Dive.
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  9. @Shane if you saw the long video with the dude trapped in there for two minutes, he dangles motionless after the chair starts moving again, and it is speculated that he passed out. Of the injuries sent to hospital apparently no one died so, sounds like no heart attack for that dude thankfully. Absolutely horrifying.
  10. Also fingers x'd the power doesn't go out at Fortune, MSS, or my backup plan Rigaud!
  11. Up to 40cm now for Ottawa and pre-emtively put in for time off due to a severe case of la skinusite! I'll be in Laurentians which is supposed to come in second at up to 35cm. I have not been out much yet this year so hopefully I don't get immediately clobbered.
  12. Possible powder day Monday (Jan. 17th). They are currently calling for 20+cms. Might have to take the day off.
  13. If we get the 25cms on Monday I suspect Mont Chilly will open in late January.
  14. Their Facebook page is usually where they announce it. In the past it has usually been around February that they open. They don't really answer phones and the website isn't really updated, so just follow or keep checking their Facebook for any news. Typically they only operate on weekends.
  15. Any news on Mont Chilly's opening this year? I understand there is a lack of snow but their facebook hasn't given any operations updates. I'm really looking forward to skiing there!
  16. Agreed. Simply an unbelievable event to watch, an yes the many people standing around just watching and seemingly doing nothing. Really shameful of the mountain to have let this happen. Shut the water off. No matter whether the snowmaking is running elsewhere too, there is someone getting sprayed and soaked with freezing water, what is more important, your snowmaking efforts or someone's life. Could have caused a heartattack from the shock of the water or killed someone from freezing or falling. Really not impressed.
  17. The chairlift never should have moved in the after the pipe burst. Ski patrol was standing still. This was clearly a major lack of communication, as the lift was running with people dangling off it! Scary and disappointing at the same time. Glad no one was seriously hurt.
  18. Likely you have already seen this but the story is that a skier crashed into a water hydrant which then broke. It then started shooting water up to the chairlift, which kept operating. Several people had the chair stop for several minutes right in the water gushing. Clearly unacceptable that they didn't shut down the snowmaking much sooner, and stop the chairlift. WOW!
  19. Great news. The new Alfred Desrochers quad chairlift at Orford is opening on Friday. Orford is having a grand opening event, with details on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/615961959652421/?ref=newsfeed It will open Friday at 9:30am, and will take 9 minutes to reach the top of this area of the mountain.
  20. So, the ASSQ basically changed nothing except for respecting the bar closures and restaurant capacity limits imposed in the province. Not sure why masks are still just "recommended" at this point and not mandatory at the least in the lift lines.
  21. Yes, the maintenance was planned and there was advance notice, glad to see it up and running again, it's the best lift for the shortest lines!
  22. Quick update, just checked this Friday morning and both lifts are back in full operation.
  23. It is seemingly rare to see lift issues at Sommet Saint-Sauveur yet we have two lifts unavailable today due to mechanical issues. The Fleche d'Argent is out of service this week due to necessary maintenance and repair, making for a more difficult transit from Avila back to Saint-Sauveur. In addition, today the Cote 71 lift is also out of service (seemingly only for a few hours) due to mechanical issues. ----- Official Notice ----- Accessibility between Avila and Saint-Sauveur Unexpected repairs will have to get done during the week of December 20, 2021, on the Flèche d'Argent lift. During this period, the passage through the ski trails from the versant Avila to the Sommet Saint-Sauveur will be possible but will require a sustained physical effort. A portion of this temporary passage will also have to be done by walking. We ask our clientele to avoid travelling from one side to the other for these reasons. Furthermore, we do not recommend that families with young children or people with physical limitations use this temporary transit. On the other hand, the access from Sommet Saint-Sauveur to Avila's side remains unchanged. As a result of this work, we will have to close the Devaleuse trail during this period. We wish to assure our customers that this unforeseen work will be done as soon as possible and allow a return to normal, just in time for the holiday season. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this work and appreciate your cooperation. Please note: Specialized equipment and snow vehicles will be present in the Flèche d'Argent area during the repairs. Thank you for respecting the safety instructions and the signs on the mountain for the alternative access path.
  24. With the latest COVID developments and the surging case counts, the ASSQ has released this new info graphic with the current restrictions and health procedures that must be followed to be able to ski and use the mountain facilities. Be safe, mask up, vaccinate and keep physically distancing. These measures help protect everyone and also keep the ski season alive for as long as possible.
  25. With the work nearing completion on the new Alfred Desrochers Quad Chair, I have found a series of photos with the original Double Chair in place, along with photos of the tear down, and the installation of the Quad. The First photo of the Double Chair I had taken from a couple of years ago. The rest would be from the start of the tear down this past June/July (photos I had not taken myself) to the latest photo taken this past Friday while skiing. Here's a photo timeline of the work. The Alfred Desrochers Double Chair. Photo taken a couple of years ago. The start of the tear down this past June 2021. The upper section of the New Alfred Desrochers Quad from this fall 2021. Photo of the bottom terminal taken December 10, 2021 Once completed and operating, this chair should elevate some of the line up from the GIroux North Quad and the Hybride, as there will be more uphill capacity now with the new quad from when the double chair was in service. This is a very nice sector to ski with a nice variety of trails to choose from.
  26. Skied at Pakenham on Saturday 9-4 pm with one trail open (the loop to exhibition). 3 inches of snow fell during the morning, making the conditions phenomenal and keeping the crowds low. Tickets were 34$ tax in and could only be purchased onsite. Great start to the season!
  27. Not yet. I'm hoping to head out to Orford for this coming Friday the 10th, just have to get approval for the day off. Both pairs of skis are at the shop and I should be getting them back soon.
  28. Once you have Lilly’s Leap open at Owl’s Head you are golden. Clearly the flagship and nicest run in Quebec, and one I could never get enough of. Has anyone hit the slopes yet this season? Edelweiss and Vorlage are opening in a week with the other hills in the region likely to open about the same time.
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