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  1. Good news! Gatineau moves to Orange next week and curfew shifts to 9:30, so skiing will be open until 8pm at Camp Fortune. No word from Edelweiss yet. @Gordo go get it!
  2. Hey guys big storm happening! Hopefully all snow and not sleet and rain! Where is everybody skiing Tuesday?
  3. @Shane yup and I think it is Feb 19th. Ford has said this is about people travelling (primarily from the GTA to local mountains), so I doubt we will see a reopening even with pressure from the industry. Meanwhile things seem to be doing ok in QC, although I have seen a couple of reports of authorities warning if resorts don't get tailgating in the parking lot under control, that it could put skiing at risk for closure. I guess we'll see! I am a bit slack on my trip reports lately but have since visited Edelweiss, Olympia and Mont Rigaud, all have great safety standards and at the day/times I w
  4. @Paul over here, we bought a beautiful mangowood bar several years back, we call it The Gatling (or, Le Gatling to conform to language laws here, lol). I'll post a pic later. We always keep it full of our staples, but our gin and rum collection has gotten a bit out of hand. I try to keep shopping trips limited so find myself coming out of the SAQ with boxes of various wine, spirits, and especially sake (there is an entire sake section in our bar fridge - we both order out and make a lot of our own izakaya recipes). For Scott's birthday in April I got a infused gin making kit and we have bottle
  5. @Gordo I'll be at Edelweiss for the last hour of the day tonight, possibly a bit earlier. Need to help my dad move a heavy object upstairs in advance of his back surgery! I am also picking up my x-country skis just in case of anymore unexpected changes.
  6. HOORAY! From today's announcement, it sounds like skiing will be allowed to continue, however team/race activities will no longer be permitted (and lessons are already not permitted in red zones). Aside from the ridiculous new curfew which will, for one thing, make my local grocery store that typically closes by 11PM a lot more rammed full of people due to reduced hours, not much is changing in this lockdown. Curbside delivery is allowed again (which means more people back at retail and warehousing work), manufacturing and schools remain open - both are an important source of infections.
  7. @Shane @Gordo yeah I plan to spend the next four days whooshing my days away. I need to make a quick trip to Ottawa to help my dad move a heavy object upstairs (cause he's having back surgery in a week, corona permitting, and no chance I'd let him move it himself!). Plan is to stop at Mont Rigaud on the way there or back, and also pick up my x-country skis so at least I can do some slow whooshing in park Mont-Royal. I haven't decided yet if the headline is draconian or not. A small edit appeared to note that "essential" businesses would be allowed to operate, currently ski operations are
  8. Cheers to you to @Paul! I also slacked on Dec 31st, we had just arrived back home with the cats and spent most of the day unpacking and relaxing before diving into our multi-hour fondue experience. I also got a few more turns in last night, the line was just slightly busier and conditions were even better! I just took it easy and stuck to Red Bird, but there was no ice to be found and just a few bumps, I'm sure the runs under the Flèche d'argent lift were a bit more rugged. Planning to head up tonight as well, for some runs sometime between 8-10pm. As many are returning to work tomorrow, I'm h
  9. Update: Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has opinions. My opinion is that he needs to support the ski industry and work with the Gatineau mayor to acknowledge the NCR as one big city (much like GMA or GTA), and increase covid safety collaboration. Says Jim: "I think it's just good common sense. I recognize they wait a long time to use those new skies and get out on the ski hill, and they buy their ski pass so they have a lot invested, but obviously, if I was still skiing I would wait and hold off." umm yeah. That's not how that should work. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/ottawa-s-mayor-urges-skier
  10. Finally, 2021 has arrived! After having spent NYE enjoying a three course fondue and celebratory drinks, I spent most of the day relaxing at home with plans to catch the last few runs of the day. We enjoyed a late afternoon brunch (or perhaps it was more of a "linner") of mimosas, eggs benedict, bacon, fresh fruit and yogurt to get the evening started out right, and then I got ready to head to the mountain. I knew I'd only have time for a few short runs, which was fine by me after having spent December intentionally staying home as much as possible. I planned to ease gently into the new y
  11. Update: Ontario will be meeting with ski resort operators this week (today?) to discuss. Unclear what potential outcomes might be. I love how CBC delivers shade in the byline, calling out Ontario for being the only geography to close skiing. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/ontario-alpine-ski-meeting-1.5856801
  12. @Gordo <extreme eyeroll>. It is silly to tell Ottawa people to not go to Gatineau when the whole region is basically one big city with two governing bodies. Like as if I'm not going to go for a twenty-five minute drive to Camp Fortune when I'm in Orleans, geez. Although I didn't today, due to the weather seeming a little unpleasant. I am not a proponent of the regional barriers (except when it comes to northern and remote communities) but if they expect people to not cross the provincial boundary to ski then they are kind of out to lunch with their thinking. The only guidance that w
  13. Great assessment @Paul - I'm interested in seeing how the flow shifts through the skison and how each resort's covid capacity looks when full!
  14. Looks like it was a perfect morning to break in the new season! It doesn't look *crazy* busy, would you say it was at covid capacity or still lots of room for more people? What is the approximate longest amount of time you had to wait in a lift line?
  15. oh, that's great that they are switching back to two per quad. It seems ridiculous to allow two unrelated people in an enclosed gondola but not on a quad. #science
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