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Kunstadt Sports - 2018/19 Ski Demo Day Schedule

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Every season, Kunstadt Sports visits the region's ski mountains, allowing skiers to demo the latest skis and bindings on the slopes. There's no better way to decide on a new pair of skis than having the opportunity to actually try them out on the hill. Even more, you can try several different pairs to easily compare how they perform.

With that said, here's the current schedule for this season. Be sure to check the official Kunstadt Sports webpage (and Facebook) to confirm the demo day. https://kunstadt.com/pages/2018-19-ski-demo-schedule

Kunstadt Demo Schedule 2018/2019


  • Dec 27 - Calabogie
  • Dec 28 - Edelweiss
  • Dec 29 - Cascades
  • Dec 30 - Fortune
  • Dec 31 - MSM


  • Jan 2 - Pakenham
  • Jan 3 - Fortune
  • Jan 4 - Calabogie
  • Jan 5 - Cascades
  • Jan 6 - Edelweiss
  • Jan 12 - Rigaud
  • Jan 13 - MSM
  • Jan 19 - Calabogie
  • Jan 20 - Vorlage
  • Jan 26 - Edelweiss
  • Jan 27 - Cascades


  • Feb 2 - Fortune
  • Feb 3 - MSM
  • Feb 9 - Vorlage
  • Feb 10 - Pakenham
  • Feb 16 - Calabogie
  • Feb 17 - Cascades
  • Feb 23 - Fortune
  • Feb 24 - Edelweiss

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    • By Shane
      In going through some old family videos of days gone by, I came across a recording of a ski day at Camp Fortune back on March 24, 1988. You can clearly make out and recognize the Pineault ski trail as well as the Triple Chairlift. You can also see the Clifford Quad and related trails in the distance.
      This video is now over 30 years old.
      Please reply below and share with us your comments, what you have spotted that has changed from 1988 to 2018, as well as what has stayed the same. (There are several things for both).
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      I am determined to try a few new spots this season, so I thought I'd start a thread where we can list out all the reduced price lift ticket deals we come across, such as cheap lift ticket, 2 for 1 deals, and so on. To start the list I looked for deals for individual skiers, there are also a number of family special and equipment rental deals I didn't track here. Please add to the list as you find deals!
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