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Sommet Edelweiss - December 24, 2018

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What an amazing day out on the slopes at Sommet Edelweiss this Christmas Eve. 7 trails were open, which included Easy Street, Chemin des Bois, Rockstar SnoPrk and Zoomer, as well as the Edelbahn Express quad detachable.IMG_1641.thumb.jpg.b96f23e13aa1521ff0138658d1417167.jpg

After reading yesterday's report from Gordo, I knew that despite the rain, the conditions were very good, but it still didn't completely prepare me for the reality. Phenomenal ski conditions were the special of the day. No ice anywhere, and perfectly groomed slopes. There was a light snowfall in the morning so the trails had a fresh dusting of snow on top. Add to this some heavy snowmaking taking place on Zoomer and very few people out on the slopes (thank you to all those last minute shoppers) and you have a winning combination.

Edelweiss offering the highest vertical drop of the main 4 mountains nearest Ottawa/Gatineau, the trails are long and varied in their terrain and profile. Even though Easy Street and Chemin des Bois are considered beginner trails, they are so enjoyable due to their length, the several pitches that you come across on the way down as well as the way they curve and weave their path down the mountain.

A small snowpark was setup in the top 1/3 of the Rockstar trail with some modules and rails, but the rest was left completely open. It was almost a throwback to days gone by before it was transformed into a snowpark and went by the name Yodeler.

Of course, the classic speed trail Zoomer was in fine shape. This trail is quite expansive and on this visit was only open to half of its width, with snowmaking taking place on the closed portion.

Heading inside the chalet, the most noticeable change this season is a change to the customer service desk and ski school. Now both are combined into one service area, opening up more room and keeping any possible lines from flowing into the central hallway.

Overall, a fantastic visit. Edelweiss has delivered on great ski conditions and their classic terrain for the holidays once again. As a wise skier once said "Get off your Couches!"

Happy holidays and happy skiing!

Here are some photos from today


Coming down the mid-section of Easy Street.






The main lower pitch of Rockstar Snoprk


Heavy snowmaking taking place on Zoomer


Top of Zoomer


Some rails in the Rockstar Snoprk




Bottom of Rockstar Snoprk leading onto Zoomer





The customer service area in the chalet has been reorganized into one place.



The Round House section of the chalet.



Happy Holidays and remember... "Get off your Couches!"IMG_1601.jpgIMG_1641.jpg


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Oh damn I almost made it up there today myself but too much to do before dinner! Maybe a quick Boxing Day trip is in order :)


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Indeed. It was fairly overcast most of the morning with the light snow and the heavy snowmaking then as I was leaving near lunch they were shutting down some of the snow guns and the sky cleared. Snapped the pic then. I agree. It’s very nice. 

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    • By Ocean
      I arrived at about 4:15pm, to a nearly empty parking lot, and no lift lines. The previous night had iced up a bit in the evening, I figured an afternoon of + temps would mellow things out a bit, and I wasn't disappointed! Only the Edelbahn lift was running, and Poma, West Coat and Shotgun were closed by the time I arrived. Conditions are slick early spring but still pretty thin cover following last week's incredibly disappointing rain. I skied every run that was open, for about two hours, until dusk (unfortunately having to leave early tonight). By the time I left there was a "line" at the lift....of maybe 3-4 people in front of me. I didn't think to get any photos tonight except for one, documenting my expression as I recall how steep the bottom section of Strief is. Would have loved to stay a bit longer if I didn't have other things to do afterwards - perfect quick early evening trip!

    • By Gordo
      Got up to Edelweiss for some night skiing just before 3pm.  The sun was out, it was about -2c and the place was packed.  The parking lot was pretty much full and the lineup for tickets was slow. For some reason on one of the busiest weekends of the ski season they only had one ticket booth open. Anyway I finally traded in my online ticket for a real one and got on the lift.  Night skiing tickets on Sunday that are bought 24hrs in advance online are only $20.  All three quads were running. The high speed quad was the only lift with a line so I jumped on the slow Strief quad so I could ski the non-light runs while the sun was still out.  Everything was open with the exception of West Coast.  I powered down the Eastern Bowl, the twisty Shotgun and Descent Telesiege under the lift.  The snow was hard packed with icy patches but my edges held fine.  After about 5 or 6 runs I hooked up with a buddy who was trying to get rental skis in the disorganized rental area.  I think it took him like an hour to get his gear!  After we skied are legs off till about 8pm with a short break for a drink and a crazy "Skier Poutine".  When the sun went down we stuck to the wide groomer Zoomer that runs under the high speed quad and Olympic/Strief on the right side of the hill.  All in all it was beautiful Sunday night with a killer sunset.  

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