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  1. @Shane if you saw the long video with the dude trapped in there for two minutes, he dangles motionless after the chair starts moving again, and it is speculated that he passed out. Of the injuries sent to hospital apparently no one died so, sounds like no heart attack for that dude thankfully. Absolutely horrifying.
  2. Also fingers x'd the power doesn't go out at Fortune, MSS, or my backup plan Rigaud!
  3. Up to 40cm now for Ottawa and pre-emtively put in for time off due to a severe case of la skinusite! I'll be in Laurentians which is supposed to come in second at up to 35cm. I have not been out much yet this year so hopefully I don't get immediately clobbered.
  4. So, the ASSQ basically changed nothing except for respecting the bar closures and restaurant capacity limits imposed in the province. Not sure why masks are still just "recommended" at this point and not mandatory at the least in the lift lines.
  5. Yes, the maintenance was planned and there was advance notice, glad to see it up and running again, it's the best lift for the shortest lines!
  6. Maaaaybe this weekend for MSS?!?!?! Temps are good for snowmaking, but watch out for risk of rain!!
  7. Wondering if anyone has heard anything about Pakenham and Calabogie?
  8. Sure wish there was. Now that Club Med is at le Massif they appear to have opted out of most partner-deals (such as the Passe-Partout) so you can expect to pay a pretty penny to ski there, with best prices being midweek. As for Stoneham and MSA, I believe they are participating in Passe Partout which offers up to 5 discounts (30% x 2 and 25% x 3) for all 73 mountains in the ASSQ, although there are some blackout dates and you have to also buy those in advance but if your plans are firm you should be fine. https://boutique.maneige.ski/produits/ski-passe-partout
  9. @Gordo MSS told me last year they sold 50% and this year they sold 40% cutting sales early to reduce crowding. Of course now VaxiCode is mandatory so maybe we can expect the 9% of Quebecers who didn't get vaxxed to defer or get their pass refunded, plus a handful of those who are vaxxed but don't agree with presenting proof of vax. Also now that Legault is allowing them to fully load chairlifts, we can expect them to reopen pass sales at least for a limited time, which is what both MSS and Bromont announced today.
  10. Very nice but whyyyyyyyyyyy can't we have lights and night skiing on Meech!
  11. Also I find the price increase pretty modest honestly. Their rates have always been so affordable and the slight bump in access fees will surely help them recoup costs lost in 2020. That said Les Sommets has also bumped their price, and elimintated the Option Nord-Est, had I known that I would have bought in the spring.
  12. GRRRRR I was really fond of the last hour of the day option on Skyline, especially because of never having to wait in line, and the fact they close the lift closer to 10pm, where at Edelweiss (which was even closed on Tuesdays last year!) the slow moving chair closes at 9:45pm sharp!
  13. @Shane well there are all kinds of delays in the supply chain for construction materials. My in-laws moved into a brand new building and for instance they didn't have a garage door the first few weeks, and there are other things not yet finished.
  14. In a post on their fb page, Les Sommets commented that their lift ticket was sold at 50% capacity last year and this year will be sold at 40% to help reduce crowding at peak periods. However, I wonder if this now opens them the opportunity to reap more from ticket sales (and thus there will be no real change to the crowding at peak periods).
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