Your destination for sharing your ski reports and experiences on the slopes

Your destination for sharing your ski reports and experiences on the slopes

Shane Séguin

At the age of 5, my parents helped me navigate the bumps for the first time on Pineault at Camp Fortune in the Gatineau Hills. My passion for skiing really took off once we arrived at Ski Vorlage, the birthplace of my mother's skiing legacy. Snowy days, to long nights under the stars, it was here that I got the itch for skiing and the excitement that came along with it. After several seasons, eventually skiing every resort in the area, I became obsessed with the sport. Over the years, with family and friends, I began to explore more ski mountains, farther from home, discovering many unique, exciting and breathtaking resorts. What makes me excited? Is it the amazing views from the mountain tops, the high speed thrill of carving up the slopes, or a technical curiosity of the ski lifts... one thing is for sure, it's definitely the best way to enjoy the best season of the year, and one amazing life long passion. 

Jake Brock

My lifelong skiing adventure began at the age of 2 when my parents strapped a pair of plastic skis onto my winter boots. I clomped a very short distance of perhaps 25 feet on the old railway in the Laurentian mountains, but my father said I was bound to become a passionate skier. Apparently, he was right! I began downhill skiing in the more "traditional" way a few years later, at the ever-picturesque Vallée Bleue, situated in Val-David, in the Laurentians. It was here, moving slowly down the winding trails surrounded by pine trees, that I learned basic techniques and developed a love for the sport. Nowadays, I enjoy skiing almost every weekend from November to April. Being outside, enjoying fresh snow, the thrill of carving down a nicely groomed trail or silently exploring a new glade: there is nothing I would rather do. I believe skiing is a great sport that helps pass the otherwise dreary winter months, and I anxiously await the arrival of winter every year! 

Paul Giddings

I started skiing around 1980 with my elementary school program that would bring us up to the now defunct Glen Mountain near Knowlton in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. I wasn't warm to the idea of skiing at first but thanks to my grade 4 teacher, I am glad that she convinced me to go. The Glen ended up being my second home on weekends and days off from school for the winters to follow. I worked at Owl's Head for 12 years as a liftie in the winter months, and in the hotel during the summers and kept my connection to skiing. When I left Owl's Head in 2001 for a career change, I left skiing behind as well until 2012 when I rediscovered a new found passion for the sport. I enjoy discovering new ski areas, and I am a bit of a ski lift "nerd" at the same time. There is nothing more stress relieving to me than riding a chairlift and putting my two feet on skis at a ski hill for the day. My other interests are photography, music, hiking, and ski history. 

Melanie Lessard

I grew up skiing on the slopes of the ski hills in the Laurentians of Quebec. I have been lucky enough to be able to ski every year, and have also been able to teach and ski patrol. I had the opportunity to travel to ski and have skied Colorado, British Colombia, Alberta, Quebec and the Northeast USA. For me, no snow is bad snow and so you'll find me out in all weather with a big smile on my face, just happy to be skiing.

Paul Gordon

I got into skiing early, night skiing at Camp Fortune during elementary school. During high school, I had a season pass which caused a few skipped afternoons. I kept up skiing in high school with some straight all camber 210cm rockets when many buddies switched to snowboards during the early days of the sport. After high school though I basically stopped downhill skiing. I was based in Toronto for a while then Yellowknife up in the North West Territories where snow machining was the thing to do. Finally, when I moved back to Ottawa I decided to get back into alpine. I love downhill skiing... why had I stopped! Well, I bought some used Fischer Wateas 78's 181cms and got back on the hill. You don't forget how to ski. Anyway, I'm now hooked. Look I'm not some expert free rider or ex-racer but I like to go fast and I'll ski in any condition. I've switched up my skis a couple times now slowly moving to wider skis with more rocker. I've also tried Telemark skiing. I love skiing, I love being outside in winter, I love railing groomers and of course breaking fresh tracks in the powder. See you on the hill.

Kareem Al-Ghazal

​I've lived in Gatineau since I was a year old so I grew up and spent a lot of time in the Gatineau hills and Park. I'd say that I have been an outdoors person all my life, and despite all that it wasn't until recently that I've developped a burning passion for skiing. Last season you could catch me at Edelweiss every other day! Thanks to that, I became comfortable very quickly and started really having fun with the sport, especially when I started combining it with photography, another hobby of mine. Getting that perfect DSLR shot of your buddy flying off a kicker or the sickest GoPro footage of a park lap can be very challenging. Which is exactly how i like it.
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