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  1. From their Facebook site: Mont Chilly February 18 at 8:05 PM · Hello Skiers and Riders!!! 🏂⛷ The time has finally come....... Mont Chilly will be opening for the first time this season on Saturday, February 20th. We are so excited to welcome everyone back for the 2021 ski season! We cannot thank all of our patrons enough for your patience and continued support in these very uncertain times. Although there have been some changes made here at Chilly due to the pandemic, our first priority remains offering the best experience possible to our guests. This season we will be o
  2. @Ocean Maybe next weekend for Chilly. Was at Fortune yesterday the conditions are very good, peak winter, hero snow.
  3. @Shane Mont Chilly opens this Saturday (Feb. 20th).
  4. @Ocean18cms so far in the Ottawa area. All snow and -10C. Either going tonight or tomorrow. Also more coming Thursday/Friday.
  5. Great news @Shane. They have had great weather for making snow. I suspect when they open they will have a 100% of the runs ready. Now I'm waiting for Mont Chilly!
  6. Found this going through some old files. Not sure about the date but probably mid to late 60's?
  7. @Ocean @Shane Night skiing at Camp Fortune from Jan. 9th till Feb. 8th now ends at 7pm https://campfortune.com/en/hours/
  8. @Ocean I was night skiing last night at Fortune. It was busy. For people in Ottawa its pretty easy to get home by 8pm if leaving even at 7:30 from the hill. That said they may opt to just cancel night skiing altogether. Real bummer. Also lots of people are cross country ski in Gatineau park at night, not sure will happen with that.
  9. Just read that too. Not good. I better get my skiing in this week, as this season may be done.
  10. Now Ontario is telling residents not to go to Quebec for skiing or recreational activities. Talk about mixed messages. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/outdoor-activities-ontario-quebec-lockdown-1.5852815
  11. News from CBC on hill closures in Ontario: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/calabogie-resort-ski-hills-ontario-lockdown-1.5850898
  12. @Paul well people from Ottawa already go to Quebec as the closest Ontario ski is Calabogie which is an hour away. Oh and Pakenham. Toronto people don't have an lot of options now with the US border still closed. Tremblant would probably be there go to, a 6 hour drive!
  13. @Paul the slow down was not from the 6ft spacing inline but because you could only board one person per chair unless you were from the same household. I think this just got changed so now you can have two people per chair.
  14. @Paul Really bad news I wonder if Calabogie will close. Is it mandated?
  15. I rolled into Camp Fortune around 8:45am on a snowy Sunday. This was my first day of the season and probably my latest start in years. Warm weather in November, little or no snow in December and COVID haven't helped! I was directed to the main parking lot in the valley. Then after suiting up in the parking lot you are screened at a makeshift gate. Have you been out of the country? Are you feeling ill? Have you been around anyone with COVID? etc... After getting passed that it was time to ski. Fortune only had Pineault, Marshall and one of the magic carpets open. The lifts spun just befo
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