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  1. More news from Owl’s Head yesterday. Québec investment of $5 million as part of $10 million in further improvements. This includes snowmaking and a new chairlift. The press release can be found here : https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/programme-d-appui-au-developpement-des-attraits-touristiques-le-gouvernement-du-quebec-investit-plus-de-5-m-dans-le-developpement-de-l-offre-touristique-de-la-region-des-cantons-de-l-est-812850613.html Any guesses where the new loft may be found? There was talk of a new loft and trails on the west side so perhaps this is the start of that project. Or it could be the replacement of another lift. Hoping that the summit lift is always maintained as a detachable though.
  2. Excellent report Gordo. Tremblant never disappoints. The fogginess at the top is classic. I think I spotted on Mont Ste Marie’s Facebook page a few days ago that they were timing the overnight grooming for the temperature shift and didn’t get it right and hence were apologizing for the conditions of that day. Not sure if it was the day you went or not though. The weather lately has been pretty rough, and while I can’t comment on what is being experienced at Tremblant, in the city around Ottawa/Gatineau, the temperature swings are pretty unnerving. Some days it’s freezing cold with a bitter wind and others it’s mild enough or the sun is strong enough to make the ground slushy and spring like. Not the January I was expecting. Hoping to hit the slopes soon ...
  3. Yes it’s Jay Peak. You can get that view from the top of Owl’s Head as you loop around via the Peak trail. Peak - Jay Peak, I guess it makes sense. Haha
  4. Amazing Owl's Head like always. Surprised that the Black Chair is not yet open (or that there are no chairs on the line either). From the positioning of the new Lake quad, can people ski the beginner trails off the Black Chair and instead use the Lake Chair to return? If memory serves me, the black chair base is lower than the lake. Interesting that the Lake base is above the final drop from where it used to be located. Any ideas as to why? I know the area below is a bit tight and I guess for lineups and people coming in fast, there wasn't always a lot of room to slow down and stop. Thank you so much for sharing Paul. I just love that mountain. I do wish it was closer though.
  5. I saw your photo today on Facebook from the Upward Trail. Looks amazing as always at Owls Head. How is the new lift? There was talk that it wouldn’t be as long as the detachable it replaced.
  6. I got a follow up message from Erin at Camp Fortune. Skyline will open on Dec 24th and should open will all runs except Heg. I am told the main issue is the fluctuating temperatures and rain. The natural snow they received on Sunday is all that is on Humdinger right now, hence why Skyline is not yet open. For those not familiar with Camp Fortune, Humdinger is the return trail to transit back to the Valley from Skyline and is relatively long and flat.
  7. As all are surely aware, the new Sommet Express lift is up and running. I have seen some commentary online that the "heated seats" are not all that warm after all, with many people saying that the heat is not even detectable. On one forum, it was even posted that there was a light dusting of snow on the seat and the heat wasn't melting it either. I've never ridden on a heated chairlift and there may be a lot of confusion or misunderstanding surrounding it. There are varying levels of heat and what the lift may be offering is a seat that isn't stone cold. In other words, your bottom touches the seat and the cold doesn't go straight through your pants to your legs. Saying it another way... sitting down on the seat doesn't make you colder than you already are, it feels more neutral, neither hot nor cold. I could be wrong, and the heat isn't working to its fullest potential but the early commentary seems to suggest that people may be expecting it to be like a heated seat in a car. I know on my car it can take a few minutes to really get toasty. For the chairlift , where the seat is only being energized for 15-20 seconds at most, and exposed to the elements, there is no doubt a limit to how hot it can reach. What are your thoughts? @Ocean have you ridden it yet and what do you think?
  8. Orford is really impressive. I do agree, I have always found the summits of the mountains to get quite windy as they are very exposed. Good observation on the relocation of the snowmaking line to allow snow to accumulate on the trail rather than being blown into the woods by the wind. Details like this are important and while not considered major, do have a positive effect on the ski experience none the less. Can't wait to see the chalet when it is completed. It appears as though it will be quite expansive. Am I correct in assuming that the chalet and the rental / experience building that was across the entrance stairs are now connected together? Also, the domed magic carpet is also completely new if I am not mistaken? I do not think there was one near that area before. Great improvement. Silly to admit but I'd ride it once or twice to see how it feels.
  9. The Valley is definitely looking quite good at this time of year. Fantastic coverage. Eager to see Skyline open up, although I am surprised that Meech has yet to open, as it usually is already open before Clifford and Marshall (at least in some past years).
  10. Crazy snow at Mont Ste Marie. Seemingly knocked out Hydro Quebec power at the top of the mountain which forced the mountain to not open in the morning on Sunday due to the lift not being able to operate. (Not sure how that makes sense though as the lift is a bottom drive and not top drive). Not sure if it ended up opening later on in the day though.
  11. Amazing Photos Paul. Tremblant never ceases to impress with its size and scale. Quite a lot of natural snow in the glades already. Shaping up to be another great season. Fantastic. Was the Soleil side open yet? Hows the Grand Manitou summit lodge this season? They did extensive expansion and renovations last year and this summer they seemed to improve other areas inside, did you notice anything new or different? I've said it before and I'm not shy to say it again, I love the new Lowell Thomas Express lift. Easily the best upgrade in the past many years. The old triple chair was my least favorite on the mountain... now its the Edge quad.
  12. Conditions look phenomenal for the start of the ski. It’s amazing how the cold weather really came quick and in force to allow this to all happen. Definitely the best start in a long while. Looks like January skiing in mid-November , when looking at the snow coverage. Thanks for the report @Gordo. Looks like a great time on the slopes.
  13. Sweet report Ocean. Another year, another first to open for Saint-Sauveur. Great to see you made it out on opening day. I've done alot of Day 2s in the past and I think once or twice I did make it up for opening day. Your proximity to the mountain makes me envious, haha. Looks like Nordique may open soon as well. What is your take on that trail opening? Any big visible changes this year on the mountain, aside from the new six-pack lift of course. I heard they did improvements in the chalet...
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