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Bromont Chondola breakdown (again), patrollers initiate rescue

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So Wednesday my riding buddy was planning to head to Bromont, Thursday I woke up to this news: Several hundred skiers and riders trapped on the Chondola for up to four hours!


Lucky for her, she went to Saint-Sauveur instead due to timing and missed out on being stuck on the Chondola for the second time this year (the first time was the half hour wind hold, or maybe it was a mechanical issue, but either way I missed being stuck on it by just a few short minutes myself that day!).

What is up with the Chondola?!? After a series of breaks last season post installation, there have been numerous stops (breaks? wind holds? who knows??) in the 2019/20 season so far, including another one last Sunday just before this current break (according to all the people complaining about this on fb).

According to Bromont, the Chondola will be out of service indefinitely while Doppelmayr, currently onsite, is fixing the issue.

More alarmingly, those on the Chondola were left to their own devices for an astounding 90 minutes before rescue operations were started by ski patrol. I have never heard of a lift evac taking that much time to initiate, some folks were trapped for up to four hours apparently (according to fb comments by those trapped on the lift). Anyone know what the norm is and why they waited so long to get rescue up and running? Good thing it was a mild night out, although the wind at the peak apparently wasn't so forgiving.

Maybe gonna stick to the versant du lac for the next while...

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Bromont has posted an update that the breakdown, now fixed, was electronic in nature, thus preventing the usual evacuation measures (I assume the backup motor). More info to follow, they say.

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