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  2. @paul the snow did start to get pretty wet and heavy in the afternoon but nothing like the wet clay in Ottawa. Over 24hr the hills in the area got about 25cms.
  3. Oh man that looks sweet. Great report and pics of the pow we didn't get in the Townships. We got that the week before. It has been mild, and the odd sprinkle the last few days. Looks like the snow stayed north of the river. Higher elevations got some snow but in the lower valleys it was wet. What snow we did get in Sherbrooke was wet and sloppy. Someday I'll make it up there.
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  5. Mont Chilly did a soft opening (1-4pm) on Saturday, January 25th. Then got a powder day on the 26th with regular hours of 10-4pm.
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  7. I really hope this happens @Shane it would a great addition to Mont Cascades terrain. They need a few more black diamonds and extra vertical is always good.
  8. What a difference a couple weeks and a couple big snow falls make. Mont Ste Marie was in peak "Winter Wonderland" mode on Sunday. Over 10cms had fallen overnight and the snow would come down heavy the rest of the day. The 1200ft vertical mountain was 100% open including all the glades. The drive up was a little greasy and we got stuck behind a fleet of plows up oh boy was it worth it. The steeps were deep and the glades were fresh. What else can I say we got soaked and our legs were burned but we stayed till last chair. Get it while its good! Dustin Cook is snowed in. Caroussel Sous-bois Going into Deep Purple Besty I think
  9. @Gordo yeah I'd say 21cm sounds about right. We got to St-Sau for the last hour of the day (curse you, traffic!!). The storm started around 4:20 in Mtl but didn't seem super abundant, but it must have been dumping at St-Sau because when we got there, it was already 15+cm on the ground and no icy spots underneath to be found whatsoever! It was challenging yesterday but pretty damn great. We both got there at 9, started by 9:10 and got in at least 7 runs on the Sommet Express. Heading back tonight! @Paul sadly not in the models I'm seeing. The 10-15 cm storm anticipated for thursday is now gone altogether, and the weekend is calling for 1-3 and 2-5 cm now. let's hope you're right though
  10. From early reports, looks like there is something brewing for next Sunday. Possibility of a good old fashioned Nor'easter is on its way up the East Coast. If all comes to fruition, we may be in for a dump! Obviously long rage forecasts can change in a heartbeat. Keep an eye on this one.
  11. Tremblant is reporting 21cms, Camp Fortune 13cms this morning and its still snowing. Hot POW is up for grabs.
  12. Bromont has posted an update that the breakdown, now fixed, was electronic in nature, thus preventing the usual evacuation measures (I assume the backup motor). More info to follow, they say.
  13. @Paul looks like an amazing day! I was thinking of going last week but the Nuit Blanche didn't make for a good scenario getting up early on Sunday. I'd still like to go sometime this season!! Almost end of Jan and I've yet to take advantage of my Passe Parfait!
  14. So Wednesday my riding buddy was planning to head to Bromont, Thursday I woke up to this news: Several hundred skiers and riders trapped on the Chondola for up to four hours! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/bromont-ski-lift-1.5437287 Lucky for her, she went to Saint-Sauveur instead due to timing and missed out on being stuck on the Chondola for the second time this year (the first time was the half hour wind hold, or maybe it was a mechanical issue, but either way I missed being stuck on it by just a few short minutes myself that day!). What is up with the Chondola?!? After a series of breaks last season post installation, there have been numerous stops (breaks? wind holds? who knows??) in the 2019/20 season so far, including another one last Sunday just before this current break (according to all the people complaining about this on fb). According to Bromont, the Chondola will be out of service indefinitely while Doppelmayr, currently onsite, is fixing the issue. More alarmingly, those on the Chondola were left to their own devices for an astounding 90 minutes before rescue operations were started by ski patrol. I have never heard of a lift evac taking that much time to initiate, some folks were trapped for up to four hours apparently (according to fb comments by those trapped on the lift). Anyone know what the norm is and why they waited so long to get rescue up and running? Good thing it was a mild night out, although the wind at the peak apparently wasn't so forgiving. Maybe gonna stick to the versant du lac for the next while...
  15. @Shane I guess it's now managed by the Chateau Bromont. Looks like the pricing went up a little since 2015 or so. Some of the condos have weekend blackouts for minimum 3 nights stay. https://chateaubromont.com/en/condo-chateau-bromont/
  16. @Shane they are a hotel so yeah, minimum booking is two days and you're good to go! If you're planning to do a family experience though, for you I'd suggest the Manoir Saint-Sauveur. They got a spa which I'm sure (sorta) new(ish) parents would appreciate for some downtime (even if it's one of you at a time while the other is watching ton petit J-L)! The condos BlancSurVert (name now changed to something else) are great - nice kitchen, comfy living room, balcony or back patio, and a giant whirlpool tub. I think we paid about $550 for two days or something. There are peak rates (nuit blanche, other special events or holidays) and non peak rates. 10/10 would recommend even if the ski in ski out part is a bit silly because you have to ride the Super Slow Mont Soleil lift to ski back to your condo!
  17. Heard from a work friend , who was told by a friend who was riding with the owner, that the new lift may be installed in 2021-2022 ish. (I misunderstood so not sure if it will go in this summer or the next or so.) But apparently it is still moving ahead.
  18. Fantastic pictures Paul. Sutton never disappoints. I love that mountain. Thanks for the report.
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  20. Great report Paul. I really need to get to Sutton this year.
  21. What a difference a couple of weeks make. The week before, warm and rainy, enough to make everything in town brown again, icy and sloppy in the mountains, then a dump the weekend after of some 40+ cm of snow to cover up the mess left behind. Has Mother Nature been off her meds again? Well being that it was a sunny day, travels took me all the way to Mont Sutton. This mountain is well known for being the place to go after a dump of snow for the best glade and powder skiing around. The weather today was much better than the last time I had been there at the end of last March. The drive was smooth, and I arrived at the mountain at 9:00 with a very fresh -20 degrees. Parking was decent, and no long hike to the chalet. There was a bit of a breeze that made it a touch colder, but being dressed for it, that didn't matter........just the constant fog up of my glasses under my ski goggles. Nothing some Kleenex couldn't fix. I was more concerned about my phone freezing up, and having to thaw it out, however she didn't fail today. Today 50/60 trails were open with 5/9 chairlifts spinning. It wasn't crowded at the ticket desk, and ticket purchase was nice and easy. The mountain ops team was making snow on the Youppe-Youppe which is usually the more direct route to Chair 4, the fixed grip Quad Chair. At the desk it was advised that it was best to take the Mohawk down to the entrance of the ABC and head up Chair 3, a double, and cut over to Chair 4 to avoid the crew. My first warm up run was up the Main Quad, Chair 2 and down the Sutton Ik. The conditions on the Sutton Ik were great. Groomed packed powder over a firm base with no ice or scratching anywhere. Then back up the Quad and over to Chair 4 via the suggested route to Chair 3. The Mohawk was also great with groomed packed powder, and made for a smooth ride down to the ABC where I cut over a bit early and found my self in unfamiliar territory. Ungroomed packed snow with great coverage, and nothing surprising poking through. Then into the Barricole Glade Trail, a nice and easy section and then back to the bottom of the ABC to hitch a ride up Chair 3. The Mohawk: The Middle Section of the ABC under Chair 3, and the Barricole Glade: Once at the top of Chair 3 it was a quick left on to some ungroomed tracked out powder for the last small stretch to chair 4. The Dynamic had some snow blown on it from the snow guns and whales pretty much everywhere but no one skiing down it. It looked pretty wild and too much for me. If I were a few years younger........maybe, but not today. At the top of Chair 4 is the Chalet 840m that was open, and being that it was chilly, a warm up break was in order. Inside is a nice open fire place with hood where you can warm up or dry out your gloves, scarves or what have you on the wires strung around the hood. One thing I noticed about Chalet 840m is the view out the back windows. The view is the back side of Mont Sutton. A view you don't always see very often. Once I was warmed up it was down the Allegheny, to the Alouette, the Sousbois II, and back on to the Sutton Ik. With Mont Sutton if you don't make a lot of runs, you sure have a serious variety combinations to choose from to make those runs. You will feel that you have made more than just a few with all the different routes to take. The Allegheny - Alouette - Sous Bois II Combo: Not all glades were open, and the ones that were, had good coverage, but you still needed to pay attention as there were some thin spots to be had. Another warm up, and drink at the base chalet, and then the last rides were up Chair 2 for a couple of runs on the Sutton Ik and the full length of the Mohawk. At noon it was time to pack it in and make the trek home in time to run a few errands, pick up the kids from school. The parking lots were getting more full by this time but absolutely no line ups at any of the lifts. As always I had a great morning at Sutton. It never disappoints. The big difference this year for me is that my buddy JF is not here, and I missed seeing him. He had left the mountain last year, and has moved on. Had he been there today, I am pretty sure he would have put me through my paces, and had my legs in agony at the end. Not sure if I would have been able to do a JF training sprint today. It probably would have been a day of "hey buddy you need to try these!" Nothing wrong with a few demos underfoot!
  22. Beautiful mountain. Only been twice but was quite impressed. Great variety and good challenge offered. I also really enjoy the ride up the detachable chairlift as it passes through an area that you can't really ski, so it is a bit wild and natural when you near the top passing the cliffs. Great report Ocean.
  23. @Ocean there are condos you can rent for a night stay on Mont Soleil, or are they monthly rentals?
  24. @Gordo inorite??? We did the ski in/ski out condos one year and while I didn't *actually* get out there for first chair on the Saturday, it was pretty rad to know that I *could* ski from 8am til 2am! Great experience, only downside is the Mont Soleil condos we were at don't have access to a good hot tub.
  25. So cool that you can ski/board till 2am.
  26. This Saturday was the fourth in the series of eight Nuit Blanches at Bromont, where you can ski from 8AM til 2AM. We were also graced with a forecast for a reasonable storm that would bring 15 to 20 cm to the townships. The storm was to begin at 5pm, leaving plenty of time during the day to relax and prepare for some serious night skiing in prime conditions. I didn't rush and planned to go after 9pm, giving the snow some time to accumulate on the granular and icy base (which was still recovering from last week's ice storm). After spending the afternoon lounging around the house and getting a few neglected chores completed, I got ready to go, and packed myself a Creemore and deli sandwich snack since there are very few snacking options in Bromont after 2AM and I have reached my quota for tolerance of Tim Horton's already this season. I headed out about 9:30, and snow had already accumulated on the car so I took some time to clear off the snow and remaining ice from the previous storm before heading out. Of course, I immediately got stuck behind a plow before even leaving the city....and then another one. Once I hit the 10, it was a comfortable place all the way to Bromont with no visible accidents thankfully, despite the blowing snow and low visibility. I rolled into P5 around 11:30pm and started getting ready to go. My snowboarding companion Ilana had already arrived a short time before me. I was ready to hit the Lac du Lac chair just before midnight. I started out with a few easy runs on the Versant du Lac side - I'd skied seven out of the previous eight days and took some time to warm up properly before heading down the Versant du Village side where I met up with Ilana at the base. We got in about ten nonstop runs down Brome, Bromont, Knowlton, Cowansville, Coupe du Monde, and Bedford, and while we mainly caught the chair for efficiency, we also took advantage of the gondola for a couple of rides where there was no line. Conditions were excellent all around - there was not a single icy run to be found, although Coupe du Monde still had a few questionable spots in the middle of the steepest pitch, and the wind was blowing snow around at the peak, making the point of departure a bit slick. The snow was accumulating quickly and each run had a new layer on top each time. Surprisingly, Nuit Blanche wasn't as busy on a powder day as we would have expected - it was steady, but not busy, and we rarely had to wait in line. For that reason, there was plenty of untouched terrain to plow through if you stick to the edges and little side trails. In total, I managed to get in about ten nonstop runs in two hours. It was truly wonderful to surf the freshly accumulated powder with cold but reasonable temperature and no overcrowding. For our final run we took an easy run from Toronto to Halifax to Pittsburgh on the Versant du Lac side. We got back to the car, split the Creemore and I put my sandwich artist skills to work for a delicious ham and cheese on ciabatta snack. The drive back to Montreal was a bit more forgiving, and my partner had prepared a late-late-night snack of lamb tacos with tamarindo tequila jarritos. It was a bit cold on the lift and far too wet to take my phone out too often, so here are some quick snaps of the night - one of the best evenings of the season so far! Riding up the chondola about 2/3 of the way to the top! Just look at that beautiful accumulation and it's still coming down hard! Riding the chondola chair with Ilana, the stoke level is high!
  27. Great photos!! That looks like an excellent day on the mountain!!
  28. 17cms of blower came in sideways Saturday night. The result was fantastic skiing Sunday at Camp Fortune. We managed to dig out and make it to the Skyline before 9am. Camp Fortune had groomed on Saturday night so there was nice layer of light powder on top a firm base. Conditions of course were excellent. Smooth and smeary. After a bunch of runs on Skyline we skated over to the valley and then hit the runs on Meech at 10ish. The new glade was open off Paradis called La Cache Sous-Bois. The glade runs from the right side of Paradis down and under the lift exiting on North America. The run has a great pitch after the initial flat entrance with two main lines, one steeper and exiting father up the hill. We spent most the morning on La Cache before heading back to Skyline. The runs in the valley were also perfect but the place started to get busy with ski schools around 11am. In fact the entire parking lot in the valley looked full by noon. Skyline still had lots of spots though. Heggtveit is still not open but the amount of snow that Fortune is blowing on it is pretty impressive. I suspect it will be open very soon. This is peak winter so get out and enjoy it! Nice bump run on Clifford. Top of La Cache Marshall The cross over spot on La Cache. La Cache from the Meech lift.
  29. Wind at Bromont so I went to St-Sauveur, and concluded that the townships got the most out of this storm.
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