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Sommet Saint-Sauveur - January 1, 2021


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Finally, 2021 has arrived! After having spent NYE enjoying a three course fondue and celebratory drinks, I spent most of the day relaxing at home with plans to catch the last few runs of the day. We enjoyed a late afternoon brunch (or perhaps it was more of a "linner") of mimosas, eggs benedict, bacon, fresh fruit and yogurt to get the evening started out right, and then I got ready to head to the mountain.

I knew I'd only have time for a few short runs, which was fine by me after having spent December intentionally staying home as much as possible. I planned to ease gently into the new year, and drove in through Piedmont, passing by all the lifts from Avila to the Sommet Express to scope out the crowds. The lines seemed steady, but not at all busy. The Sommet Express had the longest line of all, and there were only about ten chairs worth of people leading up to the gate, if that.

After getting ready in the car, I arrived in the practically empty lift line, to be greeted by the SQ! It seems that either an inspection was going on, or that the SQ presence is there to support the measures of masking, distancing, and riding only with your household. It appeared they had taken over the usual snow patrol role of managing the line, although by the time I had arrived it seems like there was not much for them to do. 

Dec 2020 221.JPG

It's still just warm enough to wear the blue medical mask!

I ended up doing only two runs: one farewell to 2020, and one welcome to 2021. Conditions were absolutely perfect - no ice, and the snowpack was almost of the cold weather creaky variety. I almost made it for a third run but took my time coming down and just missed the cut. That was ok though - this was just a warmup for the 2021 skison.Dec 2020 228.JPG

During the last two runs of the day, I had the mountain mostly to myself! Riding the Sommet Express overlooking 70 Est.

I arrived home to a surprise après-ski snack: my partner had found a place that delivered Montreal steamies, so that I could properly celebrate the first après-ski of the year!Dec 2020 233.JPG

Arrived home to this delicious steamie from Restaurant Burger Bros alongside Distillerie de Montréal Rosement l'Après Ski rum and coke!

The snow began falling just as I arrived home - a great sign to kick off the new year. 

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@Ocean great to see that you got out for some turns! By the looks of the photos you pretty much had the place to yourself, after seeing some pics of the line ups earlier in the day. Conditions still looked decent too. I was going to head out on the 31st to Orford however that didn't work out. Too lazy when I got up. For the SQ to be there, one would assume that they are there to support the employees in enforcing the safety protocols, and making sure everyone is following them and being safe. Nice après ski snack! Cheers for 2021! 

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Cheers to you to @Paul! I also slacked on Dec 31st, we had just arrived back home with the cats and spent most of the day unpacking and relaxing before diving into our multi-hour fondue experience. I also got a few more turns in last night, the line was just slightly busier and conditions were even better! I just took it easy and stuck to Red Bird, but there was no ice to be found and just a few bumps, I'm sure the runs under the Flèche d'argent lift were a bit more rugged. Planning to head up tonight as well, for some runs sometime between 8-10pm. As many are returning to work tomorrow, I'm hoping my social distancing strategy will pay off! :D Happy new year to you too!

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