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Found 7 results

  1. From the newsletter: Join us this Friday December 11th-Sunday December 13th for a soft opening of our ski operations! Available During Soft Open: Open for skiing & snowboarding 9am-4pm Friday-Sunday. Lift Tickets: $26.55+hst for a full day, all ages. The Rental Shop is open for daily and seasonal rental fittings. Locker room is open for renters to use. Food & Beverage available from Mountain Cat Cafeteria and Canthooks Restaurant. Lodge is open with limited capacity for bathroom facilities. Please check our Trail Status for the most u
  2. From the Calabogie Newsletter: Up and at ‘em snow lovers – the mountain is open Saturday and Sunday. $25 tickets Lifts are on 9AM to 4PM. Our mountain ops team has O’Brien’s and Shantyman open from top to bottom along with the beginner bowl. Shake off the summer sand and get the winter vibe at The Peaks, the big mountain close to home. From the MSM newsletter: We are Open this Saturday and Sunday from 9-4pm We will be opening this weekend Saturday and Sunday from 9-4pm with the Vanier Chairlift. Mont Ste-Marie has had substantial natural snow combined with snowm
  3. With a good 10cms of fresh snow on the ground and steady snow falling, we decided a trip to Calabogie Peaks was in order. I usually get up there at least once a season but every time I’ve gone it’s been firm hardpack conditions and a little icy. Today was the opposite. Soft groomers, stashes of powder, glade action and lots a nice off trail features. For the first time we could play in the Lake Glades which had lots of nice natural features to jump off. Exhibition was also totally skiable and filled with untracked powder. In fact, if you were willing to go a little off the main trails lo
  4. Heading outside at 8:55am, I made my way to the Lakeview quad to start my day. Upon first glance, the trails were all nicely groomed and the snow is impeccable. I line up and make it to be on the first chair up the mountain. Mission accomplished! While heading up the mountain, I look in the direction of Black Donald, my first destination, and the big reason for coming today. For those not familiar with Calabogie, this trail has the best views of the Calabogie Lake in the distance. For almost half of the descent, you get stunning views, especially during the section leading in at the summi
  5. I finally made it out to Calabogie Peaks for the first timer this year. We had a bluebird Sunday with almost no wind. The mountain has a lot less snow then Mont Ste-Marie but the machine groomed granular was holding out well enough. You had to pretty much stick to the groomers though as anything else was pretty much glare ice or exposed rock! The area needs snow and it looks like they have been making some but no snow guns were running on Sunday. Finnegan, Whistlin Paddy and Black Donald were in the best shape, great long cruisers with nice fall lines. The extra vertical on the runs does
  6. If I were to describe the ski conditions I experienced this day at Calabogie Peaks I would use one word... pristine (adjective) in its original condition; unspoiled. clean and fresh as if new; spotless. From this, you can gather that the snow was in impeccable condition. Calabogie Peaks has done everything to maximize on this fact, from the perfect snow grooming to just the quality of the snow everywhere on the mountain. My standout trail was O'Brien's Fancy, a nice intermediate speed trail, with plenty of drops and dips. Needless to say, I lapped it quite a bit.
  7. Sunday was my second outing to this season to Calabogie and I was surprised how much impact last weeks rains had on the hill. Ice may have formed on Calabogie lake but the snow coverage was significantly less on the mountain than my last visit Jan. 23rd. This was evident as I took the Solar Quad up the hill and looked at sections of Barrett Chute and Face of Tiger. Much of the accumulated snow on Barrett Chute had disappeared and there were exposed sections at the top of Face of Tiger. Morning conditions on runs such as High Falls, Shantyman, Causeway and Finnegans were good with groomed gr
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