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Sommet Saint-Sauveur - April 9, 2019


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It's unexpected powder day! I woke up far too early this morning and saw some fat flakes falling but kind of assumed it was just a tease. The snow continued falling and picked up in intensity. So much so that my partner called me from the office just to tell me how much it was snowing!! I had returned my (compact SUV: snow driving appropriate) rental car the previous night, and was kicking myself for not having checked the weather. Just before noon, I sprang into action and booked myself a compact at the shop down the street, and off I went. I should mention, because renting in Quebec, you normally get winter tires, compacts have served me just fine this winter. Today: not so much. I picked up a Ford Fiesta and the wheels started spinning almost right away. Nevertheless, I hit the road, skis and board packed in this tiny car and off I went to Saint-Sauveur. It only took about an extra 25 minutes to arrive than normal - traffic was snarled even at 1:30 in the afternoon!

I got to the hill and after managing some work related affairs, got ready and hit the hill about 3:30 or so. That only left about 1.5 hours to ski but some skiing is better than no skiing for sure! I had brought the lesser waxed skis which was maybe a mistake but the tradeoff was uncomfortable boots with the better waxed skis and I did not feel down for reliving my Sunday experience at Tremblant. 

After yesterday's rain, there weren't a whole lot of runs open, especially by the time I got there, so I only got to hit Red Robin, 70 Est and Jay - Epervier and Tom Barbeau looked open before my arrival, or someone was just poaching it. Since there weren't a whole lot of people there today, the limited availability of runs wasn't an issue and it was pretty easy to make fresh tracks all day long!  

The snow was coming down full-on when I arrived, and was cold enough that I actually had to wear my mask and full on goggles!! The usual seven minute cycle became a ten minute cycle with at least 15 cm of powder under my not-waxed-enough skis and it was fresh tracks each run!! 

Finally, at the end of the day,  I piled into my last-minute rental Fiesta pretty drenched, and quickly realized I was stuck!! And no matter what I did I couldn't get out. Lucky for me, two guys who were also leaving late drove over and pushed me out, and it was hard even for them as the snow under the wheels had turned icy in the short time I'd been there. But also, pretty sure this car does not have winter tires!!

I finished off the day with a quick stop at the Manoir St-Sauveur while I waited out rush hour and did some day job stuff, and thoroughly enjoyed their Irish Coffee along with a few super affordable and delicious bruschetta snacks.

Here's hoping these great conditions hold out til tomorrow!!

Did not get a lot of snaps - too wet to bust out the phone! But here are a few.





A nice ride up the Atomic lift! Just look at that powder!!


oh lawd it's coming down! This was just my second run!

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Amazing conditions. Amazing!

What I love about Saint-Sauveur is that even when the only lift open is the Atomic, you still have access to almost a dozen trails, and they are all fun and enjoyable. The core section of the mountain has a good variety. 

When you stop and think, Edelweiss feels like the size of just Saint-Sauveur's Atomic Express section.

Glad to see you got out. Enjoy it while it lasts. Atomic is closing in less than two weeks now. Which will mean from that point on, it will most likely be only 70 Ouest, Nordique and Silver Park.

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@Shane yup and if only the Edelbahn was just a bit faster!! Depending on their staff availability and conditions they could also opt to open La Plagne which would be nice. Or I guess we can just poach it. I definitely agree that there is a great variety of trails off just those two lifts (Atomic and L’Etoile)!

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