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Jay Peak: Officially On The Market

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Well this is big news. It was only a matter of time as it had been stated that this was the intention for a while now... looks like the day has finally come.

Hoping that whatever happens and whomever buys it, keeps accepting the Canadian Dollar at par, and that the prices do not go up (atleast not by much).

While I do love the changes that were made over the past 10 years, it was mostly around the base of the mountain, rather than on mountain. New lifts, more trails, would be nice. Detachable lifts for the Jet and the Bonaventure would be very welcome additions.

Definitely a story to keep following.

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I really hope Jay does not become Epic or Ikonic  :/ POWDR corp I could live with. 

If only MSSI would buy them back! 

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