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  1. I haven't heard what the plan was for the double chair. When you see the photo of the top where the new Quad is and the top of the double, it looks like a recipe for congestion if both lifts are running with the Laurent-Lemire Quad. I would suspect during the week only one of the Quads will run. You can still access either Quad from the Gaudreau, Ling and other trails on that side of the mountain by the access crossover in front of the chalet. I wouldn't be surprised if the double would be dismantled in the next couple of years. I never noticed the positioning of the people until you mentioned it. That is the bottom section of the Gaudreau where you come out at the bottom of the double chair, and the other side of the double is where the crossover is to head back the both Quad chairs. It's going to be interesting to see it this winter.
  2. A trip out of town to view some fall colours was in order today so Mont Gleason was the destination. It was also a great reason to go take a peek at the progress of the new Quad. It was partly cloudy when we got there, I was with my son Lukas, and my long-time ski buddy Christian so it was day out for the guys. We got there around 11:00 and there was a good crowd of people already there. At Gleason today the festivities included their ski sale in the shop, the local fire department was there with a couple of trucks for the kids to explore, bouncy castles, and chairlift rides. What I really came here for was the new Quad and the progess. Both top and bottom terminals are in place, and all towers have been installed.The crew was installing the comm cable today. The base of the new Quad does take up some of the parking area. We decided to ride the Laurent-Lemire Quad to the summit to see what was going on up top, and for the view with the colours. Rides were one-way only with a multitude of ways down to the base that made for a nice hike. There are big changes going on at the base, but when we got closer to the top there are big changes to the upper Cascades trail where it is now wide open. The top section of the old t-bar lift line has now been incorporated into the trail as the tree line has been cut out. The terrain up on this trail looks very interesting. The Ride Up the Laurent-Lemire Quad: As we got closer to the top, this is where you notice the changes to the top of the Cascades trail. There was a small island of trees in the middle where the starting cabin for racing was, and the trees that separated the t-bar lift line and the trail. All of this has been removed and is now a wide open area. Once we got off the lift, we checked out the new Quad top terminal and the new lift line. As you look down the trail at the bottom of the main pitch, it looks like you could have 3 different lines to take. To the left, the bottom of the Cascades that leads into the Victoriaville terrain park, under the new Quad, or to the right if Gleason turns this into a trail with the bottom of the old t-bar line. The New Top Terminal: The Look Down The New Quad Lift Line: After checking out the work at the top, it was time for the hike down the Gaudreau trail where the service road goes, and made for a nice easy hike down. The work that has been done at Gleason over the summer is quite impressive. I can't wait to ride the new lift, and ski the new terrain this winter. A lot of time and work has been put in over the summer to improve the mountain and I believe they have done a great job. I will be back this winter! Here Are A Few More Scenes From The Day:
  3. Pente a Neige looks interesting to see in a report. I had heard there is a new t-bar there, and an intermediate run this year too. Good to see a starter hill in the city not just for the kids beginning to ski, but for everyone who wants to learn.
  4. It's the beginning of October, and the ski season is quickly approaching. I have started to think about where I would like to go, and I would like to add at least 1 new US ski area this year along with a revisit to Tenney and Bretton Woods. There would be visits to the usual suspects. Need to get update photos on the work at Orford, Owl's Head, and Gleason. For the new US area that I would like to get to would be either Bolton Valley, Magic Mountain, or Suicide Six, all in Vermont. I would like to eventually do a trip to the Gaspé sometime with visits to either Petit Chamonix in Matapedia, Mont Comi, Val d'Irene, and Pin Rouge in New Richmond. I would also like to do a road trip to Eastern and southern Ontario, where a visit to maybe Brimacombe, Horseshoe, Dagmar, or Glen Eden would be on the schedule. I have family in the Milton area so any one of these areas could be a target. I know they aren't big hills, but would be interesting to discover along the way. What are your projected plans for 2019/20?
  5. Here's an update on the Indy Pass. There has been an addition of 8 ski areas to bring the total to 44 areas and a possibility of 88 days of skiing. The new additions are: Sunrise Park, AZ; Caberfae Peaks, MI; Shanty Creek, MI; Swiss Valley, MI; Cannonsburg, MI; Powder Ridge, MN; Terry Peak, SD; Shawnee Mountain, PA; Mohawk Mountain, CT; Ober Gatlinburg, TN A little out if our way, however if you are going to be in any of these regions, go check them out. www.indyskipass.com
  6. Here is a deal that I have looked into if you are an individual that would like to support the "Indy" ski areas, and not wanting to go with the Ikon or Epic pass this season. It is the Indy Pass that gives you 36 independently operated ski areas by offering a pass that allows you 2 daily lift tickets to each of the 36 areas, giving you the potential for 72 ski days. The pass is at $199 USD at the moment. Some of the areas include Bolton Valley, VT, Suicide Six, VT and Magic Mountain, VT just to name a few of the closer areas to Quebec residents. The pass offers areas in the East, Midwest, and Western regions. Pat's Peak, NH, Catamount Mountain on the NY/Mass border, and Greek Peak, NY that could be of interest for Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario residents , in terms of travel times. If you are someone who wants to commit to 3-4 trips to anyone of these areas, it might be something to look into. With the ever rising costs in daily lift ticket prices, this might make costs a little easier. Example Based on Weekend Ticket Rates: Magic Mountain, VT = $74.00 USD Bolton Valley, VT = $79.00 USD Suicide Six, VT = $75.00 USD Total for the 3 lift tickets = $228.00 USD. This is just an example if you purchase each ticket at the above mentioned areas on a walk up basis to the ticket window. The Indy Pass is $199.00 USD, you save $29.00 USD. Sure with this example it is a small savings, but a savings nonetheless. The more you use the Indy Pass, the larger the savings. You ski more at the included areas, the more the savings would increase. Of course do your research based on your skiing habits, how many times you will go to any one of the areas, lift ticket specials that you might find online, are you a mid-week skier or a weekend skier etc. You may find this may be your savings to some great skiing at great Independent ski areas. Also take into mind the daily exchange rate in making your decision on if this pass is right for you. Of course like any other pass available out there, it depends on your skiing habits. are you a weekend warrior who is out as much as you can , or the causal skier who only skis a few times a season. You may find a pretty good deal here, it all depends on you and your skiing habits. Please read the details on each area you may want to ski as there may be some restrictions on peak periods during the season. Some may have restrictions while others may not. Here is the link to get all the info needed on the INDY Pass: https://www.indyskipass.com
  7. Here is a story I found on the CBC webpage in regards to ski areas in the Northern Ontario region. Kamiskotia Ski Area, located in Timmins, Ontario is seeking help for their remaining debts, the odd thing is the request for city funding is to repay some debts associated to the city of Timmins. Dufour Mountain who also is operated independently, has had requested assistance from the town of Elliot Lake for emergency expenses in the past. The two areas in Sudbury, Adanac, and Lively are supported by the city, and are the only ones in the North who are supported by their community with taxpayer money. The discussion in this article is: Should local ski areas be considered a business or a public service? Very good question! Are they? Here is the link to that story, and is an interesting read. An interesting point: there had been 4 areas in the Sudbury area and now there are 2. Adanac and Lively are the two remaining hills while Capreol Mountain closed 4 years ago, and another nearby area, Onaping closed in 2012. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/ski-hills-northeastern-ontario-financial-future-1.5282145
  8. Here are a few snaps of the new Gondola at Bretton Woods that I managed to take today. It is supposed to be operational for the upcoming season. What is interesting is that there is a crossover of the Bethlehem Express Quad lift with the Gondola a little ways up the line. I am hoping to get back there sometime this winter.
  9. I am in Maine this week, and on my way back home I am planning on stopping by Bretton Woods to snap some pics of the gondola. Hoping to have some snaps of it to post.
  10. I'll see what I can do for pics later this fall. I am interested to see progress as well.
  11. I haven't noticed anything lately. I was at the Bromont Flea Market about a month ago and it looked pretty much the same at the summit. Then about a week and a bit ago I drove by on my way through to Cowansville still no change. I haven't heard any news either which is rather odd.
  12. I have seen photos of the bottom terminal of the quad and it's not in great shape. I understand that the lift has not operated since the early 2010's from when the mountain was suffering financially from back then. It hasn't spun in almost a decade. I could be wrong there but it has been quite a while.
  13. News out of Cape Bretton, or more specifically Ingonish, NS is that Ski Cape Smokey has been sold by the province to a New York investor. The hill had been operated by the province under a volunteer group since 2011 to keep it open in a limited format with the Poma lift being its main lift. There is a quad chair that has not been in service for quite sometime and is beyond refurbishing. The plan calls for a major renewal of the mountain and its facilities, and a realignment of parts of the access road. The main goal is to have Cape Smokey a major destination for visitors who are travelling the Cabot Trail as a 4 season attraction. Below is a link to the article from the Cape Bretton Post for additional details. https://www.capebretonpost.com/news/local/ski-cape-smokey-purchased-by-private-sector-group-for-370000-341732/?fbclid=IwAR0qe23O5r1FwMzaVpxIrbgqtgKHlpz5RO-JXQDX_tmy53O4t6TxAuo1UoQ
  14. Here are some photos of the early work going on at Mont Gleason posted on their Facebook page. The new quad with loading carpet is to be ready for the upcoming 2019-2020 season. The t-bars have long since been removed to make way for the new quad. Doppelmayr has been busy this off season!
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