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  1. Before COVID times there used to be cheap Costco and Air Miles tickets. Now your best bet is when Tremblant has online sales. For skiing just one day though your not going to save much. I doubt it will be very busy mid week. The place has so many lifts and terrain.
  2. We got almost 50cms. Fortune was epic. They even opened Swan Dive.
  3. Possible powder day Monday (Jan. 17th). They are currently calling for 20+cms. Might have to take the day off.
  4. If we get the 25cms on Monday I suspect Mont Chilly will open in late January.
  5. Camp Fortune opens this Friday (Dec. 3rd). Will be open on the 3rd to 5th and 10-12th 9-4pm.
  6. Out west they have been getting some pretty good early snow. I believe Sunshine Village opens tomorrow.
  7. Here is an article about Ontario Ski hills this season: No vaccine passports or capacity limits for Ontario skiers this winter! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ontario-ski-hill-rule-update-1.6234418
  8. Well it seems that Camp Fortune has sold out of all their season passes, every type. This happened fast like by the first week of October. I managed to get an "Almost anytime pass". I'm curious how they decided on how many they would sell. A lot of friends are kinda pissed that they have such sort notice about this.
  9. Hi Shane Yes 10pm at Fortune. I'm pretty sure the almost anytime pass was $203 last year. Now its $254.00. They have all gone up a bit.
  10. Looks like night skiing will only run till 9pm this season. Also memberships have gone up in all categories. I think we can thank COVID for this. I was hoping things would be back to normal this winter. Vermont and New York must be praying the border will open to Canadians soon.
  11. @Shane MSM just called it too. Calabogie may be the last hill standing.
  12. Camp Fortune just called it. The season is over because of the upgrade to red zone in the Gatineau area.
  13. @Shane Cool! MSM did have a hotel decades ago. You can still see it when you go up the lift on the Cheval side. Totally rundown now and falling apart.
  14. @Shane MSM, Calabogie and Camp Fortune will be open for skiing over Easter. Mont Chilly has closed for the season.
  15. Last season my last day of skiing was March 14th, the next day everything closed and went into lockdown. Well, it's March 17th, 2021, and spring skiing is in full effect. The Gatineau and Ottawa area has gone into a bit of an up-down meltdown. The beginning of March looked promising with a decent snowpack. January and February had brought the goods after a slow start. Now it looks like we might not even make it to Easter. So get out and ski! I hit up Mont Ste Marie midweek. The conditions were a carver's delight. All the groomed trails were open and it was a bluebird day with temps rising to around 7C by the afternoon. The grooming team at Mont Ste Marie should be commended for keeping the trails in great shape. When you look down into the fields below it's brown grass and grazing deer. I was hoping the glades would still have some coverage so I ducked into one-off Carrousel. They were skiable but you're going to wreck your skis. The snow has melted so fast this year. Anyway, the day was perfect, you had the trails to yourself, lots of spring sun and you could ski right onto the lifts. You couldn't ask for more. Enjoy the weekend folks as this might be the last week of full coverage. The glades are a little rocky Dustin Cook in all its glory. Perfect cord
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