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Mont Tremblant - January 4, 2020


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Soft turns and fog was name of the game on Friday.  We rolled into Tremblant around 9am after a easy two hour drive from Ottawa.  The place was busy with almost all the parking lots at capacity.  The temperature was around zero and with no wind the top third of the mountain was a total white out. First off the lineup at the gondola was insane because the lift was not moving.  We quickly moved over to the Flying Mile and then skied down to TGV to get to the top.  The gondola started back up soon after.  With 93 trails open there was plenty of options.  We started with Laurentienne on the Soleil side. The snow was nice and soft. Tremblant had gotten about 25cms over the week.  Options were soft groomers or natural bump runs.  The forgiving moguls on Jasey-Jay Anderson were really nice.  The fog was a bit of a bummer as you really couldn't rip the steep top pitches as the visibility was very limited.  Maybe if we knew the mountain better it wouldn't have mattered.  Regardless warm weather and no wind at Tremblant is a bit of a miracle.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time and even with the holiday masses there was room to move.  I really think Tremblant has stepped up their game in the last couple years. Maybe its the killer snow making but they seem to get terrain open faster then most resorts. I'll be back. 







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damn that looks niiiice! It was also soft turns the previous night at Saint-Sauveur - sooooo good! I took the day "off" on Saturday. I'd been considering Bromont but after five straight days of making turns I felt a rest was in order :) I heard some other people had a great day at Tremblant that day too!


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@Ocean it was a fun day. I went to Mont Ste-Marie on the Saturday and it was not so good. They are lacking snow big time.  They really only had like three decent runs open.   On the Cheval Blanc side only Dustin Cook was open and it was being used for races.  The snow conditions were fair to poor at best.  The place was also busy with ski schools which made skiing any blue runs an obstacle course.  Hopefully now that the temperatures are colder they can start blasting away at making snow.  I wouldn't bother going there again till they are least 80% fully open.

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Excellent report Gordo. Tremblant never disappoints. The fogginess at the top is classic. 

I think I spotted on Mont Ste Marie’s Facebook page a few days ago that they were timing the overnight grooming for the temperature shift and didn’t get it right and hence were apologizing for the conditions of that day. Not sure if it was the day you went or not though. 

The weather lately has been pretty rough, and while I can’t comment on what is being experienced at Tremblant, in the city around Ottawa/Gatineau, the temperature swings are pretty unnerving. Some days it’s freezing cold with a bitter wind and others it’s mild enough or the sun is strong enough to make the ground slushy and spring like. Not the January I was expecting. 

Hoping to hit the slopes soon ...

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