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Sommet Edelweiss - February 5, 2019


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Tonight I had to travel from Montreal to Ottawa and was determined to get some quick skiing in along the way. I'd been to Saint-Sauveur the night before and it was decent "early spring" following all the rain and sleet this past week, but as the rain continued last night they closed at 5pm and weren't an option for my trip plan (Montreal - > Saint-Sauveur -> Orleans via Lachute). Fortunately, Edelweiss, at the end of the line, had my back and planned to stay open til 10. I called around 5:30 to ask if they anticipated an early closing and the guy on the line forwarned me, "we're open but it's not the best conditions, I'd recommend expert level only or not at all". Challenge accepted.file-8.thumb.jpeg.ab341f58d5c61bc6f43e1759e93f7a2a.jpeg

I headed out from Montreal at 7 for the 2 hour 21 minute drive, knowing I'd only get in a handful of runs arriving around 9:20 but since conditions weren't anticipated to be outstanding, I figured that was enough for me and that it'd be similar to the previous night. Also, I dropped off my usual James XX90s for a wax n sharpen and was planning to test out the "new" used James XX90s I'd picked up from some guy in Brossard a few years ago who got them and their bindings direct from a Kastle rep in 2013 and had only used them a few times (still managing to need a bit of PTEX to fix up though). I fitted my old Nordicas to the bindings, the Nordicas are still in great shape but are about a size too big for me and the wear and tear had worn down the lining a bit making my foot slip, which led me to get my current Langes, which happen to also be in "the shop" aka my sewing room to put on new industrial velcro. All to say that I'd gotten the newly wax n sharpened James XX90s back about a week ago but was apprehensive to switch back to the old boots and "new" used and untested skis - but finally, this night at Edelweiss, it was time! 

I arrived in the parking lot at 9:20 and got ready pretty quickly, and headed over to the lift which I observed was moving pretty slowly. Maybe I'm just used to the Atomic detachable quad these days, but it seemed to me that Edelbahn "Express" was running really slow...or I just forgot how slow it is from last season (I remember when I was a kid it was much faster than the lifts at Fortune or Vorlage). I waved at the lifties and hopped on the chair, and I was off...

....to get stuck just beyond the first tower for the next several minutes. I spent the next few minutes watching a handful of skiers and rider barrelling down the easy slope. I figured the delay would cost me at least one run. Once the lift was running again, I could see the light reflecting off the perfectly groomed corduroy under the chair, it looked slick and hard as freshly frozen ice. There was maybe one or two tracks laid over the corduroy, people were definitely not riding down this one tonight. I figured sticking to Easy Street would be smart.

I hopped off the lift, tightened my boots and off I went: and boy did I go! Top of Easy Street direct to halfway up Top Notch before turning back to Easy Street. This wasn't skiing. This was basically downhill speedskating. Even with freshly sharpened edges, there was literally nothing to grip to, it was all solid ice corduroy. And you can forget about stopping!! I did my best to keep my pace pretty slow on the nail biting experience of negotiating this normally super easy slope. Even going slowly I was at  44 km/h and that's without even trying! I got to the bottom pretty quickly, and rolled right into the lift...which was stopped again. As it was 9:47 already and I didn't particularly feel like taking my life into my own hands again, I figured I should quit while I was ahead. And I also couldn't stop laughing. This was hands down the most ridiculous ice skiing experience ever, I can't even believe they kept the mountain open til the bitter end (had someone bailed, it would have been a herculean task skiing down with a backboard for sure).

At the same time: mad props to Edelweiss management for keeping the mountain open and leaving us a choice to ski! I did one run, and it was amazing. :D I was only going to get in 3-4 tops anyways, so no big loss. Ultimately I shoulda checked the mountain openings and left earlier in the day.

Since I definitely was going too fast for snaps, here's a few pics I grabbed on the ride up. If you look closely, you can see the ice shimmering.

I hope they're open again tomorrow :D

(Certainly had I arrived hours before the cold set in, it still would have been a slick and decent day!).


That feeling when you're stuck on the lift and the clock is ticking...


Definitely not a lot of people riding down this one tonight!


...that shine tho!

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Oh my! I would have not challenged that at all! The last time I did something like that was a couple of seasons ago where it was warm one day and froze overnight and it turned into something like this, but they had left it ungroomed though. Since then, if we have weather like we are having now, I'll wait a few days for the groomers to chew it up first before going out. Not worth risking injury and spending the rest of the season on the sidelines.


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@Gordo you are correct, it must have been after midnight when I started writing this, maybe @Shane  can change the date although I'm assuming he has his hands full these days :) Also I did get to Saint-Sauveur Monday, might still do a trip report for that one, though I didn't get a lot of photos that night, there was a lot of really pretty fog!

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oh, and the funniest part of this week is that I intentionally brought my snowboard so I could get in some beginner laps at Edelweiss, thinking it would be tolerable early spring conditions. Definitely a hard nope on doing anything with my board this week!! 


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Jeez, that looks incredibly icy. I would have probably done one or two runs as well and then called it quits.

I love skiing but when the weather is bad or its the end of the season with only one trail open, I usually go early and finish quick before there are too many people. As Paul said above, not worth the risk getting injured and sidelined. Interesting choice on the part of Edelweiss to be open like that though.

I remember a year my friend and I had gone to Edelweiss and by the time we arrived it was heavy rain. They were open but we were the only two skiing. They kept the Edelbahn Express running for us, and stopped it as soon as we called it a day.... completely soaked. An interesting experience for sure, but not one I would repeat.

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Yeah, I was really glad they stayed open regardless of the conditions, and there were a small number of people skiing/riding so could be they just decided to stick it out for them. Sometimes in bad weather I like to show up, do a couple of runs and leave, so, the misadventure was still worth the time :)

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