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Camp Fortune - December 15, 2019


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Quick update on conditions at Camp Fortune. Saturday was grim, cold rain all day but as the sun went down we had a switch over. The snow started around 6pm in Chelsea and 8pm in Ottawa. The result 12cms at Camp Fortune! Instant winter wonderland with the sticky stuff clinging to trees and chair lifts.  Note to self I need better ski pants. Anyway Fortune had 5 runs open in the Valley on Sunday. The conditions were good on Marshall and Clifford, hard packed groomers with some fresh on top.  Pineault had lots of park rails and jumps setup but the wind was blowing unpleasantly uphill.  Now that the cold weather is back Slalom and Skyline should be open by the weekend.  Slalom has loads of snow whales all over it.  Skyline is pretty much ready with Canadian, Sparks and Bud Clark already groomed. A couple more snowfalls and the place should be hopping for Christmas break.  Enjoy.20191215_104346.thumb.jpg.094063416412b9c7a035b2f79d293f4b.jpg









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The Valley is definitely looking quite good at this time of year. Fantastic coverage. Eager to see Skyline open up, although I am surprised that Meech has yet to open, as it usually is already open before Clifford and Marshall (at least in some past years).

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I got a follow up message from Erin at Camp Fortune.

Skyline will open on Dec 24th and should open will all runs except Heg. I am told the main issue is the fluctuating temperatures and rain. The natural snow they received on Sunday is all that is on Humdinger right now, hence why Skyline is not yet open.

For those not familiar with Camp Fortune, Humdinger is the return trail to transit back to the Valley from Skyline and is relatively long and flat.

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