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Where are you skiing next

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Sadly no I won’t be able to make it. Was hopeful I’d get out once before the end but won’t be the case. 

Hope you have a blast. What an experience. June 1st skiing in Quebec!

saw pics today of both Killington and Saint-Sauveur and the later looks to be in better shape. I guess the flat runout at Killington really does it in for them for keeping the snow. Usually that flat sucker is bare. 

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Made it both Saturday and Sunday, and Sunday afternoon was great! Next up...I guess we can still hike it for a while! 

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The new King of Spring! I saw another video earlier of them promoting the skiing. When they got closer to the bottom It looked skiable but depending on the skier traffic and temperature, it won't last long! In the video they skied down to the middle of the last pitch and walked over to the waterslides and finished off their run down the slide into the pool at the bottom. Cool video. It's on their Facebook page.

After last weekend it's done for me!

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Ooooohhh I totally should have done that, I didn't even realize you could walk over to the slides from there but I guess that makes sense. 

We TOTALLY should have invited the King of Spring to come! I bet he would have...

I was there from 11-4 and then hit the waterslides. It was like an alternate universe. Trip report to follow...I've got a few to catch up on. :) 

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