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  1. Looked like a blast! Great weekend. To have that much snow in the woods, and be skiable at this time of the year, it must have been a treat. The last time I was up that way was in between seasons back in 2015. It was late October, and even at that time of year Tremblant was still a beautiful place. Your photos give us a good idea of what the terrain is like up there. Great shots. Thanks Paul!
  2. @Ocean the Hybride at Orford is the same way. The unloading platform is set up starting at about 2 o'clock on the downside of the bullwheel. There is so much involved with the synchronization between chairs and cabin. It's all about timing and spacing. If it is off by the slightest, the lift won't run properly. It's amazing how this type of lift works.
  3. Great to see you got to Bromont! Lucky that you didn't have much traffic on the slopes, it's usually packed. I may get there at some point this season after the last time I skied there...........about 35 years ago when there was a double chair on the Versant du Village. The Edgar Hyperlodge is a great après ski place. Great food and usually packed. If you end up there on a Thursday night, there is live music. A buddy of mine plays there quite a bit, and the band I'm in had played there occasionally. Did you go into the new summit chalet to look around?
  4. The snow in the woods looks good from a distance but up close it looks sketchy with stumps and rocks poking through. We had a bit of a melt as well, and lost some snow. A few more good dumps should help out. Supposed to be mild with some rain mid-week then a cool down. The snowmakers can then get back right at it.
  5. Five and a half months after the end of last season, the 2019-20 season began today with a trip to Mont Gleason. A buddy of mine contacted me to see if I was interested in going, and we decided that today worked with our schedules. So road trip it was. It was Gleason's opening weekend, as they had opened yesterday. We arrived at the mountain around 9:15 to cloudy skies, but looking out in the distance you could see blue skies. They did not make it our way, as it looked like we were on the edge of a weather system coming in. The temperature was a mild -3 degrees. Two trails were available the Gaudeau and the Cascades served by the Laurent-Lemire Quad chair. The coverage was really good for early season. Groomed granular over a firm base. The first runs to start the season were down the Gaudreau, a nice easy beginner trail. It made for a good warm up. Then we hit the Cascades, where this year the trail was widened at the top to accommodate the new Quad chair. With this change, the contour of the trail is quite different with a few different interesting lines that one could take now than what was there before. The Gaudreau: The Cascades with the new widened upper section: The Lower Section of the Cascades: By early afternoon the temperature had warmed up a bit and the snow had started to transition into a spring like granular which was nice and soft. The line up at the quad was non existent, however there was still a good crowd for opening weekend. The new Quad is not scheduled to officially open for another couple of weeks, but was spinning, and going through the paces. Another new feature this year are a few parking spots reserved for those with electric vehicles. We stopped for lunch at noon, and we went back out for a few more runs and called it for the day as my early season legs were letting me know it was time for the celebratory beer in the Wiski Pub. Today was a great start to the new season with that being at Gleason rather than St-Sauveur or Mont Orford. It would mark the first time the season started here. An excellent choice it was! Thank you Mont Gleason for the early start. Here are a few more scenes from the day:
  6. A news clip in the Brattleboro Reformer has reported that there will be some corporate layoffs at Mount Snow, VT by its parent company Vail Resorts due to certain organizational changes. Majority of the affected employees will stay on through out the current season. Numbers of how many people are affected has not been disclosed, and termination date for most is set at May 1, 2020 and some are set for April 1st 2020. Each affected employee will be offered severance benefits based on their employment level and tenure. Below is the link to the full story for details. https://www.reformer.com/stories/corporate-layoffs-announced-at-mount-snow,590715?
  7. I see Owl's Head has announced opening in two weeks for November 28th.
  8. Bretton Woods, NH is open today with 5 trails and 2 lifts. The Zephyr Quad, and the new Skyway Gondola is now up and spinning. Currently they are advertising that there is no Beginner skiing yet. Early Season Lift tickets are set at $59 USD for all day Adult ticket.
  9. Nice early start to kick off a big anniversary season. Are you heading up there for the opening?
  10. Wow nice way to begin the season! Great to see Patrick as well, Mr. I'll ski anywhere! Lol. I follow him quite a bit. I'll hold off a bit on heading out and let the glacier get tilled up a bit more. Glad to see you out and about again, and maybe this is the year we may run into each other! Thanks for the opening season's report!
  11. Hello Grisatre, Welcome to the Forum. I just registered my card, and I didn't have any issues. Normally you can see your card's registration from your dashboard within your profile on the maneige site. On the left of the screen, click the My Cards, and it should then show you the card number, and registered to your name. You might have to create a profile for each card holder and card number. Not 100% sure on that though. I have never had to register multiple cards on one account. If you are having issues registering your card(s) click on the Technical Support link at the bottom of the screen, you may have to scroll to the bottom to see it, and it provides their contact info to the call centre, and also an email address to reach out to them so that you can confirm your registration of your cards, and assistance on registering them correctly so that you won't have any issues using them. I hope this helps out in confirming the registration of all cards. All the best, Paul
  12. Looks to be for a 2020-21 reopening. If it does, I will somehow make the trip there during that season.
  13. There have been some developments in the latest Saddleback deal. Just posted on their Facebook page was a notice of an agreement reached between the Berry family, current owners of Saddleback, and the Arctaris Group out of Boston, Mass. to buy the mountain to reopen it. The deal needs to close to be official. No information on if the mountain will reopen for this season or next. Here is the link for the news release for further detail.
  14. I haven't heard what the plan was for the double chair. When you see the photo of the top where the new Quad is and the top of the double, it looks like a recipe for congestion if both lifts are running with the Laurent-Lemire Quad. I would suspect during the week only one of the Quads will run. You can still access either Quad from the Gaudreau, Ling and other trails on that side of the mountain by the access crossover in front of the chalet. I wouldn't be surprised if the double would be dismantled in the next couple of years. I never noticed the positioning of the people until you mentioned it. That is the bottom section of the Gaudreau where you come out at the bottom of the double chair, and the other side of the double is where the crossover is to head back the both Quad chairs. It's going to be interesting to see it this winter.
  15. A trip out of town to view some fall colours was in order today so Mont Gleason was the destination. It was also a great reason to go take a peek at the progress of the new Quad. It was partly cloudy when we got there, I was with my son Lukas, and my long-time ski buddy Christian so it was day out for the guys. We got there around 11:00 and there was a good crowd of people already there. At Gleason today the festivities included their ski sale in the shop, the local fire department was there with a couple of trucks for the kids to explore, bouncy castles, and chairlift rides. What I really came here for was the new Quad and the progess. Both top and bottom terminals are in place, and all towers have been installed.The crew was installing the comm cable today. The base of the new Quad does take up some of the parking area. We decided to ride the Laurent-Lemire Quad to the summit to see what was going on up top, and for the view with the colours. Rides were one-way only with a multitude of ways down to the base that made for a nice hike. There are big changes going on at the base, but when we got closer to the top there are big changes to the upper Cascades trail where it is now wide open. The top section of the old t-bar lift line has now been incorporated into the trail as the tree line has been cut out. The terrain up on this trail looks very interesting. The Ride Up the Laurent-Lemire Quad: As we got closer to the top, this is where you notice the changes to the top of the Cascades trail. There was a small island of trees in the middle where the starting cabin for racing was, and the trees that separated the t-bar lift line and the trail. All of this has been removed and is now a wide open area. Once we got off the lift, we checked out the new Quad top terminal and the new lift line. As you look down the trail at the bottom of the main pitch, it looks like you could have 3 different lines to take. To the left, the bottom of the Cascades that leads into the Victoriaville terrain park, under the new Quad, or to the right if Gleason turns this into a trail with the bottom of the old t-bar line. The New Top Terminal: The Look Down The New Quad Lift Line: After checking out the work at the top, it was time for the hike down the Gaudreau trail where the service road goes, and made for a nice easy hike down. The work that has been done at Gleason over the summer is quite impressive. I can't wait to ride the new lift, and ski the new terrain this winter. A lot of time and work has been put in over the summer to improve the mountain and I believe they have done a great job. I will be back this winter! Here Are A Few More Scenes From The Day:
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