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Mountains still open!


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Mont SUTTON ... For comparison two days later... the snow continues to melt.

Thursday at 6:30pm


Saturday at 6:15pm


Yup, it would have been pretty much at the limit to ski to the base of the #II chairlift. Too bad. The rain of last week and now the warm weather is really speeding up the melt of the remaining snow.

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On 5/2/2018 at 3:38 PM, Shane said:

Sommet Saint-Sauveur just announced on Facebook that due to the abundant snow on the mountain, they are pushing back the season end date to May 19-21st.

For next weekend, definitely they will run (*unless rain on those days). For May 19-21st, I have my doubts and it may only be 70 Ouest in sloppy shape. I would not be surprised if bottom of Nordique is done before next weekend. 

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Whiteface finished their day Saturday and did not open Sunday.

Jay Peak finished their season today with champagne at the peak! People will still be hiking the Jet for a few weeks to come. Not necessarily recommended because bears !

Sugarbush apparently also had their last weekend.

Killington as always, continues killing it til end of May. 

People are probably still hiking Tuckerman's for some time. 


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That would be a bit of a stretch to the weekend of the 26th. If it does make it, I may have to breakdown and go. It would make the latest ever for me to end the season, May 23, 2016 would be the current record.

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Sommet Saint-Sauver is now showing only the 70 Ouest as open, which was to be expected after Nordique was only half open last weekend. 

Killington is down to three trails which really means only the Superstar trail. On their conditions report they state that the snow is melting but it should see them through the weekend. Their webcam picture paints a better picture then that statement does however. 

Who will be the last in the East? May be close. 

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Killington will reopen Friday for two final days of skiing. Lift tickets will be $25 for Friday and Saturday. Closed for the season at the end of the day Saturday.

Sommet Saint-Sauveur will reopen Saturday and Sunday to end their season. Once they open Sunday, they will officially be the last to close in Eastern North America, beating out Killington by one day! Check their facebook page as they are running a contest to win a place on the Last Chair on Sunday! 



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There maybe the slightest of possibilities that I may end up going on Sunday. From the latest forecast though for St-Sauveur, it doesn't look good for either day with rain both days and a risk of a t-storm on Sunday that may put a damper on things. It will be a definite last minute decision to go or not.  

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