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Camp Fortune - January 20, 2019


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23 hours ago, Gordo said:

What about french fries? 

Regarding twigs Camp Fortune should be weed wacking in the fall.  They dropped the ball this year. 

Yeah! Hotdogs, Fries but no pizza slices.

They usually do but this year, the person that usually handled it died and things fell through the cracks. Fortunately, there's someone on it now and will be attacking CraigMarc as well.

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Guest Grass cutting


Yes we had some grass cutting woes this year. The tractor we hired fell through, so the crew had to cut everything by hand. We had a tonne of projects happening this fall and some serious staffing issues with grass cutters so we didn't get to the trails.  We do have a plan for next season though and hopefully it comes together. 

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