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Camp Fortune - November 26, 2017

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When the weather starts getting colder and colder, most skiers start counting the days till their favorite mountain opens. Some start counting right from the last day of the previous season (spoiler... that's me). The wait is over, the countdown is at 0, today was my first day out on the slopes for the new season.



While it may only be my first day out, it is the third day of the season at Camp Fortune and conditions are amazing. Like past years mother nature having up till now only provided cold weather and a fairly valueless snowstorm, the snowmaking experts at the mountain took up the challenge and now have Pineault open to the joy of skiers and snowboarders.


The snow surface is firm with some loose snow on top (like icing on a cake). I couldn't have asked for more, as the snow allowed me to open things up with some speed and push out some quick turns down the mountain.








Yes, it was all coming back to me... the exhilaration of powering through turn after turn... the excitement of pulling off a quick and sudden stop, spraying snow off to the sides... the mandatory chairlift rituals of reviewing the last run and talking to your fellow chairlift riders about their time out. YES... winter is here and the ski season along with it!

Between my runs down the mountain, I took the opportunity to scope out recent changes and improvements at Camp Fortune for this season.

New this year are RFID access gates, installed at all the main lifts at Camp Fortune. Upon your initial visit, your lift ticket or season pass will be loaded onto an RFID (radio-frequency identification card). This card can be placed anywhere in your jacket (away from other cards or cell phones to prevent interference). Upon approaching the gates at the lift, with a valid card they will open and grant you access. On future visits, you can reload your card from home or on your cell phone, avoiding the ticket counter and heading directly to the lifts. It's as simple as that. A nice bonus is return visitors who already have their Express Card can take advantage of a discount on their lift ticket purchases.

This type of technology is very prominent in Canada and the USA (Sommet Saint-Sauveur and Jay Peak for example), so it is great to see it being adopted at Camp Fortune due to the benefits it brings.



Also new at all main lifts are red ski mats in the loading areas, designed to ensure a smooth and flat surface to reach and board the chair. Gone are the days of small slopes or ruts. Getting into the right position is now much easier and I'm sure will result in fewer stoppages of the chairlifts from misloads.







Pineault being the snowpark trail at the mountain did have some boxes and rails set up for jibbers and boarders alike.

With the season now launched, the mountain is ready to take advantage of the favorable snowmaking weather to expand the skiable terrain as soon as possible. With any luck Paradise on the Meech side will be ready next weekend, so stay tuned.

If you made it out to Camp Fortune this past weekend, let us know about your time out on the slopes by sharing with us your story, experience, and photos below.

Have a great week ahead and happy skiing

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Thank you for the report Shane. Looks like you had a great first day out. The snow conditions looked pretty decent and the trail looks well covered. Feels good to be back on the boards again doesn't it? 

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Hi Paul. Conditions were great. Perfect start to my season. And yes, it definitely does feel good to be back on the skis!

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Nice, great weather today I should have got my ass up there.  Next weekend for sure.   Hoping for some real snow and we got a couple cm's tonight for the Grey Cup. 

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Yes you should have come out. It was great skiing. Let me know if you go up next weekend and perhaps we can hit the trails together. The plan is for Paradise to open for the next weekend as well.

If anyone else is planning on going up next weekend, let us know below and we can all ski together. Should be great!

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Just announced. Pineault on Friday and then Pineault and Paradise on Saturday and Sunday. Open 9-4 all three days.

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    • By Gordo
      From Camp Fortune's newsletter: 
      Ski season is here! We open Friday, November 24! 
      Grab your skis and boards and join us for our opening day.
      We are committed to offering you the longest season possible and will be the first ski hill in the Outaouais to open. 
      Hours of operation:
      November 24 from 9 am to 4 pm
      November 25 from 9 am to 4 pm
      November 26  from 9 am to 4 pm.
       Lift passes:
      $20 (+tx) for adults/students/seniors
      $15 (+tx)  for youth 7-12 
      6$ (+tx) for 6 and under and 80 +
      Season passes:
      regular season pass rules apply. Almost Anytime and unlimited passes are valid. 

      Conditions: Pineault will be open and we continue making snow and open more runs as soon as we can. We are working 24 / 7 when the weather allows.
    • By Gordo
      Some more retro action. A brochure from 1973 promoting ski resorts in the Outaouais. 

    • By Gordo
      This cool hand drawn brochure for Camp Fortune from 1975 may interest some. I scanned the front and back with the plan to create a poster.  Pretty unique.

    • By Gordo
      Here are a couple Camp Fortune pictures from 1960 that I found on the Library and Archives Canada site.  Not to much has changed.

    • By Shane
      Here we are, at the end of the ski season in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. With the snow nearly all melted from the city and the heavy rain received over the past week, you could easily think that the skiing is over. This is definitely not the case. In fact, I can't remember the last time I skied at Easter at Camp Fortune where they had this much snow, and the skiing conditions were this great. Even more surprising, the Valley is still open, with Pineault and Allen's Alley, in addition to the trails on Skyline. 

      I started skiing shortly after opening at 9am. The first trail I tried was Heggveit, the classic double diamond of Camp Fortune. Wow, what a ride. The snow was already softening out and the slope was impeccable. Just a true joy to experience. Thanks to the spring conditions and the more forgiving snow, the imposing wall of this beast of a trail is more easily tamed. Gliding into each turn after turn, the mountain really opens up and delivers on this fantastic spring day.

      Next up was Bud Clark and Lower Canadian. These trails were also in great condition. 
      Sparks, an intermediate trail that winds its way down the mountain was also lots of fun to enjoy. The upper half, due to the orientation and shade from the sun stayed more firm and winter like during the morning but the bottom half softened out quick enough.

      Interesting to note, the snow was soft and enjoyable but wasn't in any way sticky or slushy. Even Humdinger Ravine (the return trail to the Valley side) was easy to cross, and we all know it can often be a bit of a grind as it is quite flat.

      On to the Valley side, Pineault and Allen's Alley were both open, providing ski terrain for beginners and intermediates to enjoy. I can't remember the last time these trails, or really any trails outside of Skyline were open this late into the spring, so it was definitely great to see. Even for Advanced or Expert skiers, having these trails available to enjoy relaxing descents down the mountain was appreciated. Once again, the abundant snowfalls and a somewhat cooperative mother nature helped make this possible.
      Overall, the conditions were excellent. The trails that were open provided nearly perfect snow coverage, with almost all trails full width, with no ice. Lineups at the two open lifts were non-existant. Today being Easter, there was a family Easter Egg Hunt that took place on Allen's Alley at 11am. Great way for children and parents to get out and walk the mountain, surrounded by perfect blue skies.

      Camp Fortune is scheduled to end their ski season on Sunday, however, mother nature has already submitted her friendly reminder that ultimately she is still the boss. Rain is forecasted for late Saturday afternoon into Sunday. So there is a good chance that Saturday may be the last day of the season. With this a strong possibility, you really owe it to yourself to get on out and have a great time.
      This ski season has been nothing short of incredible, so why not finish it off in style, with shirts and shorts, on the slopes. Lift tickets are $20 and $5 for ages 6 and under. Skyline will be open 9am-4pm (Friday was the last day for the Valley). Definitely recommended that you check Camp Fortune's website before going to confirm they are open due to the forecasted weather.
      This time of year, it is always best to heed the words of MasterGoa... "Get off your couches!"
      Happy skiing!
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