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  1. My legs are so not ready for this !!
  2. @Gordo fingers x'd for a light day at work for me tomorrow. Nice one taking Friday off!
  3. I'm actually sad I missed this, I heard Ottawa got 22cm! Maybe my friend exaggerated though. I got ready to go to St-Sauveur for a night ski and went across the street for a snack of tamales, by the time I finished I'd decided to just take the night off instead. I kinda regret it! I don't think they got as much as Fortune but still could have been a nice time.
  4. @Gordo it was delicious, although mine was cold since they had just closed and only had three left. They close at about 2PM, so always good to hit it early. When are you heading to Tremblant? Trying to decide if that's in the cards for me on Saturday. I want to go back to Killington but am not sure if I'm feeling three hours in the car in a storm. This weekend predicts that Charlevoix will be the place to go, with le Massif, Mont Saint-Anne and Stoneham anticipating 25-50 cm in an epic storm (best case scenario). Killington and Jay Peak anticipate 6-10 inches (15-25 cm), same as Tremblant and Saint-Sauveur. More than likely I'll just be at Saint-Sauveur, I don't do well in powder anyways. Bromont and the townships might get some snow but they are definitely getting rain first. Ski l'Est has a great breakdown of the forecast! I was going to go to Bromont tonight but think I might stay in since work kept me too busy today to leave before 3PM.
  5. Wow beautiful views, and really cool to see Jay Peak in the distance! I ended up going to St-Sauveur on the 7th, and took the day off on the 8th and went out for dinner instead
  6. Also: I'm determined to get my mid-mountain bratwurst this time!
  7. @Shane consider taking advantage of Camp Fortune's Skyline last hour of the day ticket for $17, if you start right at 9 and you are really fast you can get 7 runs in. Sometimes a nice quick trip is great! I aborted plans to go to Jay Peak and then alternate Mont Blanc on Sunday, due to driving conditions. I went instead to Saint-Sauveur and was treated to a 20cm dump with no lift lines. Where was everybody?! I don't know but I can't complain. Monday was also great! This weekend I'm at Killington Fri-Mon, "light rain" be damned. Le Massif would be a better choice, but Killington has a few friends up from NY so there's that.
  8. @Gordo I'll let you know if I head there! Forecast says Jay Peak is looking good for Sunday but it's daylight savings this weekend so we'll see how early I start functioning! Also Nuit Blanche @ Bromont Saturday. If I'm in Ottawa Chilly would be reasonable for sure!
  9. Spotted in Bloomberg, a great discussion on these two passes! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-03-01/epic-vs-ikon-battle-for-the-best-ski-pass
  10. @Gordo not sure I'll get to Ottawa area this weekend but you never know! I'll keep you posted if i can head in that direction myself.
  11. Mont Chilly is open Thursday March 7th, my birthday! Dunno if I'm down for all those hours in the car that day though (I'm back in Mtl at the moment).
  12. @Gordo that would make sense....I feel like as a child one was running when the other wasn't....I could be making it up in my head though! An old trail map would shed some light no doubt.
  13. @Paul Thursday is my birthday! Not sure if day skiing is in the cards but it could happen! If I were in Ottawa that day Mont Chilly is open on the 7th as well! Decisions, decisions...
  14. @Paul it was a double? I always thought it was a Poma lift for some reason or maybe it was long before my time?
  15. haha I fell off that triple as a child when the third person who got on with dad and I sat down after us and bounced me off! Thankfully it was a fluffy powder day and I was smart enough to keep my head down! I wasn’t hurt and the lifties put me on the next chair up but my arms were too short to pull the bar down. A bit of a freaky ride but it all ended well. Nothing quite as dramatic as the Grouse Drop!
  16. Amazing teamwork and quick thinking to make a safety net out of snow fence!! https://globalnews.ca/news/5009795/grouse-mountain-chairlift-rescue-video/?fbclid=IwAR0rlUCFRntu8bkWtX2c4kC8fGiw9xgjPo0aWySO1O-_6_OaI3afrLuFAdQ
  17. I love winding trails! Glad you were able to make it back there, looks like great conditions on a a really nice day!
  18. @Tommy Pic awesome! And yeah, I maybe got taken down DNF once with a hotshot ski instructor back in the day, but I remember more we would do Shotgun and get to that one super steep pitch and it would be sheet ice. I remember just edging down the edge of the trail. Although there were at least a few times I did it on my own. Last time would have been 8th grade so maybe 1991? I actually have not been on Shotgun in the recent years I've been back to Edelweiss because it's closed at night. I'm wondering if I'd still be freaked out by the pitch, I find even Streif is slightly terrifying on that one section lol.
  19. @Gordo definitely! Or Edelweiss. I won't be in Ottawa as much but I will be here for a consult and probably physio on my knee at some point, and am aiming for Tuesdays since I don't have a pass at Fortune. With what I've spent so far, I'm still under the amount I would have spent on a pass but definitely catching up!
  20. Oh yay you went! On Tuesday night it was also well groomed but I expect much crunchier. Edelweiss the next night was still pretty slick with thin coverage but by Thursday was much more like what you describe here. Hoping for one more trip to Camp Fortune in the coming weeks!
  21. haha good one. I still have my skis from the 90s but even back then I did not do so well with them on DNF lol
  22. ooooh so brutal. I went out Tuesday night and even skiing only for 1.5 hours had to spend a significant amount of time in the Skyline lodge to warm up! I grabbed a hot chocolate for the lift even.
  23. Last night I learned that the Last Hour ticket is a Skyline thing. The guy at the main lodge had never heard of it in six years he was there. The Skyline staff also told me it doesn’t always appear in their system but I haven’t had any issues buying it yet!
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