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Sommet Saint-Sauveur - Skiing until June 2, 2019

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Just posted to their Facebook page this morning:

With all this snow, we will extend the season for the weekends to come:

May 18 to 20  : Confirmed open
May 25th and 26th: Confirmed open
June 1st and 2nd: open if the snow allows

⚠ we don't have a closing date. We will be open as long as it will be possible! ⚠

The Glacier of the Sommet Saint-Sauveur is stronger than ever. Amazing amounts of snow on 2 full tracks as well as a silver park still filled with modules and jumps. We invite our customers to check our operations every weekend on the web at this time of the year.

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damn @Shane you beat me to it! only because I forgot I wasn't logged in lol.

I am predicting good hiking up until mid-June at least. With luck, they will make it all the way to AKAMP!


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Hi, for the May Madness night ski event on the 18th, it will be $25 plus tax.

You can find the complete details here https://www.sommets.com/en/what-to-do-st-sauveur/2019/sommet-saint-sauveur/may-madness/

You can buy the ticket online at the same link.

For daytime I would believe it is the end of season posted rates here https://www.sommets.com/en/ski-mountains/sommet-saint-sauveur/rate/

But sometimes it gets reduced to the $20s or so, but not finding any info to confirm that's the case now though. Might be worth calling to confirm or sending them a Facebook message.

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Thanks Shane! I don't have a Facebook account, would you be able to do me a big favor asking them the price for day time skiing on May 18? Have you been there recently? Have rocks, sticks come out of the surface yet?

Many thanks!   

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Here’s the pricing. That’s if you buy on the spot. If you purchase online in advance you can save around $5-6 dollars. 


the snow should still be quite good with excellent coverage on the three open trails so regular skis should be safe. I would expect that to change the following weekend and the one after bit for now you should be good. 

Crazy amount of snow remains. 

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