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Sommet St. Sauveur - November 12, 2017

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Well the time has come. Day 1 of the new 2017-18 season for me is in the books. With an early departure from Sherbrooke at 6am this morning under cloudy skies, and -5 Celsius, destination was Sommet St. Sauveur. Travelling was great until I hit Montreal of course. A little detour made while work was being done on the Turcotte interchange. Nothing new there. Arrival at Sauveur was 8:30, parking was great as I was one of the early arrivals. I got there early so I could relax a bit and get ready to go when the lift opened for 9am. The Pente d'Ecole, and the 70 West, with the Etoile quad spinning today on Sauveur's Day 2. The temperature was about -3, cloudy, and no wind.

The Etoile:


The Pente d'Ecole Beginner's Area:


The conditions were pretty decent for early season skiing. Coverage was nice with a good coat of artificial snow, groomed over a decent base. The crowd was not large at the start but got larger as the morning progressed. The wait in line for the lift was 2 minutes tops. There was snowmaking going on in many different locations, at the top of the Atomic Express, and the Nordique. If mother nature cooperates this week, the Nordique should be next to open.

 Snowmaking on the Nordique:



After the crowd started to get larger on the 70 West, a few icy patches began to appear but not to the point where you couldn't avoid them. The trail was covered wide enough so there was plenty of space to go around. A couple of modules were set up in a designated area off to the side with plenty of space for everyone to enjoy. 

Prepping a couple modules:


After a few hours and 7 runs, taking them easy and not pushing on the first day out, it was time to call it. Overall it was a good start to the season. It felt really great to be back on the boards again. Glad to have made the trip. This would mark the second earliest start to the season for me.

Here are some other scenes of the morning:







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Great report Paul. Thank you for sharing.

The snow coverage on 70 West appears to be fairly complete and full width all over. I can remember a few times in the past where it wasn't and they had some sections with active snowmaking while open. This year they seem content with the conditions to already have moved over to Nordique, and even there it appears to be moving along quite well.

If the cold weather, ideal for snowmaking continues, we could see a rapid expansion of the ski terrain.

One thing is for sure, winter is here and it's already off to a great start. 

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Wow. Looks amazing. I saw this morning that they opened Nordique as well. Looks like a year to remember is on the way!

Hopefully not a repeat of last year though, phenomenal start and the second half was a bit of a struggle... we will have none of that this time! :) 

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    • By Shane
      April is famous for its spring skiing, and for me, there is no better place to go than Sommet Saint-Sauveur. They really know how to put on a great show, from the legendary ambiance on the outdoor terrace, to the entertainment and friendly competitions of all sorts, to offering the longest ski season in the province and being last to close. This year they are aiming to stay open until May 14th, that gives another month and a half of skiing to go.

      Arriving at the mountain slightly before 8:30am, the parking was already approximately 1/3 full. There was a competition to take place on 70 Ouest so it was understandable. That said, there was still much fewer people present on the trails than I was expecting. Lift lines were a minute or less all day, including the Atomic Express. 
      Snow conditions in the early morning were firm and well groomed, but quickly changed after 10am to become soft and fast. As I have always observed from past years, the conditions on the Versant Avila were different from the main mountain of Sommet Saint-Sauveur. Both sections of the mountain have a different orientation with the sun, of about 45 degrees. This leaves Versant Avila with what I found to be firmer conditions longer into the day than the rest of the mountain.
      Virtually all trails were open, with the main notable exceptions of some of the gladed trails.
      Two highlights for me on this visit were Devaleuse and Cote 68. Both are intermediate trails and often offer great skiing. With nice constant pitches from top to bottom, they were both pure joy to run down.

      Cote 68.
      In the morning I also did Épervier, a more expert trail, offering a great drop in the mid-section, to really make you get technical with your skiing. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture, I wanted to come back to snap one but I just got soo distracted skiing the other trails.
      During my 4 hour visit, I'm sure I did over 20 runs, and with no lines, it was great to just keep going lap after lap.
      I hadn't skied at Sommet Saint-Sauveur in a couple years so I was interested in keeping an eye out for any changes and improvements that have been made. The top section of 70 Ouest has been widened, which greatly eases the circulation of skiers on the trail. Very welcome as 70 Ouest is always the first to open and last to close on the mountain each year, and the top was historically a bit of a bottleneck during those times. Cote 68 was also reported to have been widened, but I can't confirm exactly where, perhaps the mid-section. There are also some new connections between some adjacent trails, mainly in the Atomic Express sector of the mountain, making it easy to switch from Red Bird to Jay or Épervier, for example. Also new is the Etoile trail, running under the top part of the chairlift of the same name. It is a short moguls trail, that did previously exist when the new lift was installed, but is now officially recognized on the trail map.

      The Avenue des Champions, dedicated in honor of the athletes hailing from Sommet Saint-Sauveur over the many years, who have achieved greatness on the world stage. Narrow and windy with lots of zig zags, be sure to keep an eye out for the stars mounted in the trees, signed by each athlete recognized.
      Already announced for next season, the main chalet will be expanded to offer more space for the cafeteria eating area, and more space for the rentals. Cote 67 and Pronto trails on Versant Avila will also be widened, and improvements to the snowmaking system to offer more trails more quickly at the start of the season are also planned.
      Overall, an amazing visit at one of my favorite ski mountains. With still a month and a half to go, and plenty of upcoming events planned, Sommet Saint-Sauveur is the place to be this spring. Get off your couches, the season is not over yet!
      Here's some more pictures of the day.

      The dream homes on La Plagne.


      Nordique. Still plenty of snow!

      70 Est.

      Sous-bois (located between Versant Avila and Devaleuse).

      Express (Versant Avila).

      Express Ouest.

      Laurentian (Versant Avila).

      70 Ouest and 70 Est.

      Beaver Tails!
      Have a great week ahead and happy skiing!
    • By Shane
      Sommet Saint-Sauveur is teasing the possibility of an opening tomorrow , should the weather overnight hold. The forecasts call for -8'c. They will provide an update in the morning on their Facebook page. Let's hope for the best. 
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