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The fate of Madawaska Mountain?

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Guest Longhenry

Never been only ever seen videos n pictures and live only 45 min away really hope it opens back up one day 

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Hi all - I had posted last year on this thread in connection with my time at this hill as a ski patroller. I was wondering if there were any updates on Mount Mad in the past year. I really miss this ski hill! Last year, I reached out to my networks and spread the word on the opportunity, but I would love to do more. 

Bruce, can you give us any updates on how things are going? PM me if I can help in any way - I have done some research on grants available and think that a not for profit organization might be able to take advantage of them. I practice corporate/commercial law and would be happy to help in whatever way I can. 


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That's big news. Sad it won't operate as a public ski mountain anymore.

The quote from the new ownership representative:


Unfortunately it will not be a commercial ski operation. I am sorry to let you know that. But the owner is very respectful about the local sentiment and will keep it almost as is so that locals and visitors can stay there and still enjoy the property and the view. I will keep you updated within [a] few months.


Will keep it almost as is so that locals and visitors can stay there and still enjoy the property and view? Any idea what this means? Public can do alpine touring or hike the mountain? Or it will be private property but left mostly as is?

Very vague...

Hopefully more information comes out in the near future.

Thanks for sharing Gordo. Good eyes!

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