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Saddleback, ME - To reopen after being purchased

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There have been some developments in the latest Saddleback deal. Just posted on their Facebook page was a notice of an agreement reached between the Berry family, current owners of Saddleback, and the Arctaris Group out of Boston, Mass. to buy the mountain to reopen it. The deal needs to close to be official. No information on if the mountain will reopen for this season or next. Here is the link for the news release for further detail.


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The latest out of Rangley, ME as per New England Ski Industry's web site............SADDLEBACK HAS BEEN FINALLY SOLD!  The deal was finalized today between the Arctaris Group and the Berry Family. Plans are to reopen for the 2020-2021 season with a new fixed grip Quad to replace the Rangely double chair and a new t-bar. There is an 8 year plan for additional lifts, and for off season offerings. 

I smell road trip next season! 

Details of the story can be found via the following link. 


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From this article, it seems like a detachable quad is in the plans. 


upgrades will include the replacement of an old chairlift with a high-speed quad chair that will reduce waiting lines; installation of a new T-bar; a new kitchen and bathrooms in the lodge; expanded daycare and retail space; and new equipment to increase snowmaking capacity.


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It's truly amazing that the mountain could operate with one lift being so critical to access across the mountain... and an old double chairlift at that.

From what they are saying, with the mountain having 2 quads and 1 double, it would clearly be a reference to the Rangeley Double chairlift to be replaced. Even a new fixed quad as Paul has mentioned earlier would be a good upgrade and enough to get the mountain back open, but a high speed quad would definitely be more appreciated.

Hoping for the best to see a reopening next season. Paul have you ever been? How do the trails compare to other places we are familiar with? I am under the impression that the more advanced and expert terrain at Saddleback is quite challenging.


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It is really amazing that the mountain relied on an old Mueller Double to provide access the summit. The Rangley Double was it. As you can see on the trail map, once off the Rangley Double you'd head over to the Summit Quad. I seem to think the lower Quad that served the beginners area was the last "new" lift installed. My question is why did they not replace the Rangley Double with this Quad in a longer length, and relocate the Rangley Double to this beginner area, after a refurbishment. That's what I don't get. 

I have never skied Saddleback, and I do plan on it next season if all goes well. I heard Saddleback has some of the best steeps around in that upper section of the mountain. Also it was Maine's third largest ski area until it closed. I can't really compare it to anything yet until I get there next season. 

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