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Found 8 results

  1. Wow bonus powder day. I went up to Fortune right after work and it was snowing a little. By 4pm though it was a white out and would snow heavy for over three hours dropping 10cms. Every run was refreshed. We may be at peak snow pack. This may have been my best night ski in a long while. Conditions we perfect, everything was open and zero crowds. Hero snow, enough said. You better have googles. Hegg was open till 7pm Tree paths/runs between Sparks and Bud Clark Top of Heggtveit This may have been a mistake. Chilly Poutine! Killer night
  2. Well, all the snow from the storm last Tuesday/Wednesday has held up great at Camp Fortune. The conditions are killer with nicely groomed snow, perfect for high angle carving at high speed. We arrived in time to get a bunch of runs on Heggtviet and Duffy before the sun went down just before 6. The bumps and cliff drops on Duffy were super fun. Hegg you could just rail on. Swan Dive was a little more of a technical ski as the bumps were huge and rather unforgiving. Pretty much all the other groomed trails were in excellent shape with the exception Bud Clark which was getting a little scrapped down to the base at the top section. Overall another great night of skiing with a full moon adding to the ambiance. Oh and the Boreale IPA du Nord-Est at the bar is super tasty. Swan Dive. Duffy in the sun.
  3. I rolled into the valley at Camp Fortune around 3pm. The parking lot was pretty full. I guess even though it was around -15c the sun and low wind had brought everyone out. Bluebird days help a lot and everyone was enjoying the wintery Saturday on the hill. The conditions were a mix of packed snow on the valley side to hard packed base on Skyline. The mogul run on Clifford was hard ice though and my edges were not sharp enough for it....or skills. Of note, Heggtveit is now open. I found it a little icy probably because of high traffic during the day and the fact that it had just opened on Wednesday. Hegg is not lit but it stayed open till around 5pm which shows that our sun is coming back. Also in the valley Fortune was blowing snow onto McDonald and Alexander! This is great news as last year the runs never opened. Both blue runs are accessed by a vintage t-bar. So all we need now is a little more natural snowfall and Swan Dive and Duffy can open bringing the trail count to 100% As the sun fell it did cool off a bit but the crowds were gone so you could lap your favorite runs. Another beautiful night skiing at Camp Fortune. Wow I don't think I've ever been this far back. Blowing snow on McDonald and Alexander. Skyline Heggtveit Tree run Canadian. Canadian/Chute was the best combo of the night. Sunset on Marshall.
  4. Pulled into Fortune Valley around 4 for my first night ski of the season. The hill had gotten about 4cm over night and it was still lightly snowing. The conditions in the valley were great with a soft layer over a hard base. You could carve railroad tracks with ease. Skyline on the other hand was a little crusty. First there had been a NorAm Men's Slalom event during the day and Canadian/Chute were closed off. This left Sparks and Bud Clark open. The conditions on Sparks were good but Bud had been well skied all day and was down to crusty base in spots. Around 5ish the light snow started to turn into light freezing drizzle which stuck to your googles. We went into the lodge in the valley to dry off and eat. The bar has new beers on tap, gone are the marco brews and they now have Beau's and some Boréale special brews. I tried Boréale's Northeast IPA. After the eats we went back out and the snow/drizzle had stopped and the rest of the night was beautiful with temps around -3c. All in all a great first night out on the slopes. The bottom of Clifford in the valley. Marshall Skyline Dinner! this will make me ski better right?
  5. Well after yelling “Give me back my winter” for three weeks we are rewarded. 10cm of fresh snow with more to come over night and into Friday. Winter is back and Camp Fotune is skiing fine! I arrived at Skyline just past 5pm. The trees were covered in new fallen snow, everything felt fresh, light snow was falling, it was a winter wonderland. Conditions were great with a nice soft groomed base and fresh snow on top. I took a couple runs on Hegg before it got dark then took in the rest of Skyline before crossing over to the valley to grab a bite to eat. The custom made burritos are pretty good. Lots of fresh powder in the Valley, plus a nice mogul run on Clifford. Great skiing was had, the place was empty, no lift lines, and the trails were all mine. Kick ass! Don’t miss out, get up here. Friday should be stellar. The view from the upstairs “Teachers Lounge” in the Valley chalet. Looking out to Slalom. I brought out the big powder planks...why not.
  6. Got up to Edelweiss for some night skiing just before 3pm. The sun was out, it was about -2c and the place was packed. The parking lot was pretty much full and the lineup for tickets was slow. For some reason on one of the busiest weekends of the ski season they only had one ticket booth open. Anyway I finally traded in my online ticket for a real one and got on the lift. Night skiing tickets on Sunday that are bought 24hrs in advance online are only $20. All three quads were running. The high speed quad was the only lift with a line so I jumped on the slow Strief quad so I could ski the non-light runs while the sun was still out. Everything was open with the exception of West Coast. I powered down the Eastern Bowl, the twisty Shotgun and Descent Telesiege under the lift. The snow was hard packed with icy patches but my edges held fine. After about 5 or 6 runs I hooked up with a buddy who was trying to get rental skis in the disorganized rental area. I think it took him like an hour to get his gear! After we skied are legs off till about 8pm with a short break for a drink and a crazy "Skier Poutine". When the sun went down we stuck to the wide groomer Zoomer that runs under the high speed quad and Olympic/Strief on the right side of the hill. All in all it was beautiful Sunday night with a killer sunset.
  7. The big melt last Thursday and Friday was a real bummer. Then everything flash froze. I think we lost like 75% of our snow pack but Camp Fortune managed to survive in decent shape. Night skiing was good on fast hard pack with 2-3cms of light fresh snow on top. Skyline is starting to get a little crusty in spots and the thaw has set back the opening of Swan Dive and the glade runs. Best runs of the night were Slalom, Sparks and the lower section of Canadian. A beautiful night with a temperature around -12C and light snow falling. Lower Canadian My sister on Slalom pointing at the lights of Vorlage in the distance. The terrain park is currently closed but should open on Saturday.
  8. Last week we had almost 50cm of fresh snow on the ground. Since Saturday its been a total meltdown. We've lost over 20cm of snow pack and the worse is yet to come. Regardless the snow base is holding out at Camp Fortune. I went up night skiing to check on the conditions. The snow is soft and fast but not slushy and there is no ice. I was getting depressed at the winter meltdown but Fortune helped kill my blues. All the light runs were open and it was a beautiful night for skiing with a temperature of about 4 C. I'm crossing my fingers that it will get cold next week and snow!
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