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  1. Wow, a sleeper powder day! What a way to end a workday. The snow started coming down heavy in Gatineau around noon and didn't stop. By the time I got to the Skyline parking lot, there were 10cms already on the ground. This would be the best day of the season so far. Loads of fresh stuff, almost no lines and creamy turns. Goggles were a must and I fought off some fogging issues. The temperature was around zero and the snow was a little wet but not overly heavy. I had no problem sailing through mashed-up powder. Heggtveit was my first run and how nice it was. If you arrive around 4ish hit Hegg first before they close it for the night. Every run on Skyline was perfect. Later we poled our way to the Valley side. So much untouched powder but then the power went out! I feared I would be stuck in the valley with my car on Skyline. After about 10 minutes they got the lifts going again but the trail lights were still off. We arrived at the top of Slalom in darkness. I feared the power on the lifts might not hold so we skied Slalom in the dark and jumped on the lift to get us back to Skyline. The lights came back on and everything went smoothly for the rest of the night. The last run was Canadian and we skied right to the car. What a blast, February has really redeemed this season. Enjoy the snow, the total was around 20cms.
  2. Friday morning at Camp Fortune was a great way to end the week. The snow was coming down hard layering the perfectly groomed runs with 2-4cms of fresh stuff. Even a couple of centimeters has a great physiological effect on your skiing! Once again Camp Fortune has done an amazing job dealing with a very odd season plus low snowfall. All the main runs are open on all three sides of the resort. Only the glades and natural snow runs wait for a couple more snowfalls. I spent most of my time on Skyline and all the runs felt great. There was little crust under the new snow but nothing a well-tuned ski couldn't handle. Which reminds me I've been lazy this year and still need to wax! The valley side seemed to have more natural snow and Slalom seemed almost untouched. I was expecting big line ups but the place was almost empty. I've been skiing a lot of nights and from 2-4pm it's pretty quiet but then the lines form and it can get kind of insane. Of course, a 7pm close because of the ongoing COVID curfew doesn't help. Let's hope things change soon as the cases go down. All in all, it was a great morning and I totally recommend getting some fresh air on the slopes at your local ski hill. I'll be back soon. Have they cut down all the bush near the road? The view is a lot better. Top of Slalom in the valley. Clifford Looking down Heggtveit Canadian on Skyline Bottom section of Heggtveit
  3. I rolled into Camp Fortune around 8:45am on a snowy Sunday. This was my first day of the season and probably my latest start in years. Warm weather in November, little or no snow in December and COVID haven't helped! I was directed to the main parking lot in the valley. Then after suiting up in the parking lot you are screened at a makeshift gate. Have you been out of the country? Are you feeling ill? Have you been around anyone with COVID? etc... After getting passed that it was time to ski. Fortune only had Pineault, Marshall and one of the magic carpets open. The lifts spun just before 9am and the first 4-5 runs were great. The manmade snow was well groomed and the natural snow was now falling harder. Considering what Fortune has had to work with you can't complain that much. By 10am though it was getting busy. Unless you are family or from the same household you have to ride the chair lift as a single. Ski team groups which are still running? were slowing things down majorly. All those teens had to have a chair to their self. Maybe things will get better when there is more terrain open but Fortune only has three chairs in the valley. Two quads and an old triple. All three were running. Skyline is supposed to open On Dec. 23rd with Sparks, Skyway and Bud Clark. Well it was nice to get on skis again. Lets pray for more snow, less COVID cases and Fortune to survive this season in one piece. A new chip wagon! The lineup starts. Pineault Clifford needs some snow. Marshall, first run.
  4. Well we didn't quite get the snowmageddon that was hyped but the skiing at Camp Fortune was great regardless. 10cms of wet snow had fallen over night and it would snow heavy all morning bringing the total to close to 25cms by midday. The drive was not great as highway 5 was like a cart track but it was worth the trek. With temperatures around zero the fresh snow was heavy but you can't complain. I managed to get fresh lines for a few runs on Heggtveit and Craigsmarc before moving to Meech and getting the first run after the Ski Patrol on the La Cache glade. After several powder filled runs on the Meech side I moved to the valley. The valley was quiet with the trick park closed off as well as Allen's Ally for a race. Slalom and Duffy had loads of fresh snow though. Back on Skyline things were clumping up fast but my legs were pretty much done by noon anyway. On a sad note just after lunch Fortune had to close because of power issues. Yesterday they were closed for a few hours in the morning because of a power outage. Hydro may be cheap in Quebec but it sure its isn't reliable. Craigsmarc was a winter wonderland of fresh lines. First tracks on La Cache Slalom was so smeary Top of Duffy Skyline at noon. Lots of space for all.
  5. Here's a cool archival film that Camp Fortune found at Library and Archives Canada. Skiing around Ottawa in 1926. Seems so civilized that people would take the train to the ski hill.
  6. 17cms of blower came in sideways Saturday night. The result was fantastic skiing Sunday at Camp Fortune. We managed to dig out and make it to the Skyline before 9am. Camp Fortune had groomed on Saturday night so there was nice layer of light powder on top a firm base. Conditions of course were excellent. Smooth and smeary. After a bunch of runs on Skyline we skated over to the valley and then hit the runs on Meech at 10ish. The new glade was open off Paradis called La Cache Sous-Bois. The glade runs from the right side of Paradis down and under the lift exiting on North America. The run has a great pitch after the initial flat entrance with two main lines, one steeper and exiting father up the hill. We spent most the morning on La Cache before heading back to Skyline. The runs in the valley were also perfect but the place started to get busy with ski schools around 11am. In fact the entire parking lot in the valley looked full by noon. Skyline still had lots of spots though. Heggtveit is still not open but the amount of snow that Fortune is blowing on it is pretty impressive. I suspect it will be open very soon. This is peak winter so get out and enjoy it! Nice bump run on Clifford. Top of La Cache Marshall The cross over spot on La Cache. La Cache from the Meech lift.
  7. The new year at Camp Fortune rolled in with 25cms of snow over 24hrs. Fortune must have groomed after the snowfall as everything was perfect corduroy. Skyline is open with Bud Clark, Canadian, Chute , and Sparks. Heggtveit was getting setup for snowmaking once the temperatures drop. The ropes have not dropped yet on Swan Dive or the glades, maybe after another good snow fall. Conditions were great and the lines were small. I managed to get second chair after waiting with a small line of early risers. Every trail in the Valley is open with the exception of the T-bar runs. The Meech lift runs were also open. The temperatures were hovering around zero and light snow began to fall around 10am. Lots of snow on the crossover trail of Humdinger as Fortune made/pushed snow across the trail this year. Overall a great start to the new year.
  8. Quick update on conditions at Camp Fortune. Saturday was grim, cold rain all day but as the sun went down we had a switch over. The snow started around 6pm in Chelsea and 8pm in Ottawa. The result 12cms at Camp Fortune! Instant winter wonderland with the sticky stuff clinging to trees and chair lifts. Note to self I need better ski pants. Anyway Fortune had 5 runs open in the Valley on Sunday. The conditions were good on Marshall and Clifford, hard packed groomers with some fresh on top. Pineault had lots of park rails and jumps setup but the wind was blowing unpleasantly uphill. Now that the cold weather is back Slalom and Skyline should be open by the weekend. Slalom has loads of snow whales all over it. Skyline is pretty much ready with Canadian, Sparks and Bud Clark already groomed. A couple more snowfalls and the place should be hopping for Christmas break. Enjoy.
  9. Opening day at Camp Fortune was a crisp (-12c) bluebird day. This is the 100th season! and people are pumped. Two runs, Pineault and Allen's Ally were open and the conditions were great. The trails are covered in perfect machine made corduroy with about 20cms of natural snow along the edges. There are also a few rails and small jumps setup for the park kids. I arrived a little after 9 missing first chair. I stayed for a few hours and got a bunch of runs in before the place started to get busy. People are very eager. A great first day to a very early start. Snowmaking has moved to Clifford and hopefully by next weekend both Clifford and Marshall may be open. I bought some swag!
  10. Yes Camp Fortune is closed for the season but there is still loads of snow on the hills even after the rainfest of the last couple days. Since I missed the last official weekend I figured I better get my fix. Taking my snowshoe skis which have a built in skin under foot I climbed Sparks on the Skyline line side. The main runs still have plenty of snow and even the north facing glades are skiable. I skinned to the top of Pineault then went down Paradis on the Meech side. A quarter of the way down I ducked into the new but unnamed glade that feeds down under the lift and onto North American. The trees were skiable and the snow was soft though there was loads of debris. I then climbed up North American back up to Sparks via the Meech Crossing. The final run was a quick blast down Sparks. Thanks for a great season and remember to buy your Fortune season pass before the end of the month. See you next year! Lots of streams in the woods. Sparks on the way up. North facing woods. South facing woods. Top of Pineault. Top of Meech. Paradis Entrance to the glade off Paradis. Under the Meech Lift. All done.
  11. Wow bonus powder day. I went up to Fortune right after work and it was snowing a little. By 4pm though it was a white out and would snow heavy for over three hours dropping 10cms. Every run was refreshed. We may be at peak snow pack. This may have been my best night ski in a long while. Conditions we perfect, everything was open and zero crowds. Hero snow, enough said. You better have googles. Hegg was open till 7pm Tree paths/runs between Sparks and Bud Clark Top of Heggtveit This may have been a mistake. Chilly Poutine! Killer night
  12. Another beautiful day at Camp Fortune. Full sun, zero wind and a temperature around -5c. Conditions are loose granular over a hard base. Fortune has done a great job of dealing with the rain then flash freeze of last Sunday. The groomers are fast and smooth. By the afternoon some on the steeper runs on Skyline were getting scrapped down to the base but the Valley and the Meech trails were still very natural and softish. The non-groomed runs and glades are still closed and the snow is cement like. We either need a warm up or more snow, lets hope for both. The next two weeks will be perfect for March break though as the snow pack is still impressive. Ski on!
  13. Well, all the snow from the storm last Tuesday/Wednesday has held up great at Camp Fortune. The conditions are killer with nicely groomed snow, perfect for high angle carving at high speed. We arrived in time to get a bunch of runs on Heggtviet and Duffy before the sun went down just before 6. The bumps and cliff drops on Duffy were super fun. Hegg you could just rail on. Swan Dive was a little more of a technical ski as the bumps were huge and rather unforgiving. Pretty much all the other groomed trails were in excellent shape with the exception Bud Clark which was getting a little scrapped down to the base at the top section. Overall another great night of skiing with a full moon adding to the ambiance. Oh and the Boreale IPA du Nord-Est at the bar is super tasty. Swan Dive. Duffy in the sun.
  14. After the Edelweiss ice skating experience the previous evening and following the day's snow and rain, I was looking forward to hitting the hill with a bit more success on this evening. I packed up the car and headed out to Edelweiss. Once I got to the end of the 50 it took me a few moments to realize how dark it seemed. I mean, it's pretty desolate out there but this was dark, and the traffic lights were blinking. Sure enough I got to Edelweiss to discover the Hydro Quebec outage affecting Cantley, including Edelweiss, Vorlage and probably Cascades (I couldn't get through to them on the phone). One of the school trip chaperones told me the power went out about 7:30 and people were stuck on the lift, but the generator kicked in, getting them to the top of the mountain, and they were all escorted down by ski patrol without issue. Which is pretty great because it was black as pitch out there! I had a feeling it was a region-wide issue so I called the other local mountains to see who was open and Camp Fortune did not disappoint! It was already pretty late by the time I arrived at Edelweiss, due to the weather and resulting slow drive, so I figured I'd have just about an hour to ski, $40 ticket be damned. I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at Skyline and learn that Camp Fortune offers a unicorn of a Last Hour Ticket for $17.99! I got there about about 8:50 so the timing was right. I got the ticket, got ready and got on the lift just past 9. I had exactly enough time to do all four runs on Skyline! Conditions were much better than the previous night at Edelweiss, it was sleeting/raining by the time I arrived, with some fresh fallen snow over the ice, but more than enough to manoeuver in. I still went a bit slowly as the backup skis I'm using have a slightly different balance point that my regular skis. The only downside is the Skyline lift seems to close at 9:45 or 9:50, which prevented me from getting in that one last run. All the same, it was good to get out for a few quick runs after all the effort it took to get there! Here's some quick snaps. Ths is what happened when I asked Siri to find Ski Vorlage. I am left feeling very confused. Finally on the way up the Skyline lift! Only Sparks, Canadian, Bud Clarke and The Chute open on Skyline tonight... (also, I don't really think of Heggtveit as double black diamond, but whatever) By the time I arrived, there weren't a whole lot of people there, and the youth training teams had just packed up and left! Heggtveit isn't really that dark, I don't know why they won't keep it open at night! Every storm, people just duck under the line anyways... Seeing the hills through the trees, always a nice ride up the Skyline chair!
  15. Happy New Year! and 2019 comes in with a roar. While Ottawa got a mix of snow (maybe 4cms), freezing rain and rain Camp Fortune got about 10-15cms! Anyway the best way to kill a hangover is to ski. I arrived around 9:30 with my sister in tow and almost got stuck in the Skyline parking lot which had not been plowed. The place was a bit of a ghost town. The temperature was a little below zero with some wind. The conditions were perfect with the new wet snow gluing to the hard pack which made for a great base for carving fast. The ice was gone and we even ducked into some gladed areas which had just enough coverage to hide the rocks and logs. All the main trails on Skyline were open with the exception of Heggtveit. Hegg should open in a day or so though as it's covered in machine made snow mounds. We caught the ribbon drop for the Meech runs just after 10 then did some runs in the valley. The sun came out around noon. Pretty much a perfect start to 2019. The Skyline parking lot was a wet mess. Where is everyone...hungover in bed? You can almost ski under the lift now...just need another nice storm. Skyline in all its glory Bud Clark This photo is from the Meech quad looking west. Has Fortune been glading in this area? Will this be a future run off Paradis? The woods west of Marshall are very skiable. My sister in the fresh stuff The sun. Slalom. Note the parking lot it's pretty much empty. No lineups on Skyline. Cheers!
  16. Boom! I woke to 15cm and it was still coming down hard. Yes it was cold (-20c) but when it snows its a good day. I managed to make it up to Fortune around 10am. Late maybe but I was hungover and got stuck behind a fleet of snow plows. There was still lots of powder to go around. First stop was Heggtveit. After some fun on Skyline including Swan Dive I went over to the valley. The T-bar was running so I gave McDonald and Alexander a try. If you wanted pristine powder in the valley, then those were the runs. By noon we had topped 20cm! The wind was a little fierce and lots of snow was drifting or getting blown into the woods but still what a killer morning. More snow is on the way later in the week and temperatures will rise. So get it while its good! Swan Dive McDonald Alexander So much snow in the trees
  17. I rolled into the valley at Camp Fortune around 3pm. The parking lot was pretty full. I guess even though it was around -15c the sun and low wind had brought everyone out. Bluebird days help a lot and everyone was enjoying the wintery Saturday on the hill. The conditions were a mix of packed snow on the valley side to hard packed base on Skyline. The mogul run on Clifford was hard ice though and my edges were not sharp enough for it....or skills. Of note, Heggtveit is now open. I found it a little icy probably because of high traffic during the day and the fact that it had just opened on Wednesday. Hegg is not lit but it stayed open till around 5pm which shows that our sun is coming back. Also in the valley Fortune was blowing snow onto McDonald and Alexander! This is great news as last year the runs never opened. Both blue runs are accessed by a vintage t-bar. So all we need now is a little more natural snowfall and Swan Dive and Duffy can open bringing the trail count to 100% As the sun fell it did cool off a bit but the crowds were gone so you could lap your favorite runs. Another beautiful night skiing at Camp Fortune. Wow I don't think I've ever been this far back. Blowing snow on McDonald and Alexander. Skyline Heggtveit Tree run Canadian. Canadian/Chute was the best combo of the night. Sunset on Marshall.
  18. Pulled into Fortune Valley around 4 for my first night ski of the season. The hill had gotten about 4cm over night and it was still lightly snowing. The conditions in the valley were great with a soft layer over a hard base. You could carve railroad tracks with ease. Skyline on the other hand was a little crusty. First there had been a NorAm Men's Slalom event during the day and Canadian/Chute were closed off. This left Sparks and Bud Clark open. The conditions on Sparks were good but Bud had been well skied all day and was down to crusty base in spots. Around 5ish the light snow started to turn into light freezing drizzle which stuck to your googles. We went into the lodge in the valley to dry off and eat. The bar has new beers on tap, gone are the marco brews and they now have Beau's and some Boréale special brews. I tried Boréale's Northeast IPA. After the eats we went back out and the snow/drizzle had stopped and the rest of the night was beautiful with temps around -3c. All in all a great first night out on the slopes. The bottom of Clifford in the valley. Marshall Skyline Dinner! this will make me ski better right?
  19. It's the final day of 2018 and wanting to end it in true skiing style, a ski double-header was on the menu. Mont Ste Marie in the morning and Camp Fortune in the afternoon. (Be sure to check out the other report here). I arrived at Camp Fortune around 1pm on the Valley Side. Saddling up my ski boots once for the second time today, I was off to the trails. Betting big, I decided I would just focus on the Meech sector of the mountain this visit. It did not disappoint the slightest. Wow, Paradis and North American are in excellent shape. Other than my final run out through Allen's Alley, the rest of the time was spent on these two trails. Paradis is the longest trail at Camp Fortune at approximately a mile in length. All along the way, you can catch glimpses of Meech Lake in the distance as well as the surrounding Gatineau Park. North American is very similar to Paradis except it is narrower and holds most of its drops near the beginning. Formerly only a natural snow trail, this year, snowmaking was added to North American and is no doubt responsible for it being open today. This is great news as it is truly a fantastic trail. The Meech sector of Camp Fortune is truly the best-kept secret of the mountain. Long trails, great views, interesting terrain that is just as enjoyable the fifth time as the first... you can't go wrong. For those who love checking out trail maps, North American also offers another way back to the Valley from Skyline. By taking Sparks down to just past the Skyway trail, you will find on the left side a sign for Meech Crossing. Head down there and you will reach North American. From there, it's just a lift ride back up and you are in the Valley. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone that Humdinger Ravine is actually not one of your favorites. Great conditions today, and things will only get even better with the coming snow fall overnight and into New Years. Wishing you a Happy New Year ahead with plenty of skiing and snow! Here are some pictures from today's visit. Riding up the Meech quad. The summit of the Meech and Pineault (right) quad chairlifts. Heading down Paradis. North American. Heading back to the chalet to finish off the day via Pineault and Allen's Alley. The Camp Fortune (Ryan Tower) stands just above Clifford and Marshall in the distance, as the sun begins setting on 2018.
  20. In going through some old family videos of days gone by, I came across a recording of a ski day at Camp Fortune back on March 24, 1988. You can clearly make out and recognize the Pineault ski trail as well as the Triple Chairlift. You can also see the Clifford Quad and related trails in the distance. This video is now over 30 years old. Please reply below and share with us your comments, what you have spotted that has changed from 1988 to 2018, as well as what has stayed the same. (There are several things for both). Enjoy!
  21. Did a quick mission up to Fortune to see how the hill faired from the rainfest of Friday. Pulled into Skyline around 9:30. Skyline had just opened for the season on Saturday and the base is looking great with Chute, Canadian, Bud Clark and Sparks open. The conditions were fast hard pack granular with little or no ice. Fortune did a great job of recovering from the rain. In fact, the base on Canadian seems the highest I've seen it, making the run steeper than normal. Skied over to the valley without having to skate ski at all. The snow was even better in the valley plus the sun was hitting that side. Temperatures were hovering around -12C and snow making was happening on the Meech runs. The resort was pretty quiet for the start of the holidays, some lessons were going on and race practices were happening on Slalom. Overall another great morning of skiing. Now lets get a couple nice snow storms to fill everything in. Happy Holidays.
  22. Hit the valley around 9:30 after passing a closed Skyline covered in whales of snow gun snow. I'm sure it will open next weekend or sooner. Regardless it was a beautiful day with temperatures hovering around zero. The entire valley is now open with the exception of the T-bar runs. Conditions were very decent for early season skiing with a good base of machine made snow. You could get a good carve on and zip down Slalom. The best snow was on Slalom, Pineault and Clifford. Marshall had just opened and was a little rough with balls of groomer made crude. Clifford has a new line of moguls for those into that. Overall a great day of skiing.
  23. What an exceptional start to the season this year at Camp Fortune. Thanks to an abundant supply of natural snow over the past couple weeks and very cold weather that allowed heavy snowmaking to occur, Camp Fortune launched its season this past Friday. Already on to Day 2, conditions are perfect, and you would be forgiven to think it was mid-February skiing because of how good it really is. Two trails are open, Pineault and Allen's Alley, served by the Pineault Quad lift. Snow coverage is complete and full width, with no ice, firm base, and plenty of white snow to carve up and enjoy. A small snowpark is also set up, complete with some rails, boxes, and modules. Camp Fortune isn't standing still, with snowmaking continuing across the mountain, you can see huge piles of snow on Clifford, Slalom, by the magic carpets, and down towards the Meech side of the mountain. No doubt we can expect even more trails in the relative future. Overall a fantastic start in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. No doubt one of the best in many, many years. I can't wait to see what else is in store for this winter, all things so far point to one thing... EPIC! Camp Fortune is open this weekend from 9-4pm. Be sure to check the latest trail status and opening hours on CampFortune.com Happy skiing! Pineault quad. Heading up the chairlift. You can see Pineault to the right, with some park modules setup to enjoy. The traditional chairlift talk... in progress. Choices... left to Pineault or right to Allen's Alley? Pineault. Allen's Alley. Bottom of Allen's Alley. The sun rising on another ski season. EPIC!!! Snowmaking continues on Slalom and beyond.
  24. Opening day will be Friday, November 23rd from 9 am to 4 pm Friday November 23 9 am to 4 pm Saturday November 24 9 am to 4 pm Sunday November 25 9 am to 4 pm Friday November 30 9 am to 4 pm Saturday December 1 9 am to 4 pm Sunday December 2 9 am to 4 pm
  25. The Spring Season began exactly one month ago, and yet today was the first day of skiing for me that actually felt very much like spring. While people may be disappointed with the late start, it has also permitted ski mountains to stretch their season even longer than average. Camp Fortune is usually first to open and last to close in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, but this year all the main trails on Skyline are open, with full snow coverage. The biggest contrast I can make to past years is that by now they would have already been closed, so very exciting turn of events indeed. Being an early bird and personally preferring firmer snow conditions, I arrived to ski for opening at 9am. The parking already had more cars than I was expecting at that time... I guess the great news that spring skiing had arrived was heard loud and clear. Ski conditions today, excellent. As previously mentioned, the snow coverage was complete on all open trails. The base was hard with little to no ice. As the sun warmed up the snow, the surface softened out very quickly, allowing some bumps and moguls to form on the trails, the typical trademark signature of spring skiing. As far as lift lines, almost every run was ski on without stopping. Open trails were Heggtveit, Chute, Upper and Lower Canadien, Bud Clark and Sparks, served by the Skyline quad. An outdoor BBQ was set up between the Skyline Lodge and the quad chairlift. Heggtveit. After 10 runs, it was time to call it a day. Leaving by 11am, the snow was really softening out and the classic watery spray that results from the carving of skis was in the air. With the even warmer temperatures in the afternoon, I can only imagine that the skiing got even better as the day progressed. What a phenomenal day to ski, I just loved every moment of it. Blue skies, warm weather, perfect spring snow... Camp Fortune is spoiling us with the goods! Camp Fortune will be open once again tomorrow (Sunday) from 9am-4pm. Tickets are only $25/ day or $20 for 4 hrs for adults and $20/day or $15/4 hrs for kids. Sunday will also be a retro ski day, so bring out your fluorescent and bright coloured ski outfits and rock the slopes like it's still the 80's. What a great way to end the ski season in the region. You definitely owe it to yourself to come out and enjoy the great ski conditions before they come to an end, you are sure to be amazed. Here are some more pictures from today. Heggtveit. Upper Canadien. Bud Clark. Lower Canadien. #HappySkier Happy skiing!
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