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  1. News from the New England Ski Industry site on the topic of Granite Gorge Ski Area near Keene, NH going up for auction at the beginning of July. The ski area opened back in 2003 on the same site as the old defunct Pinnacle Ski Area. Services this past season was scaled back to tubing and skiing via surface lift. The double chair did not operate last winter. Here's the link for the story. https://www.newenglandskiindustry.com/viewstory.php?storyid=773&fbclid=IwAR06HagjBWU9XrXjT29FovPzna31ELJ0cdtlAxtX42Mo8Nrd0rnIdhDzpM4
  2. Welcome to our section on abandoned ski areas. It's the perfect place to share your stories, photos and memories of ski areas that were once open and now closed. The purpose of this section is to preserve their heritage and keep alive memories. The mountain could be of any size. For a hill to be considered an abandoned ski area, it would have to be served by a ski lift such as a rope tow, J-bar, T-bar, Pomalift or chairlift. To keep a consistent format when adding a new abandoned ski resort to the forum, please start a new topic by ASA - the name of the abandoned ski area and the years of activity if you know them. ASA = Abandoned Ski Area. Example: ASA - Mont Echo (1963-1978) Do you have photos, stories, old brochures, and general information on any lost ski areas? Do you have pictures of the area since it closed? Questions about a closed area? Maybe we have the answer. We would like to hear from you!
  3. Bienvenue dans notre section sur les stations de ski abandonnés. C’est le lieu idéal pour partager vos histoires, vos photos et vos souvenirs des stations de ski autrefois ouverts et maintenant fermés. Le but de cette section est de préserver leur héritage et de garder des souvenirs vivants. La montagne pourrait être de n'importe quelle taille. Pour une pente soit considérée comme une station de ski abandonnée, il s'agirait d'une montagne desservie par un remonte pente comme un fil-neige, J-bar, T-bar, Pomalift ou un télésiège. Pour conserver un format cohérent lors de l'ajout de toute station de ski abandonnée au forum, svp commencez un nouveau sujet par SSA - le nom de la station de ski abandonnée et les années d'activité si vous les connaissez. SSA = Station de Ski Abandondée. Exemple: SSA - Mont Echo (1963-1978) Avez-vous des photos, des histoires, de vieilles brochures et des informations générales? Avez-vous des photos de la station depuis sa fermeture? Questions sur un station fermée? Peut-être avons-nous la réponse. Nous aimerions avoir de vos nouvelles!
  4. The new King of Spring! I saw another video earlier of them promoting the skiing. When they got closer to the bottom It looked skiable but depending on the skier traffic and temperature, it won't last long! In the video they skied down to the middle of the last pitch and walked over to the waterslides and finished off their run down the slide into the pool at the bottom. Cool video. It's on their Facebook page. After last weekend it's done for me!
  5. Here's a video I found of the removal of the last tower of the Panroama Mueller chair at Owl's Head from FB today. This video is not mine nor do I claim it to be. https://www.facebook.com/daniel.phaneuf.7/videos/2324950544241333/ Video credit: Daniel Phaneuf
  6. Maybe this report should be posted in the Summer Experiences section since it is June 1st! When I heard that Sommet St-Sauveur confirmed their opening for this weekend, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to ski in June. I had never done that before. Last year was close, at May 27th. I left Sherbrooke at 6 and arrived at the mountain at 8:20. I just squeaked through the Turcotte construction just in time as it was down to 1 lane entering on to the Decarie Northbound. The temperature was already 10 degrees by this time with blue skies, a few clouds, and bright sunshine. I noticed that there were about 8 or 10 Atomic Express Quad chairs leftover in the lot. The 70 Ouest, and surprisingly the top of the Nordique was open today. I don't recall ever skiing the Nordique past the end of April on any of my late season trips. The trails were groomed with a nice coating of mashed potatoes with a few dirty spots here and there, but who cares! It's skiing in June! There is still a decent amount of snow on the 70 Ouest with one side thinning out. The Nordique was covered but not as well, however it was still quite skiable. Just had to look out for the edge of the trail and some thin areas. The entrance to the Nordique was quite thin and just wide enough for one skier to pass though. Beyond that you were fine. The bottom pitch was bare, so you were directed back over to the 70 with the little crossover trail. There were 3 rail modules set up on the Nordique. The 70 Ouest: The Nordique: It didn't take long for the bottom pitch of the 70 Ouest to get bumped up as the snow was so soft. The piles were decent, and started to work the legs a bit harder, and they were so soft that you skied through them or just pushed them down the hill turning on them. The coverage was still pretty good on the last pitch as you weren't digging down to dirt and mud at all yet by the time I was done. That was at 11:30. Legs tired and telling me that was enough. Now THIS will bring an end to my 2018-19 season. Another great late season day at Sommet St- Sauveur. This would mark the second consecutive year that I have finished my season here. I just need to experience this place mid season when everything is open. Already looking forward to next season....Stick a fork in it! It is done like dinner! Here are a few more scenes from the day:
  7. Anyone heading up to St-Sauveur on Saturday? It is in the plans for me barring any issues. Sunday's forecast doesn't look good at the moment.
  8. @Shane I don't know what to say either, but it wouldn't be family friendly to post.........so I will save us from that! However it is about time that this rig gets rolling to hold those responsible for this huge mess, and to finally fill in that "war zone like" hole in the center of the city of Newport, VT. I am going to sit back, grab a few beers, and watch this %$#@$ show unfold. Sorry for the expletive.
  9. I would agree that the chair of most interest to me would be the Lake Quad as well, for it's history, and where they are from. I can remove the hanger that I won't particularly need, as for the others I would have to cut them. I like the Doppelmayr style of chair, and the Quad Chair would go well with the Doppelmayr Double chair I picked up this past weekend for my back deck. I have to redo the lattes on the back and the seat, along with a good clean up. Need to build a frame to attach it to.
  10. Next weekend May 25th, there will be another opportunity to posses some Owl's Head history. They will be selling off chairs from the Panorama Double, the original Orange (Lake Chair), Baby Chair, and the Lake Quad. Yes there is a very limited supply of some leftover Green Chairs. First come first served. I would get there early for the best selection! Visit their Facebook page for more details and pricing.
  11. I had been following this story since 2014 or so when it was first announced and the plan then was to open at full build out, but that would be a monumental task to have it all ready for one grand opening. I haven't heard the updated plan yet. I always thought that they should reopen the existing mountain first to get people to come back to the region and expand the trails and lifts year by year afterwards.
  12. Here is a little update on the Balsams Project. Looks like they are now shooting for a 2020-21 reopening as per some news from the New England Ski Industry site. https://www.newenglandskiindustry.com/viewstory.php?storyid=765&fbclid=IwAR0qyq7fEDk9WQVerix5TWECj4zD6PlMSitL-Ly3L6SPTbKg0k0WCCYZV_M
  13. What a difference a week makes! I was skiing La Plagne, 71, and 72 with pretty much full coverage. Sure melts fast at this time of year. The top of the Nordique looks good, but the bottom looked a bit slushy, and I bet now it's pretty much done.
  14. That is pretty serious if it ever gets that far in legal proceedings. I hope it doesn't get to that point, and if it does there could well be a declaration of bankruptcy if the case against them gets large enough. It's still a long ways off but things can happen quickly.
  15. @Shane Only the chairs off the lift line has been done. The lower station is still in tact. I would think that if there isn't any major rain this week, you could get another weekend or possibly 2. There are no bare patches yet on La Plagne. I think Cote 71 may go first though as there was one area that it's starting to get narrower. If the weather holds up, they should get May 20th on the 70 glacier.
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