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  1. A new webpage has been added to the Sommets site, to show the progress on the new lift. So far they are slightly older images but I believe the plan is to keep it current. So probably a work in progress for now. https://www.sommets.com/en/investment_new_lift/
  2. I asked Sommet Saint-Sauveur and it will be a mid-sized Uni terminal and with no loading or positioning carpet.
  3. And the news is ..... drumroll. If it rains more than 10 minutes at the water park you get a free ticket. Nice offer but I’ll be honest in saying I was hoping for another new loft or a summit chalet.
  4. Saw this on their facebook page yesterday evening. It doesn't appear to be a media invited event, so I am not sure what it could be.... guess we will find out soon enough today.
  5. New video clip posted today on Facebook by Sommet Saint-Sauveur. It would seem like the carrier arms assembly is different than the typical North American Doppelmayr setup so we may see some European design elements. Would love to see the new lift be a Doppelmayr D-Line. As things start going up for the bottom terminal it will become obvious if it is D-Line or not. Or if we see some Grips. 3D7754F2-8CB1-4836-8961-6BD93B8B6C82.MOV
  6. New photo posted today on Instagram by Sommet Saint-Sauveur. This time, the pouring of concrete for the summit terminal of the new six-pack lift.
  7. This just looks awesome. I always wanted to do the AKAMP, but the past editions looked a little intimidating to me, with hiking up, or rope tows. This year it looks more reasonable, especially with the chairlift and the flatter runout at the bottom of the slope. When the snow conditions are a bit choppy or soft like they would be end of June, makes for an easier time trying to stop when you have speed. Really nice setup this time around. I was also under the impression in the past that it was more of a training camp than just a summer snow jam for freestyle and casual skiing. Love the chairlift video too. Thanks for sharing. Seems like you are having a great time. I'm curious when you mention that there was free surfing lessons at the wave pool for AKAMP participants, and also access to the waterslides (which ones did they keep open for that)?
  8. Wow looks great this year. Little surprised that they finally decided to use a ski lift of the mountain than the original walk up and then later the rope tow. As always the snow seems to be holding out quite well. How is the terrain this year since it is located more near the bottom of the hill than before? Do you get a full AKAMP pass Ocean? Or do you just go up for one day?
  9. Just saw this online. The Balsams is now up for sale. It would seem like they are seeking an owner. The current development team led by Les Otten would stay in place to advise and move the redevelopment forward. https://www.cbredealflow.com/handler/modern.aspx?pv=AVYIy7hOLZiqeNVoKWDnOuJVgbAS7Qh_eHHSOSwTcYc#_top What i just wrote could be incorrect from misunderstanding the situation but the whole thing is honestly getting quite confusing.
  10. Shocking and sad news. Here's another article with more or less the same information: https://www.enbeauce.com/actualites/faits-divers/366352/un-incendie-sest-declare-dans-un-garage-de-mecanique-du-mont-orignal?fbclid=IwAR3sxQPhuqnF4qdBH2J7uVc3xMuAA2DLdkiOdAAI3vqIlbPunNk-xrFddqU Let's hope that things can turn around quickly so that it doesn't have an effect on the coming ski season. From the photos on Facebook, it appears that the fire occurred a bit of a distance away from the actual detachable chairlift, which is good news atleast. Fires like this remind me of the one that happened several years back on Tremblant's TGV or the chalet last year at Val St Come... Sad.
  11. Just saw this posted today by the mountain on twitter. Seems like all has been sorted out. Granite Gorge Official Public Statement: There will be no auction of the property as the bank loan terms are being satisfied. Granite Gorge is looking forward to a great 2019-2020 season, our 17th consecutive season of providing safe, fun ski/tube/ride!
  12. Here are some new pictures posted today on Facebook and Instagram by Sommet Saint-Sauveur on the new lift install.
  13. It’s not over yet! One more ski day tomorrow from 10-1 and then water park! Killer hike though Ocean. The snow is really holding up this year. Which way did you go up?
  14. For those interested... In a sick twist of events, Sommet Saint-Sauveur will reopen for skiing tomorrow from 10am to 1pm. The waterpark also opens at 10am for the season. Ski the morning, splash the afternoon away. What a record. Last to operate in the East, beating out Killington. https://www.sommets.com/fr/montagne-de-ski/sommet-saint-sauveur/heures-d-ouverture/
  15. In a sick twist of events, Sommet Saint-Sauveur will reopen for skiing tomorrow from 10am to 1pm. The waterpark also opens at 10am for the season. Ski the morning, splash the afternoon away. What a record. Last to operate in the East, beating out Killington. https://www.sommets.com/fr/montagne-de-ski/sommet-saint-sauveur/heures-d-ouverture/
  16. Just saw this on the Facebook story for Sommet Saint-Sauveur? I think I know who this may be... Nice job making the story!
  17. Looks amazing. Very impressive how it has held up this well. And with virtually two trails open too. Glad you made it out. I would have expected the bottom of 70 Ouest to have been even more narrow. Thank you for sharing the final outing of the winter/summer season Paul. I wasn't able to get out to ski but you helped me not miss out on knowing what the experience was like. I love the second last picture, the classic Saint-Sauveur spring skiing shot!
  18. Sadly no I won’t be able to make it. Was hopeful I’d get out once before the end but won’t be the case. Hope you have a blast. What an experience. June 1st skiing in Quebec! saw pics today of both Killington and Saint-Sauveur and the later looks to be in better shape. I guess the flat runout at Killington really does it in for them for keeping the snow. Usually that flat sucker is bare.
  19. New picture from a few days ago: On their facebook they replied to a comment and mention that there will be a new page on their site www.sommets.com in the near future to show the progress and advancements of the work.
  20. There's a great new website helping identify Ticks, which can be visited at www.etick.ca Simply put, you snap a few photos, identify where it was found (on you, an animal or in the environment). The service will help identify the Tick and determine if help is required or medical attention. Ticks are a serious matter, and anyone going out in nature, especially on walking or hiking trails should be on alert for picking up these nasty pests. As always, prevention is the best route, proper bug spray, or long pants and sleeves are some of the most effective ways to eliminate contact and risk. Check it out: www.etick.ca
  21. New news today courtesy of VTDigger... actually a few things today: Federal grand jury indicts Jay Peak developers ---- https://vtdigger.org/2019/05/22/federal-grand-jury-indicts-jay-peak-developers/?is_wppwa=true&wpappninja_cache=friendly Quiros indictment sets stage for battle over state’s role in EB-5 fraud ---- https://vtdigger.org/2019/05/22/quiros-indictment-sets-stage-battle-states-role-eb-5-fraud/?is_wppwa=true&wpappninja_cache=friendly Stenger pleads not guilty to charges of fraud and false statements ---- https://vtdigger.org/2019/05/22/stenger-pleads-not-guilty-fraud-charges-released-100k-bail/?is_wppwa=true&wpappninja_cache=friendly So let all of this sink in for a few moments.... I don't even know what to say on all of this crap.
  22. Oddly enough, the chairs that would interest me the most (provided I had space to keep them) would be the quad Lake Chairs. Even more so that they are the original detachable quad chairs from Breckenridge. Although, I'd still prefer a chair from the Atomic Express.
  23. Here’s the pricing. That’s if you buy on the spot. If you purchase online in advance you can save around $5-6 dollars. the snow should still be quite good with excellent coverage on the three open trails so regular skis should be safe. I would expect that to change the following weekend and the one after bit for now you should be good. Crazy amount of snow remains.
  24. Thanks for sharing Paul. 22 lifts and 1200 acres of terrain. Should be impressive. Unless I've missed it, I’d love to know how quickly there timeline is for adding all those lifts and terrain. Is it a 5 year plan to build or a 15-20 year? I would like to see it completed. Fingers crossed. Once construction starts I would assume things would stay mostly on track going forward. If they say he hopes to open in 2020-2021 that’s in a year and a half so work would need to start this summer. Unless opening only involves starting with the existing infrastructure and trail networks.
  25. I just found some more information on Calabogie's upcoming real estate project, as well as the ski trail expansion that will result. https://www.calabogie.com/real-estate/ The site master plan shows additional ski trails coming to the new development, as well as lift in this sector (quad chairlift, which would probably be the existing Lakeview Chair that would be moved). A replacement for the existing Lakeview is listed as a Combi lift (so same idea as the Hybrids at Bromont and Orford). No doubt, this would become the main lift on the mountain as its operation would be required to maintain ski access back to those condos and the new trails. The Ecosign plan is dated April 2019, so these are current plans. The development appears quite expansive. Will be interesting to see how things progress and in what timeframe. Calabogie-Peaks-Resort-Development-Concept.pdf
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