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  1. @paul the snow did start to get pretty wet and heavy in the afternoon but nothing like the wet clay in Ottawa. Over 24hr the hills in the area got about 25cms.
  2. Mont Chilly did a soft opening (1-4pm) on Saturday, January 25th. Then got a powder day on the 26th with regular hours of 10-4pm.
  3. I really hope this happens @Shane it would a great addition to Mont Cascades terrain. They need a few more black diamonds and extra vertical is always good.
  4. What a difference a couple weeks and a couple big snow falls make. Mont Ste Marie was in peak "Winter Wonderland" mode on Sunday. Over 10cms had fallen overnight and the snow would come down heavy the rest of the day. The 1200ft vertical mountain was 100% open including all the glades. The drive up was a little greasy and we got stuck behind a fleet of plows up oh boy was it worth it. The steeps were deep and the glades were fresh. What else can I say we got soaked and our legs were burned but we stayed till last chair. Get it while its good! Dustin Cook is snowed in. Caroussel Sous-bois Going into Deep Purple Besty I think
  5. Tremblant is reporting 21cms, Camp Fortune 13cms this morning and its still snowing. Hot POW is up for grabs.
  6. Great report Paul. I really need to get to Sutton this year.
  7. So cool that you can ski/board till 2am.
  8. 17cms of blower came in sideways Saturday night. The result was fantastic skiing Sunday at Camp Fortune. We managed to dig out and make it to the Skyline before 9am. Camp Fortune had groomed on Saturday night so there was nice layer of light powder on top a firm base. Conditions of course were excellent. Smooth and smeary. After a bunch of runs on Skyline we skated over to the valley and then hit the runs on Meech at 10ish. The new glade was open off Paradis called La Cache Sous-Bois. The glade runs from the right side of Paradis down and under the lift exiting on North America. The run has a great pitch after the initial flat entrance with two main lines, one steeper and exiting father up the hill. We spent most the morning on La Cache before heading back to Skyline. The runs in the valley were also perfect but the place started to get busy with ski schools around 11am. In fact the entire parking lot in the valley looked full by noon. Skyline still had lots of spots though. Heggtveit is still not open but the amount of snow that Fortune is blowing on it is pretty impressive. I suspect it will be open very soon. This is peak winter so get out and enjoy it! Nice bump run on Clifford. Top of La Cache Marshall The cross over spot on La Cache. La Cache from the Meech lift.
  9. Camp Fortune was really good today. The new glades off Paradis are stellar.
  10. Looks like today is a Pow day. 17cm at Tremblant, 15cm at Camp a Fortune. In my back yard it looks more like 25cms.
  11. 10-15cm possible Wednesday night/Thursday and also Saturday. Things are looking up! Actually the conditions are pretty good right now in the Ottawa area. I was at Camp Fortune last night and the conditions were fantastic.
  12. After the rain, ice pellets and sleet mess yesterday Tremblant got 18cms overnight. 10cms at MSM.
  13. @Ocean it was a fun day. I went to Mont Ste-Marie on the Saturday and it was not so good. They are lacking snow big time. They really only had like three decent runs open. On the Cheval Blanc side only Dustin Cook was open and it was being used for races. The snow conditions were fair to poor at best. The place was also busy with ski schools which made skiing any blue runs an obstacle course. Hopefully now that the temperatures are colder they can start blasting away at making snow. I wouldn't bother going there again till they are least 80% fully open.
  14. Soft turns and fog was name of the game on Friday. We rolled into Tremblant around 9am after a easy two hour drive from Ottawa. The place was busy with almost all the parking lots at capacity. The temperature was around zero and with no wind the top third of the mountain was a total white out. First off the lineup at the gondola was insane because the lift was not moving. We quickly moved over to the Flying Mile and then skied down to TGV to get to the top. The gondola started back up soon after. With 93 trails open there was plenty of options. We started with Laurentienne on the Soleil side. The snow was nice and soft. Tremblant had gotten about 25cms over the week. Options were soft groomers or natural bump runs. The forgiving moguls on Jasey-Jay Anderson were really nice. The fog was a bit of a bummer as you really couldn't rip the steep top pitches as the visibility was very limited. Maybe if we knew the mountain better it wouldn't have mattered. Regardless warm weather and no wind at Tremblant is a bit of a miracle. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and even with the holiday masses there was room to move. I really think Tremblant has stepped up their game in the last couple years. Maybe its the killer snow making but they seem to get terrain open faster then most resorts. I'll be back.
  15. The new year at Camp Fortune rolled in with 25cms of snow over 24hrs. Fortune must have groomed after the snowfall as everything was perfect corduroy. Skyline is open with Bud Clark, Canadian, Chute , and Sparks. Heggtveit was getting setup for snowmaking once the temperatures drop. The ropes have not dropped yet on Swan Dive or the glades, maybe after another good snow fall. Conditions were great and the lines were small. I managed to get second chair after waiting with a small line of early risers. Every trail in the Valley is open with the exception of the T-bar runs. The Meech lift runs were also open. The temperatures were hovering around zero and light snow began to fall around 10am. Lots of snow on the crossover trail of Humdinger as Fortune made/pushed snow across the trail this year. Overall a great start to the new year.
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