Your destination for sharing your reports and experiences on the slopes

Your destination for sharing your ski reports and experiences on the slopes

Why is your support important?

SlopeEdge is organized primarily for social, recreational and educational purposes. Our mandate is to offer a public service by providing free access to skiing knowledge and discussions in order to foster an open community that encourages skiers and snowboarders to share their passion of these great sports, while at the same time creating positive awareness and promotion of the many and unique ski mountains available to visit.

The activities we undertake in service of our mandate do cost money, but SlopeEdge hopes to raise that money through donations without having to compromise or undermine the public good it seeks to create with advertisements or other revenue generating schemes.

Where would donations go?

Donations will help us pay the activities we engage in service of our mandate such as web development, software, camera equipment, program organization and archiving, research, editing and production of our videos.

But more importantly, your money will help to build an inclusive community where people within and outside the world of skiing can come together, feel empowered and counted on.
Thank you for your support!
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