At the age of 5, my parents helped me navigate the bumps for the first time on Pineault at Camp Fortune in the Gatineau Hills. My passion for skiing really took off once we arrived at Ski Vorlage, the birthplace of my mother's skiing legacy. Snowy days, to long nights under the stars, it was here that I got the itch for skiing and the excitement that came along with it. After several seasons, eventually skiing every resort in the area, I became obsessed with the sport. Over the years, with family and friends, I began to explore more ski mountains, farther from home, discovering many unique, exciting and breathtaking resorts. What makes me excited? Is it the amazing views from the mountain tops, the high speed thrill of carving up the slopes, or a technical curiosity of the ski lifts... one thing is for sure, it's definitely the best way to enjoy the best season of the year, and one amazing life long passion.

Comment choisir le bon vélo hybride pour vous

Cette vidéo n'est disponible qu'en anglais.

Dans cette vidéo, Peter Kunstadt et Matt Polson de Kunstadt Sports, vous guideront tout au long du processus de sélection d'un vélo hybride, vous assurant un maximum de performance et de confort.

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Comment choisir le bon vélo de route pour vous

Cette vidéo n'est disponible qu'en anglais.

Dans cette vidéo, Peter Kunstadt et Matt Polson de Kunstadt Sports, vous guideront tout au long du processus de sélection d'un vélo de route, pour une performance maximale. 

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Sélection de bottes de planche à neige

Cette vidéo n'est actuellement disponible qu'en anglais. Une version française sera disponible dans les prochains mois.
Dans cette vidéo, Peter Kunstadt et Mike Davey de Kunstadt Sports, vous guideront à travers les nombreux choix de bottes de planche à neige disponibles, ainsi que le processus de choix des bottes qui vous conviennent.

Nous vous encourageons à visionner également la vidéo qui suit sur le planche à neige et la sélection des fixations en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous.
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Sélection de planches à neige et de fixations

Cette vidéo n'est actuellement disponible qu'en anglais. Une version française sera disponible dans les prochains mois.

Choisir le bon type de planche à neige et de fixations peut être difficile. Avec tant d'options, il peut être compliqué de décider quel planche à neige conviendra à vos besoins. Suivez les experts Peter Kunstadt et Mike Davey de Kunstadt Sports qui vous guideront à travers les nombreux types et styles de planches à neige et fixations disponibles sur le marché.

Nous vous encourageons à visionner également la vidéo d'accompagnement sur la sélection de bottes de planche à neige en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous.

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Journées de démonstration de ski

Cette vidéo n'est actuellement disponible qu'en anglais. Une version française sera disponible dans les prochains mois.

Dans cette vidéo, Peter Kunstadt de Kunstadt Sports expliquera les avantages des journées de démonstration de ski en montagne. Une journée de démonstration de ski est le moyen idéal de faire une comparaison de skis neufs en action sur les pistes avant de faire un achat. Tout étant constant, il est possible d'effectuer une comparaison adéquate, en supprimant des choses comme le changement des conditions de ski et le fait que vous pouvez skier différemment d'un jour à l'autre.

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Customisation avancée de bottes de ski

Cette vidéo n'est actuellement disponible qu'en anglais. Une version française sera disponible dans les prochains mois.

Dans cette vidéo, Peter Kunstadt et Erik Dinardo de Kunstadt Sports, vous guideront à travers les nombreuses possibilités de personnalisation disponibles pour que vos bottes de ski soient parfaitement adaptées à chaque pied. Que vous ayez besoin de plus d'espace à un endroit particulier, que vous ayez besoin d'éviter les pincements, de réduire les pieds froids ou de corriger les coups aux genoux ou aux jambes, les experts en bottes de ski améliorent grandement votre confort et vos performances sur les pistes en rendant vos bottes encore mieux adaptées. 

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April 22-23, 2017

Magnum at Mont Orford, last weekend (now closed) - Photo by Paul Giddings.

Another great spring skiing weekend is upon us. With the milder weather and the sun coming back out in full force, the skiing is expected to be unforgettable.

Last weekend saw the season end at many mountains. Of notable surprise is Mont SUTTON who announced their closure earlier this week. While many who were present the previous weekend seemed to feel they were still good for another weekend, it was sadly not meant to be. The take away from this is that the weather and snow become so volatile at this time of year that mountains can only sustain the snow for so long before they have to call it quits.

Click here for the list of mountains still open for skiing in Quebec and New England.

Sommet Saint-Sauveur is now the only mountain open in eastern Quebec with the closure of SUTTON. The rest are located in the Quebec City region and moving west from there. For those near Ottawa and Montreal and the Eastern Townships, the mountains in New England present good options to Sommet Saint-Sauveur. Jay Peak is still going strong and so is Killington (who once again plan to offer skiing into early June).

Of course, all this is in regards to "Lift Serviced" skiing. For the more adventerous or those who practice alpine touring, hiking up snow covered mountains is also popular. Just because the lift has stopped, does not mean it is not possible to ski... just be sure to observe any signage that may kindly ask you to refrain from hiking, for safety reasons. Most areas usually don't mind however.

As the weather continues to warm and the sun continues it's magic, the list will get shorter still by next weekend, so I definitely recommend that you head on out now before you find yourself counting the days till November. The current skiing is great, nice soft forgiving snow, with many trails also offering moguls and bumps to enjoy, the famous spring skiing recipe, served just right. 

Have a great weekend and happy skiing!

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April 8-9, 2017

With another weekend of classic spring skiing upon us, let's take a look at what one can expect. While many regions, notably Ottawa/Gatineau and Montreal, received 50+mm of rain over the past few days, some mountains did receive some fresh snow rather than full on rain. The situation is even better around Quebec City were mountains there received 10-20cm of fresh snow instead. For those that received alot of rain, they were proactive by closing during the week to preserve the ski conditions for the weekend. With expert grooming, the trails should be in great shape for the weekend as the sun comes out and softens out the snow.

However you look at it, the poor weather will come to an end overnight, setting us up for some more great spring skiing for the weekend. Last weekend saw several closures but there are still plenty of mountains operating. As always, it is recommended to check your favourite mountain's website or to call ahead to confirm opening hours and lift ticket prices, as many lower their price.

For those seeking some entertainment or activity on and around the slopes, here is just a sample of what's in store. 

Camp Fortune

-Fortune Cup Pro Race (a dual slalom race) on Sunday.

-Surf Side Says (final snowboard jam session) on Sunday.

Sommet Saint-Sauveur

-Pepsi Moguls Challenge, taking place on Saturday.


-Rock&Ride Rockstar@Tremblant (rail and jumps snowboarding event) on Saturday.

-Unveiling of the Blues Festival program at 3pm on Saturday. A free concert will take place in Place St-Bernard to mark the occasion.


-Spring Madness - Come and enjoy music bands, great atmosphere and activities of all kinds! Inflatable games, free hot tubs at the base, live bands for epic après-skis and more await you at the mountain! These weekends are always a great moment to meet up with friends and family and are litteraly the sweet time of the season for skiers and riders!

Le Massif

-Epic Bank Slalom - Descend a course filled with slalom turns and obstacles in groups of 4 or individually.


- Stoneham Pipe Jam - Because the half pipe is at it's best at the end of the season, it will be re-cut daily with the groomer and is open to all. Sunday's take advantage of free instruction by ex-Olympian Hugo Lemay.

Calabogie Peaks

-Calabogie 500 Drag Race - An epic snowmobile race event up and down the mountain on Saturday. Please note there is no skiing or snowboarding Saturday. The mountain will reopen for skiing on Sunday.

No matter where you go, you are sure to have a great weekend, with fantastic spring skiing conditions.

Happy skiing!

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Killington open for final day of skiing on June 1st.

Killington Mountain Resort in Vermont is the only mountain still offering lift serviced skiing in the East. 

We made it skiers and riders, we'll be skiing in June. Thursday, June 1 will be the final day of lift-served skiing and snowboarding this season and lift tickets will be FREE!

The Superstar Express Quad will turn from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. but get here early because we'll be handing out June 1 commemorative t-shirts at 8:30 to the first 250 skiers and riders in line. There will be music provided by DJ Dave and refreshments available at the Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar. Don't miss this exciting opportunity, it's the first lift-served June Skiing and riding in 15 years.

Please note that we will not be pushing snow to the load and unload of Superstar Express, so guests will be required to walk to and from the lift and carry equipment on the chair. There may be additional walking required as the snow melts throughout the day. 


Source : Killington

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March 25-26, 2017

​The official welcoming party for Spring happened just a few days ago yet the snow is holding on better than past years. March brought with it almost as many mild days as cold days. Virtually all mountains are still operating, many with all trails open. While the current picture looks promising, we are quickly approaching the time that many mountains call an end to their season, snow or not. The following weekend of April 1-2 will mark the end of the line for many. Beyond that date, those that continue will begin reducing their schedule to just weekends. What does this mean for you... well there is no time to ski like the present. Conditions are great, the temperatures are warming up, the snow is softening out, moguls are slowly forming... all the ingredients for a great time out on the slopes.

In our March Break deals article, Jake mentions two great tips to keep in mind for this time of year to increase your bang for your buck.

- If you have a season's pass at any ski hill in Quebec, you receive 25-50% off when you visit almost any other hill. This benefit isn't advertised widely, and is easy to miss. If you have a pass elsewhere, be sure to show it to the ticket seller and get your discount.

- If you're thinking of getting a season's pass for next season, many hills already have them for sale. You'll save anywhere from 20 to 40% compared to regular price, and as an added bonus, you can usually ski the rest of the remaining season for free! That means if you buy it now, you ski the next 4-6 weeks for FREE!

Keep these in mind and you will be saving big while you ski this spring.

Today (Friday) saw some mixed precipitation. In the Ottawa-Gatineau region in particular, this came down as 10-20 cm of snow. The trails all have a fresh coat of snow, and it will no doubt soften out quite nicely over the weekend. Sadly, this may be the final snow storm of this season but it has left us in great shape. 

Spring Skiing is here. The ambiance, the flying t-shirts and shorts, the outdoor BBQs, and the drinks. What more could you ask for to end a stellar season?

Let the final stretch bring you plenty of memorable snowy memories that will last you until next winter!

Have a great weekend and happy skiing!

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March 11-12, 2017

After a relatively long period of mild weather and rain, this past week showed us that winter is still here. The temperature was for the most part cold, often hitting -20'c with the windchill factor. This did have the benefit of allowing several ski mountains to restart their snowmaking operations, providing a fresh layer of snow and helping ensure they can extend their season into the spring.

The 14 day long range forecast looks fairly promising for spring skiing. No rain is shown in the forecast, and the cold temperatures will end around the coming Friday. Daytime temperatures then will be a few degrees above freezing and at night will be just below. There may also be some snow by next weekend as well.

At the moment, the weekend promises to be sunny with some clouds, and temperatures around the -15 to -20'c. Bundle up, it's still cold but will most likely be one of the last cold ones for the season.

The majority of ski mountains are fully open, with their groomed trails, although you should expect the gladed areas to be hard and icy, due to the loss of natural snow. As always, the best recommendation is to get out early to take advantage of the perfectly groomed slopes before they get skied out.

The main takeaway, while the snowpack in the city has significantly gone down, the ski mountains are holding their own very nicely. There is no better time to get out on the slopes than now.

Have a great weekend and happy skiing!

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February 25-26, 2017

Photographed at Stowe Mountain Resort.

It was a mild and warm week to say the least. The weather on more than one occasion was appropriate for opened jackets or just sweaters. Despite all this, reported ski conditions are still very good, little to no ice with fast and soft snow. The snowpack in the city is dramatically melting away but the snow on the ski trails is holding out well thus far. As a welcome bonus, the mountains are also less busy meaning more runs during your time out on the slopes.

And now the bad... It has been raining all day, with alot more to come on Saturday. There is always the possibility that the ski mountains will receive some snow, but the fact that it is quite mild all but rules out this chance. Still it is best to remain surprised, weather conditions can be vastly different from the city to the ski mountains. To cut this long story short, if you do plan on getting on the slopes this weekend, aim for Sunday, the weather will be alot more favorable for having a good time than Saturday.

Check out some recent ski reports on the forums here. The most recent this past Wednesday at Camp Fortune can be found here.

With the weather being what it is, let's move on to more interesting topics in the world of skiing.

The big news this week comes from Vermont. Vail Resorts has announced that they have acquired Stowe Mountain Resort for a sum of $50 million. This includes everything, the mountains, infrastructure and base facilities, but does exclude the Stowe Mountain Lodge and certain properties and parcels of land, that are being retained for future development possibilities. Officials have promised no real changes for the rest of the season, the future does look bright. This is Vail Resorts first property in the East. The EpicPass, valid at all Vail Resorts is a fantastic deal and this new mountain addition brings this exclusive offer in reach of the East for the first time. Vail Resorts also make tremendous investments and improvements to all their mountains year after year. Stowe can only get even better thanks to the massive capital available from their new owner. Definitely something to follow as more details slowly come to light. Read all the details here.

Also recently, Fortress Investments (owners of Intrawest and by extension, Blue Mountain and Tremblant), was acquired by SoftBank of Japan. What effect this will have on those mountains and the rest of the Intrawest line-up is not clear at this point. Looking back at the master plan for Tremblant, the complete vision called for an expansive village development on the Versant Soleil as well as more development at the base of the North side (refered to as Camp Nord). Due to the recession of 2008 and poor weather of those years, development stalled and ended. The Versant Soleil only received the Etoile du Matin condos and the Casino, drastically short of what the plans called for, which was something quite similar but smaller in scope to the existing South pedestrian village. For several years the future of Tremblant has been a hot topic... this latest development could be the turning point to get things back on track or be the event that leads to that happening. Time will tell. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing the Lowell Thomas triple finally make way to a high speed quad! If you are interested, EcoSign was contracted to develop the masterplan, which you can find here.

What are your thoughts on the Vail Resorts acquistion of Stowe? Would you be in favour of Tremblant resuming development? Let us know in the comments below.

Have a great weekend and happy skiing. 

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February 11-12, 2017

I will start with some good news. Fresh snow is in the forecast. Many regions, primarily around Ottawa-Gatineau and beyond, will see a possible 25cm of snow by Monday. The rain earlier in the week didn't have much effect on the mountains, so rest assured that ski conditions are still extremely good.

As is custom each year, the majority of snow making in Quebec has come to an end. Hydro Quebec imposes higher charges and rates for electricity after January 31st for ski mountains making snow. Still, there are some who continue regardless, like Sommet Saint-Sauveur, who always want to position themselves to be able to offer skiing well into the spring season, and beyond all other mountains in the province of Quebec.

You should be able to expect ski conditions to be more or less the same as they have been for the past month, which is nothing short of incredible. So much so that I personally have a tough time deciding which ski outing was my favorite so far this season.

Still if you are looking for suggestions and want to discover something new, here are a few that come to mind:

  • ​Owl's Head - Known for it's views overlooking the Lac Memphrémagog, this majestic mountain offers the 4th highest vertical in the province of Quebec. With awe inspiring views, from virtually all the trails, you can't go wrong. Add to this a great price for lift tickets, nearly non existent lift lines, and high speed lifts... and you have a winner.
  • Mont Sutton - Known for it's authentic and rustic mountain feel. Featuring 4 mountain chalets, and an endless array of trails and junctions, you can spend several days trying to experience every possible trail combination and glade. Don't forget to try the bread bowl soup at the summit chalets by the fire.
  • Mont Ste Marie - Known for the highest vertical in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Served by two high speed lifts, with plenty of long trails that are sure to please any level of skier, this is another mountain where nearly non existent lift lines rule. Lap after lap, you will get alot of mileage in your day, complete with great views of Lac Sainte-Marie in the distance.
  • Mont Chilly - Known for it's natural snow. This mountain, located about an hour and a half from Ottawa is the most well kept secret in the region. With 1 t-bar serving a handful of trails, it may not be the largest but it has enough authentic charm to keep you wanting to come back for more, long after the day ends. At $20 for the day, you can't go wrong.

Have a great weekend and happy skiing!​
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January 28-29, 2017

Another great ski weekend is in store for skiers and snowboarders. The return to colder weather means that are once again where they were at a few weeks ago. Mountains everywhere are promising a great weekend ahead. The weather should be colder than the past week and feature some snowfall to varying levels, depending on location. Expect overcast conditions, meaning a firm base and nicely groomed trails to enjoy.

Keep an eye out for mountains with chalets or warming huts at their summits. These are the ideal spots to enjoy a relaxing moment away from the slopes and near a fireplace.

If you are interested in trying out something new for a change, head to mountains that offer other activities beyond skiing. Some offer alpine luge (Sommet Saint-Sauveur), luge sleds (Le Massif  and Vallée du Parc), while others still offer skiing until midnight and beyond with great electric ambiance and thematic events.

Still, if you wish to enjoy the slopes on skis, perhaps a ski demo is visiting nearby. These are the perfect opportunity to try on the latest skis and technology for free. Perhaps a newer ski will enable you to take your skiing to the next level or give you more confidence and control on the slopes. 

In related news... there are rumors and speculation going around, that Vail Resorts may announce shortly that they have acquired Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont. Definitely something to keep an eye out for should this pan out to be true. 

I would like to invite you to share your experiences and adventures on the slopes with us on the SlopeEdge forums by clicking here. Perhaps you discovered a great new hidden slope, the perfect stash of snow in a glade, or an amazing first visit to a new mountain. We would love to hear about it.

Enjoy the fantastic weekend ahead... and happy skiing!

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January 7-8, 2017

Mont Ste Marie

This weekend is all about finishing the holidays in style. After two weeks off from work (hopefully), there is still time to enjoy one of the greatest winter past-times and sports with family and friends before the regular daily routine resumes.

Luckily for us all, the mountains are in superb shape. Conditions couldn't be better at this time of year. Most mountains are fully open or quickly nearing 100%. While the rain experienced earlier this week was rough in the city, most mountains experienced significant snow fall accumulations instead, some reporting over 15cm of fresh snow.

For both Saturday and Sunday the weather will be good, with Sunday being the slightly cooler day to ski. Some regions like Ottawa-Gatineau may receive a light snowing of around 1-2cm over the weekend, just enough to give a soft covering to the slopes.

Regardless of where you visit, the important thing is to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. Be sure to check your favorite ski mountain's website for the latest conditions and lift ticket prices. Don't forget, many mountains offer skiing by the hour, giving you the added value to ski for any length of time you wish.

Be sure to share your experiences and adventures on the slopes this weekend with us on the forums.

Have a great weekend and happy skiing.

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December 31, 2016 - January 1, 2017

Photo Credit : Tremblant facebook page

Here we are, another year about to end, and another about to start. The many ski resorts and mountains have their own traditions to mark the turning of the calendar into the New Year. Pyrotechnic shows of fireworks, or more traditional torch light descents down the dark mountains are but two ways mountains celebrate this special occasion. I strongly encourage you to check your local mountains websites to see what they have planned for New Years Eve so you can be a part of it.

This past week started with some wet weather, in the form of freezing rain and ice, that did all to spoil the frenzy of boxing day and possibly some time out on the slopes. Now a handful of days later, we have received 10-15 cm of new snow with more on the way over the coming days. This season has not lost any momentum and continues to surprise with great weather, perfect snow, and nearly 100% open ski mountains.

The Quebec City region has definitely been spoiled most and conditions there are among the best, followed closely by the Laurentians. The Eastern Townships have seen a longer build-up to their season but things have been turning around. Sutton has almost all their terrain open this weekend. Bromont and Owl's Head are over half open with Orford at about 70%.

Saturday should bring another 5-15cm of snow, depending on location, so regardless of when you ski this weekend, conditions should be great. With still one more week to go of the holidays, expect the mountains to continue to be busy. For those looking to avoid some of the crowds, New Year's Day is usually a safe bet and a slow day during this time of the season.

From the SlopeEdge team to you, thank you for joining us in 2016 and see you in 2017.

Be sure to share your ski reports, experiences and adventures on the slopes with us on the forums.

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December 17-18, 2016

Photo : Mont Sutton facebook page

With one week to go before the Christmas holiday break, the weather has become cold and in some places frigid rather quickly. Ski resorts everywhere are busy working their snowmaking magic, cranking out piles of snow with each passing hour. As this is arguably the most important time period for a ski resorts revenue, they do all they can to maximize open terrain, and gain your visit. What this means is skiable terrain is now in the period of rapid expansion, and we will see many mountains approaching 100% opened terrain over the coming days and week.

Adding to this is a snowstorm about to touchdown, most notably in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, as well as Southern Ontario, which will see approximately 15cm of snow depending on location by Sunday. Montreal will see slightly lower amounts of accumulation. Speaking of Southern Ontario, Blue Mountain and Mount St Louis Moonstone are both nearly 50% open.

In the Laurentians and Montreal regions, Sommet Saint-Sauveur has many of their main trails open, and all their satellite mountains are operating as well (Their new website has just launched and is worth checking out). Mont Tremblant has 41/96 trails open, and has announced that Versant Soleil will open on Saturday. Ski Saint-Bruno, is 100% open. Bromont is operating several trails on the Versant du Village with Mont Soleil joining this weekend. Mont Sutton will be operating the II and II West chairlifts and 15 trails are open for your skiing delight. Owl's Head is opening their season on Saturday with the Summit, Black and Baby Quads running, and many of their signature trails.

Moving to the Quebec City region, Mont-Sainte-Anne is nearing 100% open with a half dozen trails remaining. Le Massif de Charlevoix has 39/52 trails open and received over 60cm of snow in the past week. 

Our friends South of the border are also experiencing a great start to the season. Jay Peak has phenomenal conditions across the entire mountain and will be opening the Flyer, giving access to the Tramside on Saturday. The Tram itself is undergoing some repairs and should open later on in the week. Killington is now sporting 91 trails and 400+ skiable acres of terrain

There can be no doubt, in contrast to last winter, we will have a White Christmas. With cold to freezing temperatures being experienced this weekend, be sure to dress appropriately and use the layered technique to retain body heat and control your temperature. This way you will be protected and enjoy your outing on the slopes to the fullest.

We would love to hear about your experiences on the slopes this weekend, throughout the holidays and during the season. Share your adventure, photos and stories with us on the forums by clicking here. 

Have a great weekend and happy skiing!

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December 3-4, 2016

Photo : Mont-Sainte-Anne facebook page

Another fall weather week has come and gone. Some regions were treated to rain and mild temperatures, while others had ideal conditions for snowmaking and were able to perform miracles. Such was the case at Mont-Sainte-Anne who are opening Saturday with 37 trails, the most in the past 40 years on opening day. This makes up more than 50% of their skiable terrain.

Elsewhere in Quebec, more mountains are beginning their season: Le Massif de Charlevoix, Le Relais, Mont Blanc, Ski Montcalm, Mont Édouard, Mont Saint-Mathieu, Mont Comi, Stoneham (opened Friday night), Val St-Come and Vallée Bleue. These mountains join already open Sommet Saint-Sauveur, Mont Tremblant and Camp Fortune.

While the start this season may have been a bit slower than usual, the weather forecasts for the week ahead show a return to sub-zero temperatures, which will give the needed boost to many other ski areas in their efforts to open in the days to come and the following weekend.

Skiable terrain always shows a rapid progression during the month of December as the mountains make every effort to ensure the maximum number of slopes available in time for the holidays.

My advice to you, check your favorite mountain's facebook pages for the latest details and snowy teasers, and don't forget to scope out their snow making progress through their webcams. 

Happy skiing.

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November 19-20, 2016

Photo : Mont Ste Marie Facebook Page

November 20th, finally a snow storm, much anticipated, and much appreciated, courtesy of Mother Nature. Many areas affected by it have seen anywhere from 5-15cm of snow accumulate. While this isn't anywhere enough to open ski mountains, it does signal the proper weather conditions to allow solid snowmaking to take place.

Looking at the week ahead, more snow is forecasted, and the weather should stay within the sweet spot for snowmaking to continue in the days to come.

Here are some of the more imminent openings coming up...

Sommet Saint-Sauveur is opening tomorrow, November 22nd at 1pm, and should once again claim the title of being the first in Quebec to open. Mont Tremblant's official opening day is November 24th (only 3 days away). Mont-Sainte-Anne will be opening on November 26th (Saturday).

In the Eastern US, Killington has been operating nice and strong for several weeks now. Joining them shortly will be Sugarbush, Loon, Okemo, Mount Snow and Sunday River on November 23rd (Wednesday), Sugarloaf on November 24th (Thursday), Jay Peak on November 25th (Friday).

Keep your eyes glued to your favorite ski resort's Facebook page, as early teasers and notices of opening day are often posted there. Think snow and get ready, go time is just days away.

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Making Winter Happen

​A snow filled winter, a winter vastly different than the last... Promising words, but the only winter swings we have experienced to date have been of the temperature changing from being cold to mild. Eager to get an early taste of winter, I headed to Camp Fortune to their annual member's party, which among other things, features a mini rail jam on snow (see full photo gallery here). This visit definitely raised my level of excitement for the season to come, however it still begs the question as to when.

Arapahoe Basin in Colorado opened October 21st, with Killington Vermont following on the 25th. Sunshine Village in Banff, Alberta became the first to open in Canada on November 3rd, yet the picture for the Eastern Canada is still unclear.

A return of colder weather has finally settled in in the nights, allowing Sommet Saint-Sauveur to begin cranking out some snow on the legendary 70 Ouest trail. With limited hours of appropriate weather each night, the progress is slow but progress is being made, as evidenced by pictures shared on their Facebook page.

Other mountains like Mont Tremblant and Mont-Sainte-Anne promise openings in a little over 2 weeks time, however the first day of skiing in Quebec should be sooner than that.

We previously visited Calabogie Peaks to learn about the art of snowmaking and the technology involved (see this Behind the Scenes feature here). While temperature, and humidity, among other meteorological conditions are required to produce snow, modern advances in the equipment used have allowed snowmaking to operate in more marginal conditions than were experienced in the past. These advances are essential with the global warming occurring, and will help ensure that ski resorts can continue to function in a time when snow fall frequency and quantity is slowly diminishing.

Keep your eyes on your favorite ski resort's Facebook pages, plenty of snow filled teaser images are on their way. 

Winter is almost here, and we should witness the first lifts turning in the coming week.

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Ski Tracks, l'une des applications de ski indispensables pour votre smartphone

Cet article a été traduit de sa langue originale.
Disponible pour Apple iOS et Android, Ski Tracks est une excellente application à avoir, pour connaître toutes les statistiques de votre dernière sortie de ski, ou aventure.

Grâce au suivi GPS intégré à votre appareil intelligent, il enregistrera votre position, votre altitude, votre vitesse et bien plus encore.

Son utilisation est simple, après avoir installé l'application, il suffit de l'ouvrir et de cliquer sur START. L'application enregistrera ensuite vos informations GPS au fur et à mesure de votre journée de ski. En fin de compte, vous aurez accès à une multitude de statistiques, qui ne sont pas limitées à :

  • Combien de descentes vous avez faites.
  • Combien de mètres ou de pieds verticaux avez-vous descendus et combien de mètres ou de pieds vous avez montés.
  • Votre altitude, ainsi que les altitudes maximale et minimale atteintes.
  • La distance totale parcourue.
  • Vitesse maximale et vitesse moyenne.
  • Angle moyen des pistes que vous avez parcourues.
  • Temps total écoulé.

Ce qui le distingue vraiment, c'est d'examiner toute cette information par la suite. À l'aide d'une carte-image satellite, l'application projette votre trajectoire sur la carte, vous montrant visuellement où vous êtes allé, ainsi que votre altitude et votre vitesse. Pour les démons de la vitesse, c'est la meilleure façon de passer en revue vos vitesses de pointe ou d'avoir une idée de la vitesse à laquelle vous avez roulé sur différentes pistes.

Vous pouvez également revoir votre altitude et votre vitesse sur un graphique linéaire, montrant l'état du temps écoulé.

Une autre utilisation intéressante de cette application.... Vous avez déjà parcouru un sentier, mais vous avez de la difficulté à la placer sur la carte officielle des sentiers ? Exécutez l'application, et laissez-la enregistrer où vous êtes allé. Ensuite, passez en revue la carte qu'il crée et comparez-la à la carte des pistes pour trouver votre piste inconnue. Je pense que c'est un outil très intéressant pour ceux qui sortent des pistes battus pour aller dans l'arrière-pays ou dans les sous-bois.

Il existe d'autres applications similaires disponibles, certaines étant gratuites, mais pour le prix de quelques dollars, c'est sans doute la meilleure, et la plus fiable.

Essayez-le, il existe une version gratuite (fonctionnalité limitée) disponible.

Si vous l'appréciez, passez à l'offre complète pour seulement quelques dollars.

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Orbit Pole : L'accessoire indispensable pour les vidéos POV d'action

Cette vidéo n'est disponible qu'en anglais.

 Un bâton de caméra POV unique, qui vous donne un contrôle total de l'angle de la caméra, avec le mouvement de votre pouce, partout et à tout moment.

Regardez cette entrevue avec le cofondateur Tim Jodoin et découvrez le prochain accessoire indispensable pour les réalisateurs de films POV et les amateurs de GoPro partout dans le monde.

La plupart des vidéos POV des caméras d'action n'ont qu'un seul angle, que ce soit depuis le casque ou sur un bâton. L'angle et le cadre sont réglés avant le début de l'action et le restent jusqu'à sa fin. Avec l'Orbit Pole, un simple mouvement du pouce vous permet de faire pivoter la caméra, ce qui vous permet d'obtenir un nouvel angle et une nouvelle prise de vue à tout moment, sans avoir à arrêter et à réinitialiser la caméra. Avec l'Orbit Pole, vous avez un contrôle total, partout et à tout moment. Il est sur le point de devenir le prochain accessoire indispensable pour les amateurs de GoPro et de caméra d'action partout dans le monde !

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Comment affûter vos skis à la maison

Cette vidéo n'est actuellement disponible qu'en anglais. Une version française sera disponible dans les prochains mois.

Des skis bien entretenus sont essentiels pour une performance maximale et la satisfaction du skieur. Peter Kunstadt vous donne un excellent tutoriel sur la façon d'effectuer cette tâche essentielle sur votre propre équipement, vous assurant ainsi d'être toujours à votre meilleur sur les pistes avec des skis bien affûtés.

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Comment choisir les bottes de ski qui vous conviennent

Cette vidéo n'est actuellement disponible qu'en anglais. Une version française sera disponible dans les prochains mois.

Dans cette vidéo, Peter Kunstadt et Krista Bellinger de Kunstadt Sports, vous guideront à travers les nombreux choix de bottes de ski disponibles, ainsi que le processus de choix de la bonne botte de ski pour vous.

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Comment bien ajuster et dimensionner les bottes de ski

Cette vidéo n'est actuellement disponible qu'en anglais. Une version française sera disponible dans les prochains mois.

Dans cette vidéo, Peter Kunstadt et Krista Bellinger de Kunstadt Sports, vous guideront à travers le processus qu'ils utilisent pour ajuster un skieur à une botte, garantissant ainsi confort et performance maximale.

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À propos de nous | Nous contacter
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Dédié à vous mettre en contact avec le ski et l'aventure
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À propos de nous | Nous contacter | Conditions d'utilisation | Politique de cookie | Politique de confidentialité
Dédié à vous mettre en contact avec le ski et l'aventure
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