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Mountains still open!


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Little update...

  • Vallée Bleue has announced it is now closed for the season due to the rain.
  • Massif du Sud says they hope to be open this weekend however it still depends on the rain and damage that results. They will advise on Facebook by 7am if they are open Saturday. If they don't open, they wrote that the season would be over.
  • Still no news from Mont Chilly, but without snowmaking, we can surely assume they are closed for the season.

Here's what's open in Québec, 5 ski areas (not a definitive list but from what I can find, this seems to be what's left. If I missed any, please reply below and let me know).

  • Sommet Saint-Sauveur (open Friday to Sunday)
  • Mont Sutton (open Saturday and Sunday).
  • Massif du Sud (to be confirmed - Opening Saturday and Sunday).
  • Mont Vidéo (open Sunday only).
  • Parc du Mont-Comi (open Saturday and Sunday)

Also Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario will be open for a final weekend Saturday and Sunday.

As always, check their websites, facebook or call ahead before going.

Happy skiing!

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That is so tempting to head out there that weekend. Depends on the weather between now and then. I missed out last season to ski in May. I like the idea of getting to say I skied from November till May. I did that 2015-16, when I skied from October till May! 


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Let's call it an hour 45, if you take the Masson ferry and then go north at LaChute. Probably you can still hike a few of the local mountains to ski on the patches that remain. 

As for Sauveur, they insist they are closing May 13th, but I am betting they can milk another weekend out of it. And I do love that final weekend at Sauveur, however I'll be at Killington all that weekend!

I will either be at Sutton (if I wake up early enough) or Sauveur (if I don't) on Saturday - Sutton has a $13 ticket if you arrive at 3pm and ski til the end. They also will run one of their chairs til 4:30 if they have enough people.

Sunday I'll have to check the forecasts, but intend to go to Jay (if I'm up early) or Sauveur (if I'm not). I'd like to go to Killington  this weekend but feel the distance makes it a stretch. This time of year it is lots of bumps. 

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Wow. They put out a press release Tuesday to share that they'd be open and the Real challenge would take place Saturday. Quick turn of events. I had been following their webcams, especially the one at the base of the #II chairlift. The snow is pretty limited at the base, I was surprised when they were saying yesterday they would be open. Unfortunate news.

Here's the current webcam picture at the base of the #II chairliftat 6:35pm on Thursday.


Here's the official press release (https://www.slopeedge.net/content/end-of-the-2017-2018-season-at-mont-sutton) and here's what they have now posted on the site.


Team report


The ski season ended on Saturday, April 28 with an extraordinary day of spring conditions and 126 days of skiing and riding

The Real’s Challenge had to be cancelled; the conditions no longer allowing it because of the near summer temperatures of the last days and rain

We thank everyone who shared this fantastic season with us and have a great summer

Stay connected, there are plenty of activities on the program until the next ski season

We will see you again on the slopes in the winter season

Check our spring schedule for the opening hours of every services (ski shop, school, rentals and repair shop).

See you soon

Jocelyne Trudeau, Snow report coordinator

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So there we have it, other than skiing in the States, Sommet Saint-Sauveur is now the last lift served skiing in Quebec. Open this weekend, next weekend and April 19-21th. (A total of three more weekends if all goes well).

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