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  1. We didn't get anywhere near that! Last check with my buddy at Orford yesterday was 15cms with high winds where only Giroux N and the new Alfred Desrochers Quads were running. The Hybride was closed due to high wind. We actually had some sunny breaks during the day so this storm pretty much went around us.......as usual.
  2. With the work nearing completion on the new Alfred Desrochers Quad Chair, I have found a series of photos with the original Double Chair in place, along with photos of the tear down, and the installation of the Quad. The First photo of the Double Chair I had taken from a couple of years ago. The rest would be from the start of the tear down this past June/July (photos I had not taken myself) to the latest photo taken this past Friday while skiing. Here's a photo timeline of the work. The Alfred Desrochers Double Chair. Photo taken a couple of years ago. The start of the tear down this past June 2021. The upper section of the New Alfred Desrochers Quad from this fall 2021. Photo of the bottom terminal taken December 10, 2021 Once completed and operating, this chair should elevate some of the line up from the GIroux North Quad and the Hybride, as there will be more uphill capacity now with the new quad from when the double chair was in service. This is a very nice sector to ski with a nice variety of trails to choose from.
  3. Not yet. I'm hoping to head out to Orford for this coming Friday the 10th, just have to get approval for the day off. Both pairs of skis are at the shop and I should be getting them back soon.
  4. Orford is opening Friday December 3rd for the weekend only, Giroux North with 1 trail Familiale, and the Pente d'Ecole Owl's Head opens for Thursday December 9th for the weekend only. Main Quad, Lilliy's Leap, Porc-Epic, Bambi Crossing, and Petit Allée. These trails are connected together to make 1 route from top to bottom. Bromont opens for Passholders only Friday December 3rd, Versant du Village, Brome trail only. No Apex Card, L'Est Go or Passe-Partout Tickets are accepted. Sutton would be opening the following weekend the 11th.
  5. Nice photo! I have a series of pics from a friend of mine that they had sent me from the beginning of this project up until now. From my understanding the chair is to be ready for the start of the season. I'll be riding this chair quite a bit hopefully this winter. Dopplemayr Eco Drive Gen II from what I had heard.
  6. Usually by that time of season most areas are pretty close to being fully opened. Owl's Head, Bromont, Orford, and Sutton have greatly invested and improved their snowmaking capabilities over the last few seasons, and it has shown in the improvement in the quality of snow being made. Conditions are normally excellent and the trails that have snowmaking would be well covered and groomed every night. With the glades, it would take a good 2 or 3 good snowstorms for them the be opened. When they are, and there had been a dump the night before, it can get busy at Mont Sutton. They are well known for glade skiing. Historically in the past the mountains are usually well covered with snow, but you still may have to be careful on the natural snow only trails. If you are planning a trip at that time, it's always a good idea to keep your eye on the weather reports along with the daily ski conditions on the area you may want to visit. Safe skiing!
  7. I am hoping it will be soon! It was a very late start for me last season, December 24th was the first day. The past few years before were either late October at Sauveur or early November at Gleason, or Orford. There is a chill in there air at night but doesn't seem to be enough to get the guns going full tilt. Bromont last weekend was a bit white but with the warmth it probably has since melted, or close to it. Here's a photo taken last Saturday of Bromont. Looks like a test run though.
  8. While I was out in the area having lunch at the Brasserie Lac Brompton recently, I had the opportunity to pass by the abandoned ski area named Indian Valley. This area was operated by the Auberge Lac Brompton from the early 1960's until it's closure in 1978 or 1979. It was a small ski area with six trails and one t-bar. The t-bar is still partially standing, the chalet snack-bar is now a private residence. Not much is remaining of this ski hill as it has long since grown in, and it is being developed residentially. I have visited this area many times since I discovered it back in 2014, and watched how quickly it has been taken over by nature, and by the private homes that have been built since. The following photos are from the summit of the mountain taken in early October of 2021. You can drive up the road to the summit to find the spot.
  9. I had read that Mount St Louis Moonstone was going to require proof of vaccination unless they had changed their directive since. That was a few days ago that I had seen this. It's excellent for the Ontario hills to get back to full operation after what happened to them last season. From what I have read on social media here in Quebec, there are a lot of peeved people who have directed their comments towards the mountains as if it was their decision to apply these restrictions, where it was the Quebec Government that imposed the rules where the ASSQ has to relay them to the ski areas to follow. Not 100% sure about what is happening in New Brunswick yet other than what Mont Farlagne has announced. They are requiring proof of vaccination. Haven't heard what Sugarloaf Provincial Park, Mount Poley, or Crabbe Mountain are doing.
  10. As announced today, the ASSQ has released the protocols for the upcoming ski season. It has been confirmed that you are required to provide proof of vaccination for anyone over the age of 13 to ride the lifts at Quebec ski areas. This is to accommodate 100% capacity for lifts, as opposed to last year's 50% lift capacity. Face coverings are also recommended in line and on lifts. 1 metre distancing required while waiting in line. Passports are also required for restaurants, bars, and lunch spaces. I have seen notices from a few mountains for non vaccinated pass holders to either differ their pass to the 2022-23 season or request a refund for your pass. Emails from your respective mountain from where you have purchased your pass should be sent out shortly on how to validate your pass with your proof of vaccination for the upcoming ski season. It is recommended if you are to visit any mountain in Quebec, refer to the mountain's website for additional information on protocols, and for purchasing lift tickets. Know before you go! As always these measures could change at any time.
  11. Seems like the sign of the times where the old school lift ticket with wicket will be the thing of the past. Mont Sutton has announced that they are going RFID as well for this upcoming season.
  12. Here is an update from Mont Farlagne in Edmunston, NB regarding their Covid protocols for the upcoming season that they had just posted on their Facebook page today. They will be requiring proof of vaccination on site, along with masks being mandatory, and other details for them to be open for the season to keep operational. Obviously this can change in a heartbeat if necessary. I am hoping to get there this winter to cover them, and to share the experience. For updates, please visit their website: https://www.montfarlagne.com
  13. I know it's a bit early for this, however I have come across a couple of items that might indicate that we are headed into another ski season with restrictions like we had last year. Obviously these plans may change depending on the situation. Mont Gleason has announced that they are reducing capacity for lifts: Double chair, one person alone riding or paired with another member of the same family. Quad chair would be two riding with one at each end of the chair, or again members of the same family riding together. They have also mentioned that daily tickets must be purchased online before heading out to the mountain, and limited number of daily tickets. In addition to this season, you will be required to provide your proof of vaccination to enter the Wiski Bar in the main chalet, and to enter the summit chalet. This is something we did not have last season. Mont Gleason will not be operating their quad chair this fall for the colours, as Hydro Quebec is installing the electricity to the new service building. Here is the link to Mont Gleason's Webpage for further details: https://www.montgleason.ca/guide-sanitaire-2021-2022/ The ASSQ (Association des Stations de Ski de Quebec), has posted an update for fall events that mirror last winter's restrictions. Riding the lifts for fall colours will mimic the same procedures from the winter before, Double chair, triple chair = 1 person, or members of the same family can ride together. Quad chair = 2 people sitting at either end of the chair, again members of the same family can ride together, and for six packs = 3 per chair, one at each end and on person in the middle. Gondolas are 2 people, one on each bench but at opposite corners, or members of the same family together. Bars and Terraces will require proof of vaccination, and they will also be registering names of any visitor who enters on a list. The ASSQ posted this as an update for fall festivities at the moment, but maybe extended into the winter season. That is to be determined later if this will apply for the 2021-22 ski season. Here's the link to the document posted by the ASSQ (In French at the moment): https://maneige.ski/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/consignes-sanitaires-pour-visiter-une-station-de-ski-automne-2021.pdf consignes-sanitaires-pour-visiter-une-station-de-ski-automne-2021.pdf Stay safe everyone!
  14. The news from Mont Orford today was the announcement of the replacement of the aging Alfred Desrochers double chairlift with a new Dopplemayr fixed grip quad chair with loading carpet. With this investment of about $4,5 million, it will increase the loading capacity of about 60%. With the installation of this new quad chair, it will relieve the Giroux North quad of traffic as there are some beginner trails to be found on the Alfred Desrochers face, and to improve the circulation of skiers. The lift is scheduled to be ready for the 2021-22 season, and is supposed to operate during the week. The double chair was originally inaugurated back in 1965, and was manufactured by Samson. Below is a link to Mont Orford's web page for additional details. https://montorford.com/fr-ca/hiver/nouvelle-remontee-alfred-desrochers?fbclid=IwAR0F4pauIf0joVGT09Zdy-bXn4V9yPJUFFSlto6WdWGHgye0Pp5wElbOw38
  15. That's great news to hear. The mountain owners were getting quite anxious about the topic of whether or not they were going to be allowed to reopen at all for the reminder of the season. Doesn't make up for the loss in revenues, but at least they can get going again. Happy to see them getting the green light.
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